Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mini ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Heart Cake Pops

I made mini and many cake pops for you this past weekend. I had this idea I wanted to try just using basic round pops and color to make a sweet little display. So I set out to dip enough cake pops to get the job done. That turned out to be 350 plus. Yikes. Not quite sure what I was thinking … Around number 70, I was really starting to reconsider. I thought … oh my gosh I have to make five times that many. But when I start something I can’t let it go until I get to the end and see how it works out. I know this project doesn’t help you much for this year, but I thought the heart display could totally work for a lot of other things besides Valentine’s Day.

So keep reading below for the how to… or check out my big “mini” giveaway at the end of this post. It’s a mini way for me to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, here we go.

You can’t tell in the picture, but these cake pops are tiny. Like Cake Dots instead of pops. So tiny that you use a toothpick to dip them with instead of a lollipop stick. Yes a toothpick. The cake balls are actually about the size of a penny. But they are small for a reason.

  1. Regular size cake pops would take up a lot of table real estate.
  2. The lollipop sticks would be much taller and people would have a harder time viewing the design from above.
  3. I figured the proportions out so they would work on a pretty standard size piece of styrofoam to make it easier to recreate and transport.
  4. I only had to make one cake. Score.
  5. Mini is major cute.


I based the display design off of a template (see below) I made so that it works with a 12X18 inch or 12X20 inch sheet of styrofoam you can find in craft stores. Then I worked backwards to figure out how many cake pops you’d need to make the the shape look right. Once I had that, I knew how big to make the cake pops. Or how little.

  • Crumble cake and mix with frosting
  • Roll into tiny cake balls. (basic cake pop instructions here) You can use the circles on the downloadable template as a guide for the right size. They should be slightly smaller than the circle so that when you add the coating they will still fit together nicely.
  • Keep rolling and rolling until you have enough
  • Dip a toothpick into melted coating and then insert into a chilled cake ball.
  • Dip entire cake pop into the coating and then sprinkle with non-pareils. They are tiny and will be the best size for these tiny treats.
  • Place in styrofoam to dry.

A couple of things to note.

  • Use a small plastic bowl to melt the coating. You can work with a smaller amount of coating when dipping. Just melt the coating in batches as you go. Then you can take breaks and watch the Walking Dead marathon on AMC in between.
  • Buy more than one sheet of styrofoam. You’ll need more room than the display size so they aren’t touching each other as they dry.
  • Invite a friend over to help you. It will go faster and maybe your neck won’t hurt like mine does right now from looking down and dipping for so long.
  • I’d try Mercken’s candy coating for this project. It melts nice and fluid – you don’t want thick coating on these. It will add too much volume.
  • I’ve probably discouraged you already. Kind of like I felt as I was starting making these. But I had a feeling they’d be cute when I finished so I went on… like I’m going to do now. And by the way, these completely make me giddy when I see them finished on the table (looking at them now), so I guess it was worth it. And it will definitely be worth it if one of you decides to try it out some day. Hope you do… with a friend.


Use multi-color non-pareils for the second candy coating color. Minus the static.

Baby Cake Pop

Super cute.

When all the pops are done, prepare your display.


  • Wrap a 12X18 inch or 12X20 inch sheet of styrofoam with paper. I used the 19X25 inch single sheets you purchase at the craft store. You could also use wrapping paper though.
  • Packing tape worked best on the styrofoam to tape the paper down.
  • Print out the template provided centered on an 11X17 sheet of paper at somewhere like Kinko’s. The design is created for a 12X18 surface area but it is set up on 11X17 paper since that is a standard size to print. You’ll notice that some of the circles on the template are getting cropped off when they print, but that’s okay, you’ll have enough information to figure out where the pops on the perimeter should go. I hope that makes sense.
  • Tape the template down temporarily and use a safety pin to poke holes into the paper.
  • Remove the template and start arranging the cake pops using the template as a guide. Start in the middle and work your way out from the center. More than likely some of your pops will be bigger than you think and if you start at one end, left to right, they will start to tilt too much to make room as you place them in position. But if you start in the center, they will angle out equally all the way around. Again I hope that makes sense.

Heart Mini Cake Pops

Full of heart.

Mini Cake Pops on Toothpicks

But you can also rearrange them for a different look …

LOVE Mini Cake Pops

And spread a little love…


… Or some sweet hugs and kisses.

