Monday, September 26, 2011

Chewy Chocolate Meringues


I want to show you this new book from Williams-Sonoma.

It’s filled with delicious photographs and tons of recipes including …




Pop Tarts.


And pies to name a few.

Are your taste buds warming up yet? Mine sure are. I could hardly stand to flip through the pages of this book without wanting to make everything in it.

Home. Baked. Comfort. Yes, please.

And guess what, else.


This book also includes recipes from several bakeries and bloggers across the country.

Like Smitten Kitchen, Tartine, Cannelle et Vanille, Flour, Baked…

And more.


Maybe even one from someone you know.

With all this yumminess, it was really hard to decide what to bake first. I flipped through the book several times before I finally decided.


When I saw that one of the featured bakeries was from Minneapolis, I knew right away that was the one to try since I’ll be in Minnesota and at Williams-Sonoma in about two weeks for a book signing. (Details here.)

And now, I may just have to stop by this bakery, too.

Salty Tart. Cute name.


And her recipe for Chewy Chocolate Meringues is delish.

And easy.

And better yet, only needs four ingredients.


Finely chopped bittersweet chocolate.


Five tablespoons cocoa powder.


Sugar and egg whites.

This photo kinda makes them look like egg yellows though.


Whisk together the egg whites and sugar over – but not touching – simmering water until dissolved.


Remove from heat and beat the egg whites until stiff and glossy.


Then fold in the chocolate and cocoa.


Scoop out the batter on parchment lined baking sheets and bake away.


You want to see cracks. That’s part of what I love about this recipe. No need to try and make anything look perfect. These are already perfectly imperfect.


And oh so good.

They are highly addictive, too. I don’t want to tell you how many I ate before I even finished taking photos…


…but let’s just say that this photo is missing quite a few.

I’m so glad I tried this recipe. I’ve never made meringues before because they never really looked all that appealing to me. But wow! These chocolate ones will be made again. And again.

Thanks Salty Tart.

Chewy Chocolate Meringues (adapted from Home Baked Comfort)

1 cup (8 fl oz / 250 ml) large egg whites – about 7
2 cups (1 lb / 500 g) sugar
5 tbsp (1 oz / 30 g) natural cocoa powder
4 oz (125 g) bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped
4 oz (125 g) cocoa nibs*

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  • Line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  • In a clean, dry heatproof bowl, whisk together egg whites and sugar. Set over, but not touching, simmering water in a saucepan.
  • Whisk constantly until the sugar is completely dissolved and remove from heat. (I tested to make sure I didn’t feel any sugar granules.)
  • Beat the eggs on high using your mixer fitted with the whisk attachment. Beat until stiff and glossy.
  • Sift cocoa over the meringue. Sprinkle chopped chocolate (and cocoa nibs if you’re using) on top.
  • Then, fold together gently with a spatula until combined.
  • Use a scoop to drop even amounts of batter onto prepared baking sheets about two inches apart.
  • Bake for about 8-9 minutes. Rotate the pans and bake for another 8-9 minutes until the cookies are fluffy and full of cracks.
  • Transfer the cookies, leaving them on the parchment paper, to wire racks to cool.

* I omitted the cocoa nibs because I didn’t have any on hand and the cookies still came out beautifully.

The recipe says it makes about 2 dozen meringues, but I ended up with about 60 using a 1.5 inch scoop.
I also used a scale to measure my ingredients exactly.


Home Baked Comfort by Kim Laidlaw
Photographed by Eric Wolfinger

Featured Bakeries
Baked, Brooklyn, NY
Floriole Cafe & Bakery, Chicago, IL
Flour Bakery + Cafe, Boston, MA
Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery, Santa Monica, CA
Pearl Bakery, Portland, OR
Salty Tart Bakery, Minneapolis, MN
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop, Austin, TX
Tartine Bakery, San Francisco, CA

Featured Bloggers
Cannelle et Vanille
La Tartine Gourmande
Smitten Kitchen
and me : )

The book is available at Williams-Sonoma until February 2012. Then you’ll also be able to find it on Amazon.


Until then, want to win a copy?

You do. I promise.


Leave a comment on this post answering the following random question.

