Puppy Pops

Puppy Pops [1]

Check out these cute little canine cake pops that are sure to make your kids beg for more.

Here’s what you’ll need to decorate:
Cake pops
Chocolate candy melts [2]
White candy melts [3]
Peanut butter candy melts [4]
Candy writers [5] (dark brown, white)
Edible ink pen [6]
Plastic spoons
Squeeze Bottle
Mini M&M’s
Life Savers candies

Puppy Pop Decorating [7]

Cake Pops (process described here [8])

  • They can be dipped in chocolate, white or peanut butter candy coating for variations.
  • These were made with chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting.

Make the ears

  • Draw an elongated tear drop shape on the back of a plastic spoon with a Sharpie.
  • Turn the spoon over.
  • Trace the shape with a candy writer or either use a squeeze bottle filled with melted candy coating.
  • Fill the inside of the ear shape with candy coating.
  • Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set.
  • Remove and pop the ears off the spoon and store in a safe place until ready to use. These can even be made the night before.

Now for the noses

  • Cut mini size m&m’s in half or
  • Use a candy writer to draw your nose on wax paper and allow to dry until ready to use. These can also be made the night before.


  • Use squeeze bottle or candy writer to “glue” the pieces on the pop.
  • Place a drop of melted candy coating on the back of pre-made nose and place on pop.
  • Draw the eyes and mouth using the edible ink pen.
  • Use glue method to attach the ears and candies for the collars. Hold each for a few seconds until set.
  • Allow the Puppy Pops to dry and serve. Be careful with them, though. Their ears will be fragile.

Puppy Pops [9]

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