Here are the 11X17 inch templates for each.

LOVE Cake Pops

And because I love you guys and all things mini, here’s a little giveaway for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me who your Valentine is, what your plans are (or were) for the fourteenth or just say hi.
  • Deadline to enter is Sunday, February 17th at 7:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Sunday evening on this post.
  • Winner will receive a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini.

Good Luck.

We have a winner! YAY!

Congratulations to Brenda! Hope you and your Peanut Butter Man enjoy the mini iPad!

Giveaway sponsored by me.
ana said...

My valentine was with my husband in the hospital for a surgery but my two sons did it forget for a moment

February 17, 2013 03:26 PM
Angelica said...

i had no valentine :(

February 17, 2013 03:26 PM
Kim Roussin said...

U think of everything! Luv all ur ideas!
My valentines are my husband and two daughters. Out to eat n some Alex n anes n a Pandora bead from my hubby. Dinner n chocolates too! Great day!

February 17, 2013 03:26 PM
Sabrina said...

Hey Bakerella!
Oh, I love how you layed these mini cake pops out. So cute! And just trying to imagine the amount of work it took you to make all of them… amazing.
I didn’t have a valentine this year (which doesn’t really bother me, because a) I like being single and b) I didn’t like Valentine’s Day when I was in a relationship either). But I do like that leading up to Valentine’s Day, everything is being made even prettier by adding little hearts and anything in pink and rosé colours. I am a confectioner and at work we made the cutest petits fours with little hearts and “love” written all over them.

February 17, 2013 03:28 PM
Erin said...

you always have the cutest ideas and I love seeing the new things that you post. I had a wonderful Valentine’s day spent with my wonderful husband and our amazing four kids – eating our weight in chocolate ;0)

February 17, 2013 03:29 PM
Lisa Ohland said...

My valentine is my husband… My baking partner in crime. Without his never-ending help and encouragement, I’d be lost.

February 17, 2013 03:35 PM
Jean P said...

My wonderful husband of nearly 43 years.

February 17, 2013 03:35 PM
Pia said...

My Valentine was the father of my daughter who is also my best friend. <3 Over here Valentine's Day is not about lovers but instead it celebrates friendship.
Great idea to make mini-pops. They are so cute!

February 17, 2013 03:37 PM
Janis said...

My valentines are my husband Scott and my 4 beautiful children. We spent the day at work and school then went out for a fun family dinner.

February 17, 2013 03:41 PM
Rose said...

Hi! I love all of your ideas, and I think the only one that I tried was the Hi-Hat cupcakes, and let’s just say that they came out less than stellar… anyway, thx for the giveaway!

February 17, 2013 03:43 PM
Jessica said...

My husband! It was also his birthday. Went out to lunch together and then had a birthday party for him this weekend.

February 17, 2013 03:55 PM
Nicole said...

Adorable!!! I made dinner for my hubby and spent the evening together :)

February 17, 2013 03:59 PM
Hanna said...

Those are amazing! I’ve never been one to celebrate V-day but if I did, it would be my best friend. She’s my sister and I adore her!

February 17, 2013 04:00 PM
Michelle Doyle said...

Love it! V-day in our house consisted of getting ready to celebrate my oldest’s 12th birthday. She asked for your red velvet whoopie pies!

February 17, 2013 04:02 PM
Gonca said...

My hubby and my one-year old daughter are my valentines this year! Sadly, my husband and I are phd students and we both had classes that night :( But keeping that in mind, we already gave each other our presents and had a fun day outside with out little one! If I win this ipad mini, that would be awesomeness!! Like the super small sized cake pops you made!!!!! :)

February 17, 2013 04:03 PM
Louvane said...

Your cake pops are amazing!

My valentines are my hubby and 3 little kids. My hubby and I went to the movies then had our valentines dinner at home.

February 17, 2013 04:07 PM
Caitlin said...

Hi! This looks like a ton of work but totally worth it in the end.

February 17, 2013 04:11 PM
Kim said...

Hi!!! All my friends and I ate ice cream…… TOGETHER ALONE the ice cream was my valentine

February 17, 2013 04:18 PM
Marcia Jimenez said...

My hubby is my valentine, but we both are kind of a valentine’s grinch… jajaja We have been celebrating being in love daily, for the 6,5 we’ve been together

February 17, 2013 04:25 PM
Jessica De La Garza said...

