Behind the Scenes: Cake Pops Holidays Book Trailer

Cake Pops Holidays [1]

My new book Cake Pops Holidays [2] is coming out soon. Yay!

And last month, we shot a book trailer for it in San Francisco.

Christmas Cake Pops [3]

It involved cake pops of course.

Todd & Diane [4]

And my friends Todd and Diane from White on Rice [5] shot it. I was so happy to finally work with them. If you’re familiar with their blog, or photography or other videos, you know why. And if you’re not, you should check them out.

(P.S. – Todd and Diane have their own book [6] in the works right now. I know they are pouring their hearts into every word and every photo and I’m so happy for them.)

Cake Pops on Camera [7]

When Chronicle (my publisher) told me they wanted to make another video, I thought I’d do something different from the first few, so I suggested we shoot it at Chronicle Books [8] and give it a bit of a Santa’s workshop feel. Or as much of a feel that we could do in a few hours filming… in August. : )

Props and Pops [9]

I shipped giant snowflakes, sugary sweet props and brought some adorable gingerhead pops.

Cake Pops Holidays Video Shoot [10]

We made garland from promotional postcards, wrapped presents and decorated with candy ornaments.

Diane [11]

Diane brought giant Peppermint decorations that happened to work perfectly with one of the pop designs in the book. Oh my gosh, I need one of these! Or ten.

Ho Ho Ho [12]

Peter brought the fun! As always.

Vanessa [13]

We shot scenes about the book’s design with Vanessa.

Hi [14]

And scenes about the format with my editor Amy.

Cake Pops Holidays Video Shoot [15]

I basically moved in for the afternoon. We made it December for a day and it was a blast.

Thanks Peter, Amy, Vanessa, Ben, Alice, Doug and Claire for playing around with me.

And Chronicle’s Headquarters has such wonderful light throughout the building, it made every shot easy breezy.

Cake Pops Holidays by Bakerella [16]

Dork wave.

Chronicle [17]


Todd & Diane [18]


Todd Porter [19]

Scariness. Todd don’t trip please. That would be bad.

Holiday Cake Pops [20]

I need to show you one day how I travel with cake pops. I have a pretty awesome and easy way that I found to safely carry them on a plane, across the country. I always panic when I do something like this. I would normally ship them, but when I’m traveling one day and filming them the next, I like to personally carry them to make sure they make it safely. Always stressful for me, but so far so good.

Todd & Diane of White on Rice [21]

Thanks Todd and Diane for making the shoot so fun and for your amazing talent.

And Chronicle, thanks for letting me invade your offices with sugar and glitter.

Cake Pops Holidays [22]

Cake Pops Holidays is available for preorder now and ships in October! Ho Ho Hooray!!!

Amazon [2]

Barnes and Noble [23]

Chronicle Books [24]

I’ll share the final video with you guys soon.

PS. Cake Pops stand by KC Bakes if you’re curious. [25]

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