Monday, February 16, 2009

Fourteen for the Fourteenth

Fourteen Layer Cake. This is apparently a favorite at family get togethers in the South. Now, I’m from the South and I’ve never heard of such a thing. Actually, when I first heard the name, I didn’t believe it. Fourteen individually baked layers … no way. Who would do that? And… why? Then, I thought, it must be good if someone goes to that much trouble. And I did want something new to bake for Valentine’s Day.

Hmmm…let the googling begin.

Well, they do exist. In no time, I had the recipe for a 10-Layer Cake, a 12-Layer Cake and a 14-Layer Cake.

Looks like I’ve been going to the wrong parties.

I decided to go with the 12-Layer Cake recipe because it looked like it would work the best for me. The 10 would be too small and the one for the 14 called for cutting the cake layers and I didn’t think that would go very well. So I used the 12 and just poured it into fourteen pans. Fourteen aluminum foil pans. That way I didn’t have to wait for the pans to cool and be cleaned in between baking. This was a huge time saver.

Here they are … fourteen – 8.5″ pans… Shiny!

Aluminum Pans

Then, I cut 14 sheets of parchment paper, stapled them together and cut out circles the same size as the bottom of the pan.

Getting ready

I decided to err on the side of caution with greasing the pans, because fourteen stuck cakes would make me very unhappy.
So, I greased the bottom and sides with a stick of butter. Then, I laid the parchment circles down and lightly buttered and floured the top of the parchment paper.

Please work!

Fourteen Layer Cake Pans

While those are waiting, I mixed up all the ingredients for the cake batter -
the HUGE amount of cake batter. (Mom, if you’re reading this… thank you again for my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. I love it.)

Cake Batter

Then I placed a heaping 2/3 cup full of batter in each pan.

Fourteen Layer Cake

Then, just spread it out as evenly as possible.

Fourteen Layer Cake

I was able to bake three cakes at a time. Each set baked for 12 minutes at 350 degrees, (the recipe says 375, but I went with 350). So that means there were five sets at 12 minutes each. (About an hour to bake. Not too bad.)

When the last batch of cakes go in the oven, it’s a good time to start making the icing.

Then, after the icing cools and before it hardens, you can start spreading a little bit on the top of each layer of cooled cake. Before you start… place the cake on a cake board. Place the board on a wire rack. And place the wire rack over a jelly roll pan to catch any icing that drips.

2 layers

and it will drip…

6 layers

and drip…

8 layers

and drip…

14 layers

and drip. It kinda looks like chocolate covered pancakes!

Right about now, I had to control myself from taking a big huge bite right out of the side. YUM!
When you’re done with the last layer, pour any extra icing over the top and spread it around the sides to cover.

Chocolate covered cake

Now, based on the recipe, you’re done. You can let the icing set and eat it right up. The finished cake will look something like this.

Fourteen Layer Cake

I didn’t really like that too much, so I whipped up a quick dark chocolate buttercream frosting and covered the cake to even out the top and sides.

Frosted Fourteen Layer Cake

There… much better. (I know, I know. It lost some of the “homemade, old-fashioned feel.”)

But, I think if you served the cake like this, no one would suspect there were lots of little layers inside.

And, when you finally cut it open, people would be like… wow!

Fourteen Layer Cake

I MEAN WOW!!!!!!!!

Fourteen Layer Cake Side View

I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally cut into this cake and see how pretty it was… and even better, that it worked. And, it was really good and super moist, too. YAY!

Sliced Cake


Fourteen Layer Cake

The recipe I used:
The Smith Family’s 12-Layer Cake (used with 14 pans)

Some other recipes you might like:
10-Layer Cake (Smith Island Cake Recipe)
14-Layer Cake (uses a cake mix)
14-Layer Cake (you cut the layers with this one)

Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting
1/2 cup butter, softened to room temperature
8 oz. cream cheese, softened to room temperature
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder ( I used Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa)
1 box (1 lb) confectioner’s sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1-3 Tbsp milk

  • Cream the butter and cream cheese with a mixer.
  • Add the cocoa and vanilla.
  • Add the confectioner’s sugar in small batches and blend on low until combined. Scrape down sides with each addition.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of milk at a time until you get the consistency you desire.

