Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pop Star: Brooke in Texas


“So, I decided on this theme for my son’s 2nd birthday, only to find out he is discontinued. So with expensive eBay items being my only hope, I decided on cakeballs as party favors. I think they came out really cute! And the kids and parents loved them. You really give us all inspiration!” – Brooke

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Catlin Tucker Harlow said...

Brooke rocks! You should see her cakes… made a Ninja Turtle on a pizza cake for my son’s 4th birthday and a Dinosaur cake with a dry ice volcano for his 5th… the cake totally makes the party! I have pictures!

July 3, 2011 09:48 PM
Sue said...

New to this site and cake ball decorating in general. How did you get the different colors?

July 26, 2011 06:56 PM
Laura said...

Brooke, if you could please send the directions for these and what you used to my email address linked to this commnet, I’d really appreciate it. My friend’s son is looking for a Bob the Builder party lol and would love to know how you made the hats and what you used for ears :). Thanks!

December 27, 2011 09:54 AM
Shannon said...

Ditto for Laura’s comment. I would like to make them for my son’s daycare classroom (I have to also make Hello Kitty ones for my daughter…btw, their twins!) Anyway, it would be helpful to have some directions.
Thank you!

January 25, 2012 12:24 PM
Kathy Nooe said...

I would love to have your directions for making Bob the builder cake pops.

Thank you!

March 25, 2012 03:40 PM
Kristy said...

I would love to have the directions as well for these awesome cake pops!


March 18, 2013 12:47 AM
Barbara said...

i would love step by step directions for these bob the builder cake pops too. can you send to me soon, i have a toddler with a birthday party coming right up!

February 4, 2014 02:42 PM
Kim said...

Do you have a tutorial fo Bob the Builder cake pops. I think I pretty much figured it out. His ears are large round confetti but what is his nose?? Thanking you in advance.

September 7, 2014 11:13 AM
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