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Snowman Cake Pops

I made these snowmen pops last year and just never got around to posting them. I think they are pretty darn cute. The black confetti sprinkles are perfect for two eyes made out of coal. The noses are orange sunflower seeds. The mouths are drawn on with a black edible ink pen.

IMG_9703 [1]
The hats are made from regular and mini size Oreos.

IMG_5639 [2]

Cookies make them even more awesome don’t you think.

Want to make some? Follow the basic instructions for cake pops [3] and use the following to decorate:

White candy melts [4]
Black confetti sprinkles
Orange sunflower seeds
Black edible ink pen [5]
Regular Oreos
Miniature Oreos
Styrofoam block

And voila … Snowman Cake Pops … or Snowhead Cake Pops … nevermind.

Now these are pretty cute like I said before… they remind me of what a snowman would look if I tried to build one in the yard. Not that we ever really get that much snow here. They are more like ice men than snowmen in the south. But this weekend I was thinking about them and I decided they were a just little too generic.

So I decided to try something a little more iconic.

Prepare yourself. These really are cute.

IMG_1201 [6]

Stop it. I can hardly believe they are real and I made them.

IMG_1226 [7]

The hats were made by tinting white candy coating with black candy color to get a dark gray. Then the coating was poured into these candy molds.

IMG_1184 [8]

Now, if you want a more floppy hat look like the ones in the back of this photo, then try dipping Reese’s in the gray candy color.

IMG_1217 [9]

Unwrap them first… but you knew that. And make sure the coating has cooled off or else it will melt the candies before you can attach them to the hat base.

Want to make some of these? These are more involved, but you can do it. I know you can because a lot of you have been sending me some fantastic pics of snowmen. With licorice scarves and Rolo hats. Keep em coming. Follow the basic instructions for cake pops [3] and use the following to decorate:

White candy melts [4]
White confetti sprinkles
Red mini M&M’s
Black edible ink pen [5]
Red edible ink pen [10]
Black candy color [11]
Pink jumbo confetti sprinkles [12] (You can find jumbo flower sprinkles [13] and you can skip drawing the petals. I just didn’t have any on hand.
Blue confetti sprinkles
Orange gumdrops
Japanese somen noodles (you can also use pasta, it’s just a little thicker.)
Disc candy mold [14]
Cordial cup candy mold [15]
Reese’s (optional)

Oh yeah…

Happy New Year!!