Hay There!

Scarecrow Cake Pops by Bakerella [1]

I just had to get these in before Christmas sets in. It’s still Fall after all. And I thought these Scarecrow Cake Pops would be a fun Thanksgiving alternate to my Turkey Pops [2].

Candy mold [3]

First up. Scarecrows need hats. You know, to hold their hay hair in place. Rolos can work. Reese’s peanut butter cups, too. But I didn’t have any in the house so I made my own with a handy silicone candy mold. Fill the cavities with chocolate and tap the mold on the counter to make solid pieces.

Candy Cups [4]

Or, just coat the sides. You can fill the cups and then turn them upside down and tap out the excess or you can brush the chocolate on the sides of the molds. I like this hollow version better because the shape rests on top of the cake pop nicely cupping the curve of the pop so it looks more natural. The solid version sticks up higher.

Dipping pops [5]

Dip your cake pops in tan-tinted coating. I used white wafers with a little brown and orange too. But only because I had the orange out to use later.

Note: Here’s the full cake pop how-to here [6] if you haven’t made any yet.

Cake Pops [7]

Right after you dip the pop, rest the hat on top. Press gently to secure and then let dry.

Shredded Wheat [8]

Ahhh. Now for the hair. The hay. The shredded wheat. Yes, we’re talking cereal. Perfect for tiny scarecrows to look their best.

Scarecrow Pops [9]

To attach the hay, apply some melted coating to the pop and sprinkle or press into position in a messy, haphazard way. Do the sides first and then the bangs and let dry. Try to get the top of the bangs to attach flat against the pop. They can stick out all they want in front though.

Then use a toothpick dipped in chocolate coating or a squeeze bottle filled with coating and draw a brim over the bangs. You can try to make it straight or make it floppy looking. Floppy is easier since the bangs aren’t super smooth.

Scarecrow Pops [10]

For the faces, draw on the noses with orange melted coating and a toothpick. Attach black confetti sprinkles for eyes and draw on stitched smiles with a black Americolor Gourmet Writing Pen.

Attach a couple of jumbo leaf sprinkles [11] and then your scarecrows are ready to scare … absolutely no one. They’re just too cute.

sprinkles [12]

You can also take them up a notch if you want. And I want. Because these scarecrows need to look a little more stuffed. Add a lifesaver collar and attach more “hay” with some melted coating.

And then there’s black coated sunflower seeds.

You know where I’m going with these …

Scarecrow Cake Pops [13]

That’s right … little black crows with dotted candy coating beaks and eyes.

Scarecrow Cake Pops [14]

Yep. Definitely not being taken seriously at all here. I guess they’re just too sweet to scare.

Hope you guys enjoy them!

Hugs and happy Fall y’all!

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