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Mr. Sprinkles, why do you make me so sad?

Posted By Bakerella On July 21, 2008 @ 12:05 am In Giveaways | 922 Comments

Mr. Sprinkles [1]

If you’re not familiar with this brand, these are the sprinkles I used for the pink cupcake pops when I was on the Martha Stewart Show [2]. And as seen here…

Cupcake Pops [3]

I love them. The colors are pretty and their petite size is perfect for my pops. Not to mention, they come in the super cutest container ever!

Just one problem. Right after the show, they changed the formula. Now, Mr. Sprinkles uses no-artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. BUMMER! Yeah, I said bummer. Because now they may be better, but they just aren’t as cute. Going all-natural caused the colors to go from lovely to shall I say a little drab. See…

Mr. Sprinkles [4]

Okay, okay! I know, I’m the only one that will care about the color change. So, for everyone else, these are great. Anytime you can make a product better, it’s a good thing. Look for them in the ice cream condiment section of your grocery store [5] or you can buy a whole bunch of Rainbow Mr. Sprinkles [6] from Amazon. (These may be the original kind though. The picture doesn’t have the All-Natural Green label.)

And, If you care, I hear Mr. Sprinkles is looking in to ways to make the all-natural formula colors more fun. YAY! But, in the meantime I’m saving my last “regular” bottle of Mr. Sprinkles for a special occasion.

Keep scrolling to see what happens when sprinkles attack and how you can WIN your own set of All-Natural Mr. Sprinkles .

And the battle begins…

Mr. Sprinkles [7]

It’s a fight to the finish.

Mr. Sprinkles [8]

And the green corner wins in a sprinkles smackdown!

Mr. Sprinkles [9]

Now for the good news…
It’s a super sprinkles giveaway!

Mr. Sprinkles [10] sent me some samples for using their product on the Martha Stewart show and I can’t possibly make my way through them all, so I thought I would share them with you. I have three sets of All-Natural Rainbow and Chocolate Sprinkles to give away. Don’t worry I’m keeping some for myself.

Super Sprinkles Giveaway [11]

Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Leave a comment. (Easy, huh!)
  2. Make sure you leave it in a way that I can contact you. (Either link back to your blog or leave your email address.)
  3. And if you want, let me know if you like your sprinkles good or good (for you).

Sprinkles, side by side [12]

Three winners will be picked at random using random.org [13] integer generator. (Thanks, Mandy for turning me on to this site during the last giveaway. Sure makes things easier.)

The cutoff is Friday, July 25th at midnight. Winners will be announced sometime Saturday. Thanks for playing.

The giveaway is over. Here are the winners. [14]

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