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A while back I gave away the cutest little clutch [1]. Anyone remember? It was from the Petunia Pickle Bottom Line [2] called Cake. The color was called Red Velvet. Too cute. The Cake line of purses are actually diaper bag styles disguised as super fashionable handbags. But don’t let that keep you from falling in love with them. You can totally use this as a regular purse. It’s made of Italian cut velvet and coordinating wool tweed. It has lots of pockets, cute Cake zipper pulls and comes in fun “flavors.”

Anyway, last time I bought the clutch to give away because I loved the look of it and of course the name… Red Velvet Cake clutch… hard to resist.

But recently Petunia Pickle Bottom contacted me and offered one of their full-size Cosmopolitan Carryall bags for a giveaway. A big one. Yay for you guys!

This time the color is Buttercream… and it’s gorgeous.

Take a look…

Cake_purse [3]

Buttercream Cake Handbag Details [4]

Check out this Red Velvet Clutch post [1] for some close up shots of the purse detailing.

cake-silo [5]

WANT IT? Enter for a chance to win this YELLOW Buttercream Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Purse.


Good Luck! And if you stumbled on this post looking for buttercream frosting, here’s a recipe for the one I use [7] most of the time.

Okay. Okay. It’s time to announce the winner. Lots of people love this purse… including me. Sorry that there’s only one to give away. And that winner is comment #3638 – Sally!  Yay Sally. You’ll be super sassy when you carry it. Congrats!

purse-winner [8]