Comic Cupcakes

Comic Cupcakes [1]

These cupcakes were inspired by a cool tool I found recently. An edible ink pen. [2] At first, I didn’t know how I would use it. But, when I came across some old Garfield books of mine, I knew exactly how I would try it out. I used to draw this cat a lot as a kid, so I thought it would be fitting to now try him out in fondant. And this pen worked perfectly for his signature stripes. I even sent Jim Davis (Garfield’s creator) a letter and some drawings when I was younger and he was kind enough to respond. I guess you could say that he inspired me back in the day.

Stuff I used:
Americolor Gourmet Writing Pens [2]
Satin Ice Fondant [3]
Wilton Rolled Fondant [4] (another brand I’ve used)
Wilton Icing Colors [5]
And, cupcakes and frosting, of course

Garfield Cupcakes [6]

Garfield Fondant Colors [7]

Garfield Cupcakes [8]

Garfield Books [9]

Oh yeah, Garfield turns 30 this June!

Garfield Cupcakes [10]

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