Some helpful tools:
Aluminum foil cake pans
Cake board
Cake rack
Jellyroll pan

Happy Baking!

Tori Ivey said...

you are my domestic idol! :) keep up the deliciousness!

February 19, 2009 08:56 PM
dawn said...

what a showstopper~ kuddos for your yummeriferous success:) i’m loving your creativity and your willingness to share it with everyone~ thanks!

February 19, 2009 09:14 PM
RugloverMary in Victoria, BC said...

I am dying to try this and use food colouring or flavourings for the different layers. So many possiblities! YUM

February 19, 2009 11:07 PM
auntie said...

that cake is beautiful and it looks delicious! hmm…now i want some cake. darn it.

February 19, 2009 11:28 PM
Angie Seaman said...

Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I’m a huge cupcake fan/consumer more less…and love your images and your art for all things sweet. I tagged you for an award over on my blog. Just an FYI.
Blessings, Angie (Indiana)

February 20, 2009 12:38 AM
Jeanne said...

I’ve seen Julia Child do somthing like this, but it was a ton of crepes and jam. Now that I see your version of cake, I don’t know which one to try first!

February 20, 2009 12:42 AM
Bakerella said...

Maria G – just email it to the address in the profile. I did some conversation hearts too.

Kathee – that sounds cool

Hippie Mama Kelly – Way to go!

Neil and Meredith Larson – Use the “blog this function” in flickr if you can and then credit and link to the site and no problem.

RugloverMary in Victoria, BC – it would be pretty

Angie Seaman – thanks

Jeanne – I want that one too.

February 20, 2009 01:13 AM
Katty said...

Can I just say that you are BRILLIANTLY AMAZING!! I linked your post on my blog.

February 20, 2009 07:50 AM
jellybelly*jellybrain said...

That looks so cool inside.
It’s kind of like what I was aiming for when I made my son’s rainbow birthday cake :
Please do have a look because you’ll be amazed at just what a disaster it was!!

February 20, 2009 08:37 AM
Daintry said...

My husband wants to talk to you about our growing waist lines and his high cholesterol! :) I am so trying this cake this weekend.

February 20, 2009 01:40 PM
KennaLeigh said...

WOW! That cake looks fantastic! I can’t wait to try to make one of my own! Thanks for all of the fabulous recipes!!! You’re the best Bakerella!

February 20, 2009 03:25 PM
Jen said...

Wow…it’s beautiful and looks delicious!!! I might have to try that……my mouth is watering just looking at your pictures of it!!

February 20, 2009 04:46 PM
The Waspy Redhead said...

Gorgeous! I have family from all over “LA” which of course stands for lower Alabama. I’ve never come accross this cake, but I’m in love! I’ll be trying it this weekend!

February 20, 2009 08:45 PM
Kate said...

OMG, you are a cake temptress. I’ve just spent 20 minutes of (work) time looking through your archives, and not only is my stomach growling but I want to go home and make it ALL! I think it’s going to be a delicious weekend. I’m so glad I found your blog… keep posting beautiful treats!

February 20, 2009 11:10 PM
Heather said...

It’s beautiful!

February 21, 2009 03:53 AM
Tricia said...

Oh wow, that is some cake!

February 21, 2009 04:02 AM
Eve said...

My mom used to make this once a year! There’s a German version called a Prinzregenten Torte (Prince Regent Cake) that’s essentially 95% buttercream. So. Delicious. You. Could. Die.

February 21, 2009 07:49 AM
Katiecakes said...

I love this cake! Already have it earmarked for my brothers 21st birthday!

