Cupcake Camp

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Oregon. Wow. Wow. Wow. You are so beautiful. What a greeting.

My friend Cupcake Julie and I spent this weekend at the Oregon Coast attending the first ever Oregon Coast Cake and Cupcake Camp. [2]

It was a blast.

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I gave a couple of cake pop classes during the event. Hi guys! You were all so great. Thanks for coming.

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Chad and his wife practiced molding cupcake pops.

IMG_6494 [5]

Alissa made a cute little owl. She’s good and determined, too.

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Part of the class included a book and signing… my first one …FUN! Hey Sarah (at top) – Julie and I enjoyed hanging out with you. So glad you made the trip from California.

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Celeste of the Nye Beach Market put the event together with the help of her super sweet friends and family.

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Cupcake Julie instructed classes, too. Felt cupcake classes with cute little kits for all the attendees.

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Here’s Dianna. She came all the way from Carlo’s Bakery [10] in New Jersey to teach a few classes, too. She’s a hoot.

Also teaching classes were Charity Pykles-George and Michelle Bommarito [11].

All three of these ladies have competed in cake challenges on TV. Very cool.

IMG_6751 [12]

The camp had some cute vendors, too. Like…

Party Designs in Bloom [13]

IMG_6711 [14]

And Carrie of Bella Cupcake Couture [15].

IMG_6545 [16]

And the cute couple that run Decorette Shop [17] in Portland. They also donated all the sprinkles for my cake pop classes. Thanks!

IMG_6760 [18]

These guys overwhelmed me. They drove 5 hours to get a book signed. And then turned right around and drove 5 more hours to get back home for work. I think you can tell by my eyes how moving it was.

IMG_6904 [19]

Hi Jenasi! Love your cake. Congratulations on winning best birthday cake.

After all the cake and classes, came the cupcakes.

IMG_6893 [20]

Handed out by cupcake volunteers.

IMG_6797 [21]

Chocolate cupcakes…

IMG_6768 [22]

Colorful cupcakes…

IMG_6776 [23]

Little cupcakes…

IMG_6858 [24]

Decadent cupcakes…

Untitled-3 [25]

Rocket Queen cupcakes [26]

Cupcake. Cupcakes. Cupcakes…

IMG_6848 [27]

Hundreds. Probably thousands of them lined up all the way around the room. Replenished every few minutes by more cupcakes.

And if that wasn’t sweet enough…

IMG_6744 [28]

I finally got to meet my friend Jessie.

Cakespy [29] Jessie!

IMG_6815 [30]

You know… the creator of Lil Cuppie. Jessie and I have “known” each other since I first started blogging, but have never met. Finally this weekend we did. And she’s even sweeter than I imagined she would be.

IMG_6817 [31]

Jessie came to the camp to give a kids class on watercolor painting.

IMG_6825 [32]

I loved seeing all the different creations.

IMG_6828 [33]

And the smiles!

IMG_6823 [34]

All the kids had a great time painting.

IMG_6842 [35]

Even the big kids.

Untitled-2 [36]

Saturday afternoon, Charity and Dianna worked together to create an Oregon Coast themed cake. I was amazed by what they put together in such a short time. It was fun watching them work.

IMG_6953 [37]

By the way… this was the view from our hotel. Not too shabby.

Untitled-1 [38]

We ended the camp with a fabulous dinner from Arr Place [39] with all the guest instructors, Celeste and new friends. It was great to spend time talking with everyone. Michelle Bommarito (top right) and Charity kept us entertained. So glad to meet everyone and to be able to call them friends.

IMG_6548 [40]

The camp was a big success with the proceeds going to Donate Life Northwest [41]. And I couldn’t be happier about it. Thanks everyone who came… donated… who planned… who taught… who volunteered… and who bought cupcakes.

Hugs! Big hugs.

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