  • What is your favorite Halloween candy?
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday evening, September 27th at 6:00 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP!
  • One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

Good Luck!

Disclosure: Giveaway sponsored by me. : )

And the winner is……

comfort_winnerMyra – You’re gonna love this book.

Rachel L said...


September 26, 2011 01:45 AM
emilyadi said...

Mini mounds bars, although I don’t think I’ve seen them in awhile…

September 26, 2011 01:45 AM
Dawn Nelson said...

Butterfingers are my favorites!

September 26, 2011 01:46 AM
Staci Anderson said...

The caramel apple candy corn and popcorn balls. It’s the only time of year that I ever crave that stuff. And darn those stores for putting it up on their shelves in July!

September 26, 2011 01:46 AM
pawdua said...

This could wreak havoc on myvwaistline. We are moving in a few weeks and baking (and eating baked goods) is a favorite stress reliever. Yum.

September 26, 2011 01:46 AM
Tegan said...

Caramel apples FTW. Oh, and Clinkers too. That was the best Halloween game ever.

September 26, 2011 01:47 AM
Heather C said...

Hmmm, it was always exciting to get something other than a mini chocolate bar, like jaw breakers, gum, or skittles. Jackpot!

September 26, 2011 01:48 AM
karen said...

Little miniature EVERYTHING!! Particularly mini sweet tarts!

September 26, 2011 01:48 AM
Corrie said...

Twix!!!! Although my all-time favorite Halloween treat from a neighbor was a king-size Hershey’s bar!

September 26, 2011 01:48 AM
Heidi Leanne said...

popcorn balls and caramel apples – the perfect combination for the best season of the year.

September 26, 2011 01:49 AM
Natalie said...

Coffee crisp! (I believe this is a canadian chocolate/candy confectionary). It is available year round, but I like the convenience of the fun sizes!

September 26, 2011 01:50 AM
Cheryl said...

Those little orange pumpkin cremes. They’re almost too sugary, but it’s just not fall without them. What a wonderful book, so many of my favorites!

September 26, 2011 01:50 AM
Chelsi said...

Candy Corn and Smarties! (I know you can get smarties anytime during the year, but I won’t eat them unless it’s Halloween season!)

September 26, 2011 01:50 AM
Liy said...

we are not big on halloween in singapore but i love some cadbury hazelnut choclairs! ohh yumz.

September 26, 2011 01:51 AM
Jasmina said...

Awesome :) I have to get it :)

September 26, 2011 01:51 AM
Jennifer said...

The Mallow Creme Punkins of course! ;)

September 26, 2011 01:53 AM
Angie thornton said...

My favorite is snickers so that I can use them in a great peanut butter cookie recipe after Halloween :)

September 26, 2011 01:54 AM
Angela Willis said...

Its not worth my time unless its REALLY good chocolate… other than that, I might eat a Reese Peanut Butter Cup or a Butterfinger. for old times sake! ; )

Congratulations on being in a William Sonoma book! I adore their Christmas cataloger – I can only image what their books are like- wonderful!!!

September 26, 2011 01:55 AM
Kaly G. said...

Caramel Apple Suckers!

September 26, 2011 01:55 AM
Lisa said...

I live right by the Cadburys factory in Bournville and every year I love to get a tub of their trick and treat mix.

September 26, 2011 01:55 AM
Nancy L said...

It’s a tie between candy corn and the mini snickers bars for me!

September 26, 2011 01:56 AM
Anne said...

Anything chocolate is my Favorite Halloween candy, but really if it is a chocolate eye ball or chocolate Frankenstein then that’s the best.

September 26, 2011 01:57 AM
Michelle said...

Those toffees in the orange paper with cats & witches all over them! Worth having your teeth stuck together for!

September 26, 2011 01:58 AM
Janine said...

Fruity Tootsie Rolls! Or Dum Dums.

September 26, 2011 01:58 AM
Molly said...

Candy corn ;)

September 26, 2011 01:58 AM
Jenny said...

mini snickers! I always steal them for myself after trick-or-treating.

September 26, 2011 01:59 AM
Kim said...

Candy Corn!

September 26, 2011 01:59 AM
Brandi said...

