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Fun with Fondant

Care Bear on a Cloud Cupcake [1]

Care Bear on a Cloud Cupcake [2]

This little Care Bear on a cloud cupcake was super fun to make and even more fun to give to my niece. After she saw it, she wanted to know what he was made of, if she could eat it, and then, if she could have some to play with. So of course, this made me really happy to see her excited. Anyway, I gave her some red and white fondant, some candies and sprinkles. Then, I was asked to leave the room. When she gave me permission to return, she had made the cutest little cupcake snow woman for me. And that’s snow woman (not girl) hence the long red hair, I was informed that she was holding a token chocolate candy for me, too. So cute!


I definitely recommend trying new things. So, if you haven’t used fondant before, go get a box and just experiment. You can do a gazillion things with this stuff, using cookie cutters, knives, embossing tools, or even just your hands. And cupcakes are a great way to practice. You don’t have to worry about messing up a whole cake, because you have 24 little canvases to play with.

Things you’ll need:

So go have fun!