I know you’re probably to busy to get back to me, but where did you get your pans? I can’t find any anywhere!

Katie xox

February 21, 2009 09:34 AM
Catie said...

This is AMAZING! seriously awesome, i wish that I had found a recipe/idea for that, although I did make a red velvet cake in the shape of a heart for my valentines party (and three different types of cupcakes!)

February 21, 2009 04:05 PM
AMIT said...

Wow lovely job done.

Haiku Poems

February 21, 2009 05:40 PM
Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

Holy cow! That is IMPRESSIVE! You are such a pro.

February 21, 2009 08:39 PM
Shannon said...

Hi Bakerella. This cakes looks absolutely delicious. I have laready commented twice on how great this cake looks. Anyways on your blog, you use blog spot. How did you get an image as your header?

February 22, 2009 01:01 AM
katsk said...

WOW! Looks really great and I so want to try doing this now.

February 22, 2009 01:42 AM
VelezDelights said...

At first, this seems so intimidating… but after reading your post, I felt more confident about attempting it =)

February 22, 2009 05:19 AM
Sheila, The Dreamer said...

Wow that is Gorgeous!!!! I like how you kept it a secret on how many layers! I bet there are a lot of ooohs and aaahs when you cut through it!!!! Fantastic work and it looks yummy!!!!!

February 22, 2009 05:40 PM
Sheena said...

OH MY GARSH!!! That looks absolutely FABULOUS!! How did you get it not to tilt???

February 22, 2009 06:30 PM
Anonymous said...

You can also cook the layers in a fry pan on top of the stove. Grease the pan with butter and cook like pancakes. Frost while they are still hot and it makes it scrumptious!

Michelle A.

February 22, 2009 07:01 PM
Throw the Rice said...

i love your blog, i just passed on an award to you!

February 22, 2009 07:11 PM
khymita said...

Hello, I´m spanish. I´ve never seen a blog as wonderfull as yours. You make really perfects and wonderfull cakes and cupcakes. Congratulations!!
If i could, i would buy you some cakes and cupcakes. Please keep making this wonderfulls and beautifulls cakes!!
I know my english isn´t really good, I´m sorry.
And my best regards from Spain.

February 22, 2009 09:36 PM
Bakerella said...

Katty – thanks

jellybelly*jellybrain – I will

Daintry – very funny!

KennaLeigh – you’re welcome

Jen – try it

The Waspy Redhead – good luck with it

Kate – don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone

Heather – thanks

Tricia – yes and then some

Eve – sounds delish

Katiecakes – at the grocery store.

Catie – Awesome

Shari@Whisk: a food blog – I wish

Shannon – There’s a way to upload it from your hard drive. Go to the layout section and look around.

katsk – cool

VelezDelights – It’s really not that hard

Sheila, The Dreamer – that was the best part

Sheena – flat layers. thank goodness.

Anonymous – wow, that sounds harder

Throw the Rice – thanks

khymita – you are so sweet. Thank you!

February 23, 2009 02:17 AM
prosediva said...

I have lived in Alabama all of my life – and my grandmother’s 12 layer caramel cake was my fave. She used sewing thread and steady hands to slice each cake layer into 4 layers each. Your cake is gorgeous. I have to make one now. And the aluminum pans are a fabulous idea.

February 23, 2009 03:27 AM
julie said...

That looks beautiful!!
I’m assuming the “Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting” recipe is the one for the inside of all the layers, but what recipe did you use to cover the outside of the cake when you were done??

February 23, 2009 06:33 AM
Brittney said...

Hi Bakerella,
My friend and I undertook the great task of making this cake this weekend! It turned out well, but the layers were really dense and milky tasting. Yours looked much more fluffy and cake like, but was it? We used the same recipe. Anyways thanks for the great ideas!

February 23, 2009 03:42 PM
Becky said...