My favorite halloween candy is the pumpkin candy corn

September 26, 2011 02:02 AM
Bridget said...

To be honest I have a serious addiction to candy corn!

September 26, 2011 02:03 AM
val said...

nestle crunch :D

September 26, 2011 02:05 AM
olivia said...


September 26, 2011 02:07 AM
Katrina said...

Candy Corn!!! I can’t have halloween without candy corn and homemade pumpkin shaped rice krispy treats.

September 26, 2011 02:09 AM
lauren said...


September 26, 2011 02:10 AM
Eunice Seiw said...

In my country, we do not have Halloween. But baking with chocolate is my love and passion. Recipe books are my everyday novels. I really want to own this book. And if I can’t win it, I’ll have to hunt for it.

September 26, 2011 02:15 AM
Tracy said...

I love kit kats!

September 26, 2011 02:20 AM
Tracy said...

I love kit kats!

September 26, 2011 02:20 AM
Rebecca Hornsby said...

Caramel corn and mini chocolate bars. But really, there aren’t many Hallowe’en treats that I would turn down!

September 26, 2011 02:21 AM
Susan said...

mini reeses!

that cookbook looks like one I desperately need! :)

September 26, 2011 02:21 AM
Laura Sligh said...

Oh my gosh, those look fabulous. My favorite halloween candy is probably snickers. When I was a kid, it was milk duds for sure! Now I can’t stand how they get stuck in my teeth. My siblings and I used to gather our booty together at the end of the night and trade until we all had the candy we liked and had given away the candy we didn’t like. Whenever we got almond joys, we would make a separate pile for my mom, because they are her favorite.

September 26, 2011 02:22 AM
kristen said...

caramel..or candy corn…or anything really…….

September 26, 2011 02:23 AM
liz said...

I LOVE peanut butter kisses. I know they are kind of the outcast of Halloween candies, as they are not fancy or extremely popular, but they are a guilty pleasure as soon as the pumpkins starting rolling out.

September 26, 2011 02:23 AM
Mirthful said...

We don’t really get special Halloween candy over here, but anything involving chocolate is fine with me.

September 26, 2011 02:23 AM
Jen L-N said...

My favorite Halloween candy would have to be Reese’s Pieces – love the chocolate and peanut butter combo!

September 26, 2011 02:23 AM
Angelique H said...

I’m a sucker for candy corn. To this day I can’t pass up a bag, if I do I’m shocked with myself :)

September 26, 2011 02:25 AM
Shar said...

Ooh, this is tough. I’d have to go with caramel apples or my chocolate dipped pears. Now I want one!

September 26, 2011 02:26 AM
Regina said...

Oh, I’d love love love to win this fantastic book! Everything in it looks so tasty and great! And I really love what you do, too!
As for Halloween, I like decorating homemade muffins and carrot cake with spiders, spider’s webs, ghosts and monsters – so much fun, especially for the kiddies! If it should be some purchased candy, I love everything covered in chocolate! :-) Even better, something covered in chocolate and filled with caramel! :-))

September 26, 2011 02:27 AM
Sharon said...

My favorite is anything chocolate, but for some reason every Halloween I find myself in search of chewy sweetarts! The ones that are like taffy, I can only find them at Halloween time. I am addicted! My mom always had to find the candies called bones, kind of a smarties taste but she always lived to help the kids build their skeletons with them. I haven’t found them in a few years. If anyone sees them let me know. I have to send out a Halloween care package to my sis, count chocula and frankenberry cereal are always in it too by the way! Happy halloween bakerella, oh and thank you for the recipe I love love love chocolate meringues.


September 26, 2011 02:27 AM
Kristy said...

The halloween kisses (molasses toffee) that come in the orange wrapper. They are a throwback to my childhood.

September 26, 2011 02:27 AM
Erica said...

Ahhh….so many fabulous candies to choose from!! But my favorite Halloween candy is probably the little mini bags of candy you can buy….especially Bottlecaps!! I find they are so hard to find any other time of year, but a must have for Halloween!!!

September 26, 2011 02:30 AM
Kelsey said...

Oh, this book looks gorgeous!

