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Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes

Itty-Bitty Bat Cupcakes [1]

These are cute little guys. Bite-size!

Bat wings [2]

When I made homemade kitty cat oreos [3] the other day, I thought the set of cutters I used might come in handy again.

And they did. This moon shape mini cutter doubled perfectly as a bat wing.

Chocolate Cookie Bat Wings [4]

And just the right size for mini cupcakes. So I made another batch of those chocolate cookies this weekend to use as decoration.

Chocolate Cookie W ings [5]

It’s ok if you don’t have a mini moon cutter. You can just wing it.

Cupcakes [6]

Once you have your wings made, bake some miniature cupcakes.

Miniature chocolate cupcakes [7]

The more the merrier.

Bat Cupcakes [8]

Now it’s time to decorate.

Whip up some buttercream frosting tinted purple or black if you like and start attaching the wings.

bat steps [9]

Now, use a few fun candies to finish the faces.

candy decorations [10]

Miniature bat cupakes [11]

And that’s it for these adorable itty-bitty bats.

You can use this recipe for the mini cupcakes [12] and frosting and this one for the cookie wings [3].

Enjoy each and every bite!