When I saw this post, I thought, “What a GORGEOUS cake!” So I had to try it this weekend. I tweaked it a little by making white cake batter and devil’s food cake batter, and alternating the layers. My husband is a strawberry fanatic, so I made a strawberry glaze for between the layers. I iced the whole thing with a chocolate buttercream. It turned into a sort of “neapolitan” creation. After his first piece, my hubby told me, “I think this is the best thing you’ve ever baked. EVER.” So thank you, Bakerella, for inspiring me and helping me to make my husband’s weekend! :)

February 23, 2009 04:40 PM
gillian said...

do you have to refridgerate the cake with the dark buttercream frosting????

February 23, 2009 05:21 PM
sweet pea TREATS said...

OMG I love you!!! I’m sooo making this cake! It’s damn impressive!

February 24, 2009 04:38 PM
miss shortcake said...

holy…wow. I mean, holy cow.

February 24, 2009 09:39 PM
Bakerella said...

prosediva – Wow… that’s IMPRESSIVE!

julie – read through the post again. There’s a link to the recipe that is for the cake and icing. The buttercream I listed is what I added to the outside… last.

Brittney – I wouldn’t call actual individual layers dense, but when you cut into the cake with the icing you might call it that. The cake became really moist.

Becky – Congrats. It sounds really pretty too.

gillian – you probably should, but I didn’t bother.

sweet pea TREATS – get to it.

miss shortcake – Thanks

February 25, 2009 02:10 AM
cookin monster said...

Help!?! I need to know what the chocolate icing is between each layer. There is no mention of it on the blogsite. ganche? Help!!!

February 25, 2009 03:29 AM
Bakerella said...

In this post- at the top is a link to the 12-Layer cake recipe I used. The icing is part of that recipe. Then I added the buttercream that is on the outside.

February 25, 2009 03:34 AM
Jodi said...


February 25, 2009 03:58 PM
Holiday Queen said...

My kind of cake!

February 25, 2009 10:41 PM
Bakerella said...


February 26, 2009 04:20 AM
MarcyG. said...

I love the look of this cake and the recipe looks delicious. I’m making this for my daughter’s 13th birthday with a 13 layer cake!

February 26, 2009 02:29 PM
Blissful Babe said...

Gawd. That is absolutely gorgeous!!
I bookmarked it, but… well. We will just have to see how brazen I get. :p

Thank you for sharing it!
(Found you via Of Food & Fat)

February 26, 2009 04:02 PM
Lisa Marie said...


All I can say is that cake looks AMAZING!!!

I am totally impressed and want to eat a piece right now!

February 26, 2009 06:46 PM
Stacey said...

I’d love to know how long this took! I mean… all those pans. I’m sure they didn’t all fit in the oven at once. Then to ice between each layer…

It’s amazing! But I’d really like to understand the time involved. :)

February 27, 2009 01:36 PM
Karen Cupcake said...

Ok I made the cake two days ago… and fed it to a few of my neighbors (they email me every day asking whats for dessert..hahahaha) and everyone has just DIED Over this cake!!!!!!!!!!!
The extra frosting totally makes the whole thing incredible!!
My facebook friends were all astounded looking at 14 cakes cooling on my counters…hahahha… but drooling when they saw the finished product (which of course looking about 400 times less appealing as your gorgeous cake..hahahaha)
Thank you thank you thank you for this one!! We have all decided its the “New favorite”!!!
And it really wasnt that hard to make!!! (unlike those cute turkey pops…hahahah and the chipolte cupcakes)

February 27, 2009 01:42 PM
Rachael said...

do you have a recipe for the icing that you used to layer the cakes?

February 27, 2009 02:40 PM
hello gorgeous said...

I could feel my mouth watering more and more as I scrolled through this revelation! It looks gorgeous, may have to try it out on the family (or better still have a practice run first!:D) xxxx

February 28, 2009 01:56 PM
momoftwins said...

I am speechless! Beautiful pictures..

March 1, 2009 07:51 AM
Bakerella said...