It seems too early to be thinking about Halloween already. But if I had to pick a favorite Halloween candy, I’d have to say butterfingers! I think I was the only one who liked them, so we never had them any other time of year.

September 26, 2011 02:30 AM
maria josep said...

peanut butter cups! :3

September 26, 2011 02:31 AM
Jamie said...

My favorite Halloween candy are those cute little pumpkins, those little mellowcreme ones.
And I have a specific way to eat them, too. I bite off the green little top, the ‘stem’ first and then I pop the base in my mouth. Yummy!

September 26, 2011 02:31 AM
patricia co said...

i love candy corn, nerds, m&m crispy, reese’s banana and musketeers

September 26, 2011 02:32 AM
Rochelle said...

Milky Way…for sure! I {heart} candy!!

September 26, 2011 02:33 AM
Sylvia Terrazas said...

I love chocolate!!

September 26, 2011 02:34 AM
Stephanie said...

Carmel apples for sure yummmm!!!

September 26, 2011 02:35 AM
Aliza said...

I’m old school, candy corn! But if you twist my arm, I might find some room for anything Reeses…..

September 26, 2011 02:35 AM
Angela said...

I love Nerd gumballs. Combines my 2 favorite things!

September 26, 2011 02:37 AM
Michelle said...

Mini 100 grands & brachs mellowcreme pumpkins!! Love you!

September 26, 2011 02:38 AM
Rams said...

I Love Reese’s PB cups……..

September 26, 2011 02:39 AM
Linsey said...

I always enjoy homemade popcorn balls.. one of my neighbors growing up always made them for the “neighborhood kids”.. so it was always a delicious special treat for us! They are so yummy too!

September 26, 2011 02:43 AM
Donelle said...

Congrats on the recipe in the book! Yum!
My fav Halloween candy is the sour candies. All year long though. HEHE.

September 26, 2011 02:43 AM
bruinbr said...

Kit Kat!

September 26, 2011 02:46 AM
Jessica said...

Do I have to pick just one?? My sweet tooth is contagious and infected at least one other tooth, so I am going to say one for each: pumpkin shaped reese’s and bite sized snickers. If I could still pass for a kid, I would totally go trick or treating for those bad boys. ;)

Those meringues look AMAZING!!!

September 26, 2011 02:49 AM
amanda monzon said...

my favorite candy is reese’s peanut butter cup!! :)

September 26, 2011 02:52 AM
Jacki said...

Candy Corn–I love candy corn. But for candy that we give out, I always choose Snickers because I love putting the leftovers in the freezer to eat later! :-)

PS Can’t wait to make the Chocolate Meringues!

September 26, 2011 02:52 AM
Henriette said...

Well, in Norway we dont really celebrate halloween so I dont know if there is supposed to be any special “halloween treats”, but my favourite candy is meringues (here we call them pikekyss, which means kiss from a girl) but I have only made normal ones, and M (which is almost like peanut M&Ms, only better;) )

September 26, 2011 02:55 AM
Leire said...

Kaixo!!! I come from Bilbao and here we do not celebrate Halloween as such. We do have what we call Saint’s Bones and I love them! love marzipan :) My mon’s birthday is 2nd November and she used to buy as a few before her birthday so that we could start celebrating! Congratulations on your blog, you make baking such a beautiful thing!

September 26, 2011 02:56 AM
Debbie H said...

Mini Butterfinger and Almond Joy Bars are equally loved by me!!

September 26, 2011 02:56 AM
Jackie said...

I don’t think we have Halloween candies per se, and I am not so much a candy fan…however, with that said, I do *very occasionally* enjoy a couple of sour worms here and there. :-)

September 26, 2011 02:56 AM
Anna said...

reese’s peanut butter cups! ( ?´?`? )

September 26, 2011 02:57 AM
Jason said...

Thats a hard question – I have 2: Reeses Peanut butter cups and Mary Janes!

September 26, 2011 02:58 AM
Angela said...

Caramels. Plain old caramels that you’re *supposed* to use to make caramel apples. I just eat the caramels and leave the apples for DH. And Sixlets, which you can only find at Halloween and Easter!!

September 26, 2011 03:00 AM
Rebekah said...

My favorite Halloween candy? Who can pick just one??? :)

September 26, 2011 03:03 AM
Nadya said...

