Tow Mater [1]

My name’s Mater. Tow Mater to be exact. I’m kind of a celebrity. You see, I was in this little movie about cars a few years ago. Yeah… that one.

You may have thought I was a little rusty around the edges. Not so. I’m as sweet as they come.

Especially now that I’m in cupcake form.

Crumbs [2]

Sprinkled with cookie crumbs.

Candy [3]

And adorned with candy.

Gum [4]

And gum.

Hey that almost rhymes… kinda… maybe… sorta

Mater Cupcakes [5]

Hi-tail it on over to Disney’s [6] website for the instructions to make this cute tow truck cupcake. Get-R-done.

Mater-button [6]

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