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A Valentine’s Day Gift Box of…

Red Velvet Cake Balls [1]

Cake… Yes, cake.

The truffles…

Red Velvet Cake Ball Cake [2]

The box…all cake!

Don’t believe me? Well keep reading and I’ll show you how to make this little Sweet Heart Cake.

Red Velvet Cake Balls [3]

Cake Box Cake 1 [4]

Cake Box Cake 2 [6]

Cake Box Cake 3 [8]

Cake Box Cake 4 [10]

Cake Box Cake 5 [11]

Now, you just need to fill it with truffles.

You can use the other cake and excess trimmings to crumble and make red velvet cake balls.
Read the original how-to for the Red Velvet Cake Balls [12].
(Keep in mind that this recipe used the entire cake for cake balls, so you will want to cut down on the amount of frosting you use to make them work. Start small and add more as you need it until the consistency is moist enough to mold and still hold it’s shape. )

Box of Cake [13]

I just decorated these different ways with candy writers [14], heart sprinkles [15], nuts and drizzled candy melts. You can take this a step further by really making it an assorted box of chocolate. Go all out and make the cake balls with different cake flavors.

Red Velvet Cake Balls [16]

Assorted Box of Cake [17]

Red Velvet Cake Box [18]

Here’s a pic of the inside just in case you still weren’t convinced.

Things you”ll need for this Sweet Heart Cake:
Red Velvet Cake
Cream Cheese Frosting (recipe I used here [19])
Heart-shape cake pan [5]
and one other cake pan
Wax paper
Pencil or pen
serrated knife
White fondant [20] and red icing color [21] or red fondant [7]
Fondant Roller [9] or rolling pin [22]
Small knife
Mini brown candy cup liners [23]
Candy melts [24]
Candy writers [14], heart sprinkles [15], nuts