My boyfriend is my Valentine. We had dinner with his parents and it was wonderful! I made chocolate dipped strawberries for him & cake pops. I used a neon green buttercream for the cake pops so it looked beautiful when a bite was taken out of the red candy coated cake pop. I really loved the outcome of that cake pop batch. ^____^

February 17, 2013 04:27 PM
Denise P. said...

Hi! We did a “Family Date Night” at our pretend fancy restaurant (our house). All four of us (Me, husband, son Mason 7 yrs. and son Dylan 5 yrs.) dressed up in nice clothes and my husband fixed a yummy fancy dinner of snow crab legs.

Hope your Valentine’s Day was great!! :-)

February 17, 2013 04:29 PM
Casey said...

My son loves cake pops and all of your creations, you really know how to spread the love.

February 17, 2013 04:32 PM
Ashley Nason said...

I spent valentines with my very sweet boyfriend watching movies (midnight in paris & crazy stupid love) and had a lovely lunch together relaxing due to my fibromyalgia.
The mini cake pops are so cute! A big feat to accomplish! Love all the ways your rearranged them too!

February 17, 2013 04:43 PM
Monette said...

My husband took me out for lunch at Famous Dave’s and I love it! By the way, what did you do with the rest of the cake pops?:)

February 17, 2013 04:44 PM
Kim G said...

My Mom, my husband & my daughter. Can’t imagine life without them!

February 17, 2013 04:45 PM
Kate said...

My husband is my Valentine. He’s been in DC for work and I got to go visit him !

February 17, 2013 04:46 PM
Orla Connery said...

No valentine for me this year. :( Going out for drinks with my girls instead! Woo hoo!

February 17, 2013 04:47 PM
Gali H. said...

i didn’t do anything special but still had fun!

February 17, 2013 04:47 PM
Michelle P said...

Awesome prize, hope that I win it. Single gals deserve something.

February 17, 2013 04:48 PM
Lanya T. said...

My Valentines this year was my husband of 4 1/2 years and our new baby boy who turned 6 weeks old this week. We had dinner together and dressed up our baby boy and took lots of pics to send to the grandparents.

February 17, 2013 04:49 PM
Sarah said...

I’m so in awe of these displays! Your work is just gorgeous. My Valentine’s Day was spent with all of my fellow single gals and guys at a Black Hearts Ball that we threw together! I baked and baked for the occasion…Happy Valentine’s Weekend all!

February 17, 2013 04:51 PM
Christine Labeste said...

I have 2: my partner of 7 years and my daughter who is 5. We all love oysters so we went to a restaurant just down the block from our house, Prospect. Can’t wait to start making cake pops!

February 17, 2013 04:52 PM
Vicki Dixon said...

My Valentine(s) are my family. My dear hubby and 2 kids, Pavel and Isabella. Our Valentine’s consisted of baking together and sitting down to a great meal and enjoying each other’s company… they are my sweethearts. :)
Love you, Bakerella!

February 17, 2013 04:54 PM
Joan said...

Husband and 5 kiddos are always my valentines. :0)

February 17, 2013 05:05 PM
Kim W. said...

We had heart-shaped pizza!

February 17, 2013 05:07 PM
Ryan Thornton said...

My husband and three kids! We got BBQ!

February 17, 2013 05:11 PM
Karla said...

I’m a florist so every year my Valentine’s plans are to work really late throughout the week to make Valentine’s Day special for others. I wouldn’t mind getting a cake pop Valentine though!

February 17, 2013 05:13 PM
Jen Abidor said...

My valentine was my best friend and we had a ladies’ night!!

February 17, 2013 05:13 PM
Sam N. said...

I was stuck studying for a test and my boyfriend is out of state at school too, but he sent me a nice card and chocolate!

February 17, 2013 05:14 PM
Jaymie said...

We had a great day with our family. My middle one had the stomach flu but we still had a day full of love!

February 17, 2013 05:17 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night

February 17, 2013 05:26 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and play with my dogs

February 17, 2013 05:27 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and eat pop corn

February 17, 2013 05:28 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and make cupcakes

February 17, 2013 05:28 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and make cookies

February 17, 2013 05:29 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and cook

February 17, 2013 05:29 PM
natalie said...

my valentine is my boyfriend we plan on watching movies all night and eat ice cream

February 17, 2013 05:29 PM
serena said...

i don’t really have a valentine… for now it’s just food. =) those mini cake pops are too adorable!!

