First cake with the Kitchenaid

Okay! I was a bit intimidated at first. You know, I was used to working with a hand mixer and all. But then, after cautiously getting everything ready, I turned it on… and WOW!… The Kitchenaid mixer is amazing! It works so good – I even felt guilty for a minute (or more like a few seconds) like I had taken all the fun out of baking because it was doing all the work. Then, memories of my arm aching quickly knocked me back to my senses.

Oh… and I love the handled bowl, too. I even have a pink Kitchenaid spatula (another Christmas present) to go with it. The only thing I am wondering is why didn’t I get one of these before now.

Anyway, here’s the first little cake with my new mixer. I used some lovely artwork created by my niece as the inspiration for the decoration.

Purple and Pink Cake [1]

Purple and Pink Cake [2]

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