Kits and cards… Kinda cool

IMG_8707 [1]

Something fun arrived in the mail the other day.

I couldn’t wait to unwrap it.

IMG_8714 [2]

Peek-a-boo… looks like it’s going to be cute.

IMG_8716 [3]

Yep. Super cute.

IMG_8729 [4]

A Cake Pops Kit.

IMG_8738 [5]

Let’s look inside.

IMG_8751 [6]

Colorful ribbons.

IMG_8753 [7]

Sticks and treat bags.

IMG_8757 [8]

A stand and pretty gift tags, too.

IMG_8768 [9]

Plus a booklet with several projects … some old and some new.

IMG_8784 [10]

I love cute stuff. And I love that my publisher does, too. As a matter of fact. They excel in all things cute. Not only does Chronicle make beautiful books, but they make gift items that are just as adorable.

This kit pulls from the book and also includes the items to package up your mini treats.
It would make a great little starter kit for someone new to cake pops or even the biggest cake pop star.

It’s available for pre-order [11] and comes out in November. I can’t wait.

But, that’s not all.

IMG_8798 [12]

Chronicle put together a boxed set of notecards too.

Perfect to send someone sweet little notes.

IMG_8843 [13]

Like with these puppy pops…

IMG_8826 [14]

… or with one of several other designs.

IMG_8838 [15]

The notecards [16] also come out in November. Yay!

Want to find out where you can get them both? Online or in stores?

Or in other countries, too. (A few other countries anyway.)

Then check out this site I just launched. [17].

Let me know what you think. I hope you like it.

cakepop [17]

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