February 17, 2013 05:40 PM
Tamara Jones said...

My valentine is my husband Jon.

Because of our work schedules, we couldn’t spend Valentine’s Day together, so we went out last night (Saturday) for a lovely dinner, and spent the rest of the evening cuddling and scrolling through Tumblr together.

It was pretty much perfect <3

February 17, 2013 05:42 PM
Lizzie said...

I was flying solo this valentine’s, but this recipe was just the pick-me-up i needed! Thank you!!!

February 17, 2013 05:45 PM
Stephanie said...

My valentine is my boyfriend of two years. We didn’t get to spend Valentine’s Day together because we both spent the day in college classes.

February 17, 2013 05:46 PM
lindsay said...

my college sweetheart Eric is my valentine :) we had chocolate fondue and watched finding nemo cuddled up!

February 17, 2013 05:47 PM
Carolyn said...


February 17, 2013 05:48 PM
Marissa said...

My husband and I went out on Friday since we had to watch one of our sons play soccer.

February 17, 2013 05:48 PM
Katie said...

My Valentine was my wonderful boyfriend Jesse. He had to work late so we are celebrating sometime this week by going to dinner together. Although everyday feels like Valentine’s Day with him.

February 17, 2013 05:48 PM
Katie said...

My valentine was my husband and we had a late dinner. It was great :)

February 17, 2013 05:50 PM
Stephanie Wood said...

Wow! That’s cute but how long did that take you?!? My valentine is my husband and we went out last night for a nice dinner and to see “Silver Lining Playbook” — I highly recommend it!!! :)

February 17, 2013 05:55 PM
Monique said...

Hi!!! Valentines was quiet this year. I gave him a card and he gave me my favorite chocolates, a first for vday. =)

February 17, 2013 05:56 PM
natalie chan said...

spent valentine’s day with my husband and little girl!

February 17, 2013 06:02 PM
Yetter said...

Hi :)

February 17, 2013 06:03 PM
Fernanda said...

Too cute!! My valentine is my lovely husband, we didn’t do much but we love each other more every day.

February 17, 2013 06:04 PM
Arina said...

So adorable! I didn’t have a valentine, and spent the night with a cozy blanket watching Glee ;)

February 17, 2013 06:09 PM
Christine said...

Awesome display. No valentine here. Actually had work and school that day.

February 17, 2013 06:09 PM
melva said...

My Valentine is my husband and son. Did not to anything because my husband works swing shift. I spent my evening watching a movie with my son at home and eating popcorn.

February 17, 2013 06:11 PM
Stacy said...

My Valentine’s were my husband & two kids! We kept it mellow this year & just had a nice dinner at home then went out for dessert!

February 17, 2013 06:14 PM
Nat McG said...

My husband of 16 years is my valentine. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to a cooking class where we prepared a meal together :)

February 17, 2013 06:15 PM
Nat McG said...

My husband of 16 years is my Valentine. We celebrated Valentine’s day by attending a cooking class and preparing a meal together :)

February 17, 2013 06:18 PM
Laura said...

My boyfriend of 8 years has always been my sweetest Valentine! We had a lowkey night at home with home made chocolate dipped strawberries and some delicious champagne!! I love love!

February 17, 2013 06:19 PM
Hayley said...

My sexy hubby, Bruce! Family dinner and a play.

February 17, 2013 06:20 PM
Haley said...

My valentines are my fiance and his wonderful 7 year old son! We stayed in and had a quiet, relaxing night.

February 17, 2013 06:23 PM
Jennifer said...

Husband, staying in

February 17, 2013 06:26 PM
Beth said...

My 10 year old son and I went out for burgers, shared fries and split a milkshake – now that is love!!! :)

February 17, 2013 06:26 PM
JennZ said...

I spent Valentines Day with my hubby and little one and had a relaxed evening at home

February 17, 2013 06:29 PM
Bill said...

Hi! :-)

February 17, 2013 06:33 PM
Deborah said...

I gave my hubby his favorite chocolate truffle and a card.
He gave me a beautiful card that made me cry…..

February 17, 2013 06:35 PM
Angela Risner said...

