Single Chicks

Spring Chicks Cake Pops [1]

I have some new Cake Pops Singles Kits to share with you guys. And there’s a nice big prize-pack giveaway from my publisher, too.

Cake Pops Mini Kits [2]

My publisher is Chronicle Books [3] and they do a fantastic job of producing and designing pretty [4], yummy [5], crafty [6], funny [7] and even grumpy [8] books. And they are known for creating some of the cutest gift items [9], too.

These mini kits are single projects [10] of some favorite cake pops from my books. They come with instructions for making them… plus gift tags, cake pop sticks, ribbon, and treat bags for presenting each individual project. Unfortunately, they don’t include sprinkles since Chronicle specializes in paper goods, but they are still super cute.

Chronicle has done my books, the original Cake Pops Kit, notecards and now these Single Kits. I guess there’s a little something for anyone’s interest level in pops. I see these as a really sweet gift for someone new to cake pops. A fun introduction. They’d be a sweet gift for someone that’s a pro at making them, too. A helpful way to make your cake pop presentations even more adorable.

Spring Chick Cake Pops [11]

Too cute!

Love the little scalloped tags. The ink and ribbon colors coordinate with each project.

Cupcake Pops Mini Kit [12]

Pink for the the cupcake pops of course. And blue ones, too.

Mini Kits [13]

So sweet!

Cake Pops Mini Kits [14]

And this fall, they there will be two more Single Kits released. Jack O’ Lanterns and Frosty Friends.

Halloween Cake Pops Mini Kit [15]

With coordinating colors, of course.

Cake Pops Mini Kits [16]

Be on the lookout for these two later this year.


Now for a nice big Cake Pops giveaway.

Hop on over to Chronicle’s Blog [17] before June 12.
They are giving away the following to five (5) lucky winners:

1. Cake Pops: Spring Chicks (Singles Mini Kit) [18]
2. Cake Pops: Cupcakes (Singles Mini Kit) [19]


3. Cake Pops by Bakerella [20]
4. Cake Pops Holidays [21]
5. Cake Pops Kit [22]

Equals: Awesome!!!


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