Flowers in the mail

IMG_7533 [1]

Look at these adorable little flower pots. Aren’t they just precious?  I didn’t make them, but I wish I had. Actually, I received them in the mail as a surprise from Callye at Sweet Sugar Belle [2]. Hi Callye! Thank you.

They are so ridiculously cute that I wanted to share them with you real quick. Why? Because this kinda stuff must be seen.

IMG_7545 [3]

Look… perfect terra cotta color.

IMG_7569 [4]

Love the detail of the sanding sugar soil here. These really are fantastic.

And, let’s all stop and reflect for a moment at how awesome it is that these arrived through the mail in perfect shape.

IMG_7566 [5]

Too bad I’m going to munch on them now. Poor things.

Thank you for these Callye. You made my day and I’m pretty sure you are making a bunch of other people smile right now, too.

Learn how to make your own – Sweet Sugar Belle’s Cookie Flower Pot Tutorial [2].

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