My husband and I don’t do much for Valentine’s Day. He cooks for me every night, but made a special dinner of shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, asparagus, and twice-baked potatoes for dinner. I said, but I didn’t get you anything. He said, you’re here. Swoooooooooon.

February 17, 2013 06:37 PM
Corrie said...

I didn’t have a valentine this year, but I’m ok with that :) I made chocolate chip cookies (your recipe!) and put pink food coloring in the dough for my coworkers!

February 17, 2013 06:41 PM
lois said...

I spent valentines day with my hubby of 38 years. I made a quiet dinner for the two of us. and we got to love on our grandchildren.

February 17, 2013 06:41 PM
Michelle said...

My valentines are my children. I was very excited to send special valentine “treats” to the ones who have left my nest. I hope they know how much I love them!!!

February 17, 2013 06:41 PM
Ashley said...

My valentine is named Will. We just started dating, and unfortunately, did not get to celebrate valentines together because I am on a business trip in Seattle. Will did surprise me with a lovely bouquet though…he might be a keeper!

February 17, 2013 06:47 PM
Christina said...

My valentine is my wonderful hubby :) He’ll be working but we will celebrate over the weekend

February 17, 2013 06:48 PM
Bethany said...

My Valentine is my husband! I had the flu on Valentine’s Day, and he took great care of me – I am so blessed!

February 17, 2013 06:51 PM
Crsweetie said...

Hilo! I love all of your ideas, and thanks for this giveaway!

February 17, 2013 06:52 PM
Elizabeth Sherman said...


February 17, 2013 06:56 PM
Sarah said...

I was out of town on a business trip and therfore away from my valentine (mynhusband) so I went for supper with a friend whose partner was out of town.

February 17, 2013 06:56 PM
Dee said...

I spent the day with my sweet son! We made chocolate chip cookies with heart sprinkles!

February 17, 2013 07:00 PM
Meghan Brake said...

My family

February 17, 2013 07:01 PM
Dee said...


February 17, 2013 07:04 PM
Brie said...

My valentine’s were my sweet nephews and niece!

February 17, 2013 07:05 PM
Dee said...

I spent it with my sweet son. We made chocolate chip cookies with heart sprinkles.

February 17, 2013 07:05 PM
Melissa H said...

My valentine is my boyfriend kevin and we made fondue!!!

February 17, 2013 07:06 PM
Stacia said...

My husband of 17+ years is my forever Valentine. He makes everyday Valentine’s Day for me!

February 17, 2013 07:10 PM
Rachel H said...

My Valentine was my dad. For Valentine’s Day my parents and I went out to eat at the best pizza restaurant in town. It’s seriously is the best! We got there and realized that my aunt, uncle, and cousin were there also. We all ended up eating dinner together and having a blast listening to a local singer perform. It was so much fun and nothing fancy. Great pizza, family, and cheesecake for dessert!

February 17, 2013 07:18 PM
Monica said...

My valentine was my best friend’s nine year old son. We baked and decorated heart shaped cookies to take to his mom and sister in the hospital.

February 17, 2013 07:19 PM
Lada said...

I happily spent Valentine’s Day at home with my family! :)

February 17, 2013 07:20 PM
Maria said...

As a mama of 4, youngest being 10 months, we had Valentine’s at home this year. My loving husband is my Valentine. Started the day off with heart shaped pancakes. Kids were off to school with heart shaped sandwiches. Dinner was home cooked with heart shaped cake pops for desert. Love was certainly in the air.

February 17, 2013 07:21 PM
Leonesse said...

My valentines are my friends and family. We went out to dinner with my dad.

February 17, 2013 07:32 PM
Ashley Ehlert said...

Hi, my name is Ashley and I have been following your blog while I start my own company. My valentine was my husband. This was our first valentines day as a married couple so we went out for dinner and then came home and watched the movie we saw on our very first date just to celebrate the creation of our relationship. Sappy and romantic but I just love him and loved spending the night with my other half!

February 17, 2013 07:33 PM
Dani said...

I didn’t have a valentine this year, but spent the evening at home eating baked cheese and drinking wine.

February 17, 2013 07:34 PM
Melisande said...

Hi! No valentine for me, but this is such an adorable idea that I almost wish I had one!

February 17, 2013 07:44 PM
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