MarcyG. – she’ll love it

Blissful Babe – go for it. It’s not that hard.

Lisa Marie – thanks

Stacey – an hour to bake all the cakes and probably another 1-1/2 – 2 to prepare and make frostings. I’d guess about three total

Karen Cupcake – Yeah. it is pretty easy. Just looks intimidating

Rachael – yes. Go to the link for the 12- layer cake in the post and that’s what I used.

hello gorgeous – you don’t need a practice. You can do it.

momoftwins – thank you

March 1, 2009 10:31 PM
Becca said...

I love this, it what cakes are supposed to look like.
Baking Monster

March 2, 2009 02:59 AM
Jennifer said...

I made this cake last week and it was out of this world! The cake was so moist and the frosting was like nothing I’ve ever tasted. It all worked together nicely. But it was very rich. I couldn’t eat a whole slice. It was easy to make but it just took a long time.

March 2, 2009 04:39 PM
SandeeA said...

Hi, I just found out about your blog which I fin AMAZING!

I prepared a cake similar to this one, but prepared in a different way, baking first one layer, then putting over it the next layer and baking again, and so on until the cake is finished with its eight layers,… if you would like to see it, I leave you the address…Only the recipe is in Spanish! Have not had time to translate it yet!

I will come back for more recipes for sure!

March 3, 2009 02:11 PM
Claudia said...

Is there anyway to make this cake without adding in 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder? I would love to make a vanilla version of this cake.

March 4, 2009 12:20 AM
Jenny said...

I think I’ll try this for my daughters 16th. looks great! first time here, you have some followers and I can see why, I will be back

March 4, 2009 06:27 PM
henzy said...

do you take these pictures yourself..or are they borrowed because that is some very good food photography…

March 5, 2009 12:43 AM
Anonymous said...

I made this today for my husband’s birthday. He loved it–especially the buttercream frosting. It didn’t take as long as I anticipated, which was nice. I did use foil pans, though, to speed things up.
I didn’t have enough unsalted butter, so I substituted shortening for the cake.
Also, could you please include approximate times for how long it takes your icing to set up? I didn’t know how long to wait.
Thanks Bakerella. This was a success.

March 5, 2009 12:46 PM
Starwoodgal said...

Hey Bakerella!

So glad I found this easier version of what is traditional known as a Hungarian Dobosh (Dobos) Cake. We use to buy them from a local baker when we lived in Baton Rouge many years ago. Lord-ee Mercy! I’ll be making one those soon. :)

March 5, 2009 10:56 PM
Hannah said...

WOW! That looks like the best cake ever!

March 6, 2009 01:24 AM
Lynda said...

I just made this cake! It actually worked and I’m sending it off to an auction for our Town’s Senior Class Fundraiser tonight. Thanks for the great inspiration.

March 6, 2009 06:56 PM
Holly said...

My husbands grandmother(who is 89) is from Mississippi so I asked her about this kind of cake. She told me that these kind of cakes were from the depression era where everyone would make a cake from what they had. She said her mother used to make two kinds, one with homemade jelly in between the layers and another with meringue and coconut. Just thought I’d share that with you! Thanks Bakerella! We probably wouldnt have ever know this if you hadnt made that cake! :)

March 7, 2009 03:18 AM
Melanie said...

Hi Bakerella!

What is your favorite tool to cut cakes. Whatever you used for the 12 layer (in 14 pans) cake cut so cleanly and didn’t smear one layer into the next!

March 7, 2009 09:41 PM
Bakerella said...

Becca – yes

Jennifer – it is rich

SandeeA – wow that sounds cool

Claudia – a vanilla icing should work too.

Jenny – come back any time.

henzy – thanks. They are all mine.

Anonymous – I don’t remember for sure. I just waited until it looked like it had a hardened exterior.

Starwoodgal – glad to help

Hannah – it was pretty dang good

Lynda – hope it brings a lot.

