I have a problem.

Sheep Cake Pops [1]

I can’t stop making these pops.

Every time I finish making a batch, I tell myself that’s it. No more. I’m done. And, then the next thing I know, I’m buying more lollipop sticks. You know, just in case. The funny thing is, I have several bags of lollipop sticks. I buy them every time I see them. And in different sizes. I don’t do this with the other supplies, just the sticks. It’s weird. I can’t explain it. I guess I’m afraid there will be a stick shortage or something.

But, don’t worry, these are the last of the Easter Cake Pops. Promise. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

To decorate the sheep, I used some…
Sugar Pearls [2]
[3]Itty Bitty Heart Sprinkles [4]

Mini Heart Sprinkles [5]

Teeniny tiny. But HUGE cuteness factor.

Sheep Cake Pops [6]

Sugar pearls for the body and tiny hearts for the noses. The ears are brown rainbow chip sprinkles and the eyes are melted candy coating dotted on with a toothpick.

Licorice Bridge Mix [7]

I also used this candy mix (called Licorice Bridge Mix) that I found at the Fresh Market [8]. The buttons were for the head and the pastels, cut in half, were for the legs.

Sheep Cake Pops [9]

All in all… super cute. And also, super crunchy. I had never eaten sugar pearls before and thought they were too high on the crunch to cake ratio for me. But, if you like crunchy cake, you’re set.

Now, if you don’t like crunchy cake, then you might want to try these instead.

Bunny Cake Pops [10]

So, I lied. These are the last of the Easter Cake Pops.

Little bunny bodies. I about ran out of steam on these. I think you can tell by the effort I put into their faces. But, that’s okay, because their bottoms are so cute.

Bunny Bottoms [11]

Little bunny bottoms! Can you stand it? You want to bite them, don’t you?

Want to make some? Read the basic cake pop instructions [12] first and then use the decorating tips below for the bunnies and sheep.

Sheep Cake Pops

White Candy Melts [13]
Sugar pearls [14]
Licorice Bridge Mix [15] (buttons for heads and pastels cut in half for legs)
Tiny Heart Sprinkles [16] (noses)
Rainbow Chip Sprinkles [17] (ears)
Paper Lollipop Sticks [18]
Styrofoam Block [19]

  • Shape the cake mixture into an oval shape. Chill until firm.
  • Dip a lollipop stick in a little of the white chocolate and insert into the body almost halfway.
  • Then dip the sheep body in a bowl of melted white candy coating. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to dip and remove easily.
  • Tap off any excess coating.
  • When you make these, it’s best if the candy coating has set out for a few minutes after being heated. Because when you remove the pop from the coating, you will want to go ahead and attach the head, then the feet and then sprinkle on the sugar pearls. It’s really a timing thing. If it’s too hot, the adornments will slide off and if it has cooled too long, the chocolate will set before you can finish attaching everything. But not to worry, if that happens, then reheat the coating and use it as a glue to attach things.

Note: sprinkle the sugar pearls over a big bowl because these little guys are hard to catch. I’m still finding them in odd places.

Bunny Cake Pops

White Candy Melts [13]
Tic Tac CHILL mints [20] (ears)
Tiny heart sprinkles [16] (noses)
Mini marshmallows (tails)
Pink and blue edible ink pens [21]
Styrofoam Block [19]

  • Shape the cake mixture into an oval shape. Chill until firm.
  • Dip a lollipop stick in a little of the white chocolate and insert into the body almost halfway.
  • Then dip the bunny body in a bowl of melted white candy coating. Make sure the bowl is deep enough to dip and remove easily.
  • Tap off any excess coating.
  • Insert the tic tac CHILLS in place for the ears. Don’t push too far in or they might crack later. Let dry.
  • For the tails, use a knife and make criss-crossing indentions on a mini marshmallow. Don’t cut through, just enough to give a cottontail effect. Attach the tails with melted candy coating and let dry.
  • Use a toothpick to place a dot of candy coating for the nose and attach a tiny heart sprinkle.
  • Draw on the faces.
  • Bite their bottoms.

Note: The tic tacs worked for the size, but feel free to try something else with a less minty surprise.

Happy Easter Cake Pops [22]

And now, I’m outta here. I need to go buy more sticks. You know, just in case.

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