Hamm and Potatoes

IMG_1161 [1]

Eeek! Eeeeek! Oink! Oink!

It’s Hamm… everyone’s favorite talking plastic piggy bank. Well, his head at least. I couldn’t resist trying these cake pops out in honor of Toy Story 3, which opens today… Yep. Today and I can’t wait to see it. Bring on the toys!

IMG_1471 [2]

Hamm is fairly easy to make in cake pop form and only needs a few decorative add-ons to achieve his distinctive look. Plus, pigs are just plain cute, so I felt I had to try him.

Want to see my Woody and Buzz versions?

IMG_1224 [3]

Okay, so I took the easy road here with tiny paper poster tags to carry out the theme. No cowboys or space rangers.
Me. Slacker. That’s my name.

IMG_11972 [4]

But seriously… I was too excited to try this next cake pop I’m about to show you. And I think he may be one of my favorites to date.

I’ve been wanting to try him for a while and I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out. I even surprised myself.

So I guess you know what’s coming based on the title of this post.

You know…

Hamm’s spud bud from the movie …

IMG_1263 [5]

I can hardly stand it. Look at the one on the right’s expression. He kills me.

IMG_1007 [6]

Chocolate cake balls plus

IMG_1033 [7]

Peanut butter candy melts plus

IMG_0988 [8]

… all this stuff = PLAY. TIME.

It’s okay to play you know. I won’t tell.

We should all play a little more. Don’t ya think?

IMG_1335 [9]

“Woohoo! I do.”

IMG_1342 [10]


IMG_1338 [11]

“Seriously guys, control yourself. – You know you’re all cake pops.”

“And, you know what that means.”

IMG_1448 [12]

“Uh yeah, I’m starting to figure that out.” – Wise guy!

IMG_1330 [13]

“Later, spuds… I’m outta here as fast as my candy feet can carry me. Who’s with me?”

IMG_1428 [14]

Don’t worry… they didn’t get too far.

IMG_1482 [15]

After a while… all that was left was just a paper memory.

Want to play with toys and cake? Jump on over to Disney’s family.go.com [16] to get instructions for all the fun. And thanks, Disney for the chance to have a go at these.

hamm-button [17]

Hamm it up! Plus, you can also download the poster tags [18]!

potato-head-button [19]

And, just curious… who’s going to see the movie this weekend? Anyone? Everyone?

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