Holly – very cool

Melanie – whatever I have handy. I just used a big knife from a butcher block set for that one.

March 8, 2009 01:53 AM
Liz said...

I love this! I am going to make it this week-end.

March 10, 2009 12:32 PM
Bush Babe said...

Oh. My. God.

I just scrolled from the PW entry. Remind me never to scroll on your site. I am dizzy and drooling at the same time. Not pretty.

March 12, 2009 12:55 AM
Debtfreemommy said...

hahah. Are we related??? I was just thinking about my husbands grandmother 14 layer cake and how wonderful it is. Then I read that its the smith family cake which is the same exact name of ours (smith is their last name!) are you from southern GA? lol

March 12, 2009 05:50 PM
Bakerella said...

Liz – have fun

Bush Babe – funny and welcome

Debtfreemommy – weird. No… more like NE Georgia

March 13, 2009 08:34 PM
Katiecakes said...

I made this cake for my brothers 21st birthday. It was so much fun :D

Thanks for the clear and concise directions, you kept me right :D

Katie xox

March 18, 2009 03:50 PM
Bakerella said...

Katie – it looks FAB-O!!!!! Nicely done.

March 19, 2009 02:44 AM
jane said...

I attempted to make this cake today. I intended on 9 layers, but when the 7th started cracking, I decided 6 was fine. Your pancake/cakes look flat, mine didn't. So mine started forming a dome & I think the frosting weighed it down & then I told my brother (it was for his b'day) to hurry & get here cuz I didn't think the cake was gonna make it. As we were singing "Happy Birthday" 1 piece of the cake actually plopped off the cake stand & onto the counter, it was hilarious.
I must say, they did "oooh" when the cake was cut & they saw all the layers & it tasted delicious.
It wasn't as difficult as I thought, of course, it didn't turn out as I thought.
All in all, it was fun & I'll definitely try it again. Thanks for posting about this.

March 19, 2009 07:38 AM
Bakerella said...

That would have been funny to see. Maybe your frosting was too warm, too. Glad you liked it though.

March 20, 2009 02:17 AM
Janie said...

I’m from the Eastern Shore of MD and have an Aunt who is a Smith Island/ Crisfield native. We grew up with these cakes and I’m impatiently waiting on my (birthday) banana layer cake this weekend! The most popular that I’ve noticed are yellow cake/chocolate and yellow cake / chocolate and pb.

March 20, 2009 02:25 PM
kathy said...

OMGoodness! I just found you and I’m loving what you share. Thank you so much for this – this has given me a great idea for my soon to be 13 year olds bday party

March 23, 2009 09:03 PM
Bakerella said...

Janie – Happy Birthday! Lucky.

kathy – Oh have fun!

March 24, 2009 02:12 AM
Mrs. Bee said...

That looks yummy, Now if I make it, HOW would I get it to church? Oh the Horror

March 24, 2009 08:45 PM
sweet pea TREATS said...

I made this cake (12 layers) and it turned out awesome. HOWEVER, the cooked icing recipe calls for sugar. I questioned it in my mind but did it anyways and sure enough, it didn’t thicken up.

Perhaps sweet Bakerella, you could post the CORRECT recipe right on your page so no one else makes that mistake?

Otherwise, this cake is super good and was actually easier to make then it looks. My friends were impressed!

March 24, 2009 08:59 PM
Bakerella said...

Mrs. Bee – thanks

sweet pea TREATS – I used regular sugar and it thickened up fine for me. Make sure you went to the 12 layer cake recipe link and not the 14. I didn’t try the 14.

March 27, 2009 01:23 AM
Gloss Boutique said...

I have recently come across your blog and I’m LOVING IT!!! I decided to give this cake a go for my sisters birthday last week and it was a big hit! I managed to make mine with 9 layers. It was sooo much fun to make. Thanks Lisa xo

March 27, 2009 10:49 AM
Megan said...