Can people from other countries also submit?

If so… My fav are candy apples. I’ve never eaten them. But when we go shopping in Aachen (Germany) around X-mastime, they sell them on the ‘Weihnachtsmarkt’. They look so shiny and pretty.

Love’m! They remind me of the Beetleborgs with Jay Lenno look-a-like Flabber (Yeah! Old school).

Groeten uit Nederland (HOLLAND)!

September 26, 2011 03:04 AM
Davina Gregory said...

Something out of this book would be fantastic. But since I am from Australia it would have to be a caramello koala!

September 26, 2011 03:09 AM
karen s wi said...

Love the candy corn!

September 26, 2011 03:10 AM
alexandrea gleason said...

twix and sour patch!

September 26, 2011 03:10 AM
Ludicrous Mama said...

Candy Corn. I love Snickers too, but they’re available all year round!

September 26, 2011 03:11 AM
Londra Fleming said...

The mellowcreme pumpkins from the candy corn mix….oh and yes, m & m’s!!!!

September 26, 2011 03:11 AM
kaysi fox said...

i LOVE pumpkin sugar cookies!!

September 26, 2011 03:12 AM
Zoe said...

Peanut m&m’s! I just love them so much (: Also candy apples – They really are the absolute epitome of Halloween for me!

September 26, 2011 03:13 AM
Anne said...

All things chocolate :)

September 26, 2011 03:15 AM
Christine S said...

Kit Kats by far. Break anytime. (:

September 26, 2011 03:16 AM
Stacy said...

My favorite is M & M’s.

September 26, 2011 03:17 AM
Deborah Binder said...

Mini almond joy!

September 26, 2011 03:17 AM
Tamara said...

My fav halloween candy/ food has to be Pumpkin pie! Only had it onec when i visited the US, but tasted absolutely great!!!

September 26, 2011 03:17 AM
Anneke said...

I love Skittles and Reese’s any time of the year!

September 26, 2011 03:17 AM
KateSue said...

I would have to agree with Amy #100, but I’d also add caramel corn to that!

What an awesome book! I just bought a Williams Sonoma kids cookbook and couldn’t believe as I turned each page that I wanted to cook/bake everything! EVERYTHING! I knew that I had to have that book and I know I’d love to win this one!

I’m so glad you’re doing better.

September 26, 2011 03:18 AM
Kimberly Phan said...

hey bakerella,
i absolutely love your blog!! i think my favorite halloween candy is either sour patch kids or kit kats. im dont eat candy all the time but when i do it would be those.

September 26, 2011 03:18 AM
Hayly said...

Kraft caramels!!!!

September 26, 2011 03:18 AM
Maureen said...

Hershey’s Cookies n’ Creme bars !

September 26, 2011 03:19 AM
Brenda said...

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins…hands down.

September 26, 2011 03:19 AM
Megan said...

Candy corn is by far my favorite! But only at Halloween. I have tried them at different times of the year, only to discover I don’t like them as much! I know, it’s weird.

September 26, 2011 03:21 AM
Kirsten said...

Definitely Candy Corn… but the pumpkin shaped ones (cause there’s more to them :) ) Yum!

September 26, 2011 03:21 AM
Deidra said...

Sugar Daddy & Sugar Babies for sure!! Sooo bad for you teeth, but so yummy!

September 26, 2011 03:22 AM
Sally Harris said...

My favorite Halloween candy is the tiny little Twix bars; not the snack size, the ones that are even smaller!!! SO YUMMY from the freezer! Thanks for the chance to win such a cute book!

September 26, 2011 03:23 AM
Coco said...

Well I’m another Aussie so no Halloween = no Halloween candy *sad face* However my favourite lollies are toffee apples, chocolate (which I’m craving a lot at the moment- 7 months pregnant) and anything mint flavoured (yep I’m the daughter of a dentist)!

September 26, 2011 03:24 AM
AMP said...

My favs are miniature snickers bars. Perfect ratio of everything I love!

September 26, 2011 03:24 AM
Jennifer Smith-King said...

peanut butter taffy!! or anything that was put in my pillow case bag!

September 26, 2011 03:25 AM
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