I’m from Maryland, so I dug out my recipe for a 10-layer Smith Island cake. I didn’t use the boiled icing that is traditional since some people aren’t used to such a sweet icing, so I need to test out why my cake layers domed while icing, but it was fabulous and I got oohs and ahs when it was cut. So thanks for the reminder! It’s now my de facto gift birthday cake.

March 27, 2009 03:17 PM
Scott, Amanda, Jessica and Andrew said...

I made this today for a birthday and it was delicious!!! Everyone loved it! Thank you for sharing…btw…the choclate ganache was fabulous!!!

March 29, 2009 03:49 AM
Twirly McSwirl said...

I’m thinking of making this for my husband’s birthday, but we have a TEENY kitchen so I’m not sure if I’m intimidated or not….

Could I trouble you to explain the parchment paper to me?

March 29, 2009 09:20 AM
Laura said...

Oh, Bakerella, what have you done to me? First, it was the red velvet cake balls. Now, it’s the cake that must have weighed ~20 pounds when I was finished with it. I just ate a slice, and now my teeth hurt. Needless to say, it was quite the hit at our family get-together today.

My thoughts: I knew this would take awhile to put together. I just didn’t bank on spending four hours in the kitchen. Subsequent attempts at this recipe will likely not take so long since I can make a few tweaks with my planning to streamline things a bit.

Preparing the pans was a task in itself. Disposable aluminum is definitely the way to go. If you feel bad now about being wasteful, you won’t by the end of this project. To the person who asked about the parchment paper: I wasn’t sure if you mean where to find the stuff (usually the grocery or craft supply store) or why you would bother in the first place (just one more method to keep those tiny layers from sticking to the pan). SO, even though buttering and flouring can be a little labor-intensive, you don’t want to go to all this effort only to have your cake layers destroyed when you try to flip them out of the pan. With Bakerella’s method, I pretty much just flipped them and gave the a little rap on the counter. Presto!

Somehow, I ended up with enough batter for 16 layers. I followed the recipe to the nth degree. I guess my batter measurements were just a tad off. I think I’ll aim for 3/4 cup next time in the hopes of getting it right. I do think thicker layers would have been a little easier to handle, but nobody was complaining about too much cake at lunch.

The icing set up fine. Probably important to realize you’re not going for a traditional, thick frosting. It may seem syrupy, but it will thicken up quickly once you start pouring and spreading. Perhaps due to the extra layers, I ran out of the boiled frosting by layer 9 or 10. Another half batch did the trick.

That’s it. My stomach hurts and, yet, is so happy. Thanks! I’ll be thinking of your blog when I’m in the gym for an extra hour tomorrow night.

March 30, 2009 01:10 AM
Bakerella said...

Twirly McSwirl – the recipe I foudn suggested it and I wanted to make EXTRA sure that they super thin layers didn’t stick to the pans.

Laura – I don’t think I would have even tried it if I had to clean all the pans in between. Glad you went for it.

March 31, 2009 02:59 AM
Anonymous said...

oooh! i made it and it was absolutely delicious! thank you sooo much. but i have one question for you, all my cakes were puffy in the centre and so the edges of the layers drooped and the layers kept sliding all over the place (i had to use a lot of supports). is there a way to ensure they bake flat? oh and the icing didnt harden, should i have cooked it longer? im sorry, i have so many woes.

March 31, 2009 05:49 AM
Bakerella said...

I just followed the recipe and mine were flat. Did you spread the batter out evenly?

April 1, 2009 02:18 AM
Anonymous said...

oh, i thought i did a pretty good job of spreading them, maybe it had something to do with the oven? the cake was amazing anyways so i guess it doesnt matter as much =) thank you! i’m going to make me some cake balls in two weeks. cant wait!

April 1, 2009 05:08 AM
Barkley's Mommy said...

390 comments!!! I’m a newbie to your site… I attempted your 14-layer cake and had GREAT SUCCESS! (Thanks very much for the post from people who did not let the chocolate “topping” cool enough!) Please look here for the pictures of my cake (pink and white layers) and HANDMADE CHOCOLATE BUTTERFLIES!!!

April 3, 2009 04:30 AM
Bakerella said...

Anonymous – good luck

Barkley’s Mommy – nice job!

April 3, 2009 11:17 PM
Amanda said...

Thank you Bakerella! This was this first thing I ever made from your blog, and it was a hit at party! I ended up with 12 layers as opposed to 14, but all in all, it worked great. Now I’m ready to actually try cake pops for Easter!

April 5, 2009 02:50 PM
Bakerella said...

Hope they are just as big of a success for you

April 7, 2009 02:31 AM
Karen said...

I made this for my brother’s birthday last week. The cake layers were actually very easy to put together and baked quickly, I did 14 layers like you, with parchment circles in each pan.
The filling did not really set well. It kept oozing out of the cake in a puddle all around the bottom of the cake. I frosted it with your delicious frosting, but the thin chocolate filling still kept oozing out at the base. I scraped it off as best I could and then piped HUGE rosettes around the base to try and hide it, but by the time I served it, there was more. And then the next day, too, there was more leaking out! I don’t think I overdid it either, because I only used about half the filling. Anyway, the cake was still a success, it was actually a fund project and felt like an accomplishment. Thanks for posting this.

April 10, 2009 10:07 PM
Bakerella said...

Did you do this exactly from the linked recipe and use regular sugar? It should have worked fine.

To make the icing, bring the sugar, cocoa, butter and evaporated milk to a full boil in a large saucepan. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook until the icing has thickened slightly (it will resemble chocolate syrup but will thicken as it cools), about 3 minutes. Stir in the vanilla. Let the icing cool until thick enough to spread, but still pourable.

April 11, 2009 04:02 PM
Rhiannon said...

I just made this for Easter and it was amazing! It tastes even better then it looks. And it’s really not that hard to do!

April 13, 2009 12:37 PM
Christina said...

Just wanted to say that ever since I saw this gorgeous cake on your site in mid-Feb I’ve been waiting for an occasion to make it and I finally tried it yesterday on Easter! I have to admit that some parts were harder than I anticipated. Yours was much more beautiful than mine… not sure where I went wrong, but my layers were sliding all over the place, I had to use a very rudimentary steadying device to keep it upright. That and my layers were a little mushy (should’ve baked longer I guess), and my chocolate frosting for between layers etc was waaayy too thin (again, should’ve left it longer to thicken). I guess impatience was my demise? Hah. The butter cream frosting saved the day though, and the cake was still DELICIOUS! :) I love a challenge, would definitely make it again, just need to adjust how I put it all together. Thanks for the fab recipe! Your pics are beautiful.

April 13, 2009 06:52 PM
kellypea said...

Well I don’t remember what I was searching for that landed me here, but oh my goodness that’s one amazing cake! I made a cake recently that has lots of layers, but you keep adding batter to the already baked layer and then put it in the oven. Needless to say, it didn’t work out. Something about eggs and volume. Anyhoo — fabulous job on that! Now, back to my search…

April 14, 2009 02:59 PM
bjean said...

I was inspired to try this with rainbow layers. I think next time I’ll use a frosting that will harden better. Do you know of a good white one?

April 14, 2009 10:46 PM
vfernandez said...

Oh bakerella, you had given me quite a bug. This Cake has haunted my dreams and consumed my thoughts!! I have really wanted to make this cake and for Easter I finally did. I was so excited the night before while getting everything together. And when I started it, I was so nervous! But It came out wonderful! And it tasted great! My family was very impressed! Thanks for posting this Cake. I look forward to making it again!! Check out my pictures here

April 16, 2009 05:48 PM
Ashley said...

Thanks for your motivation. I made one of my own, well with 12 layers. It was fun.

April 16, 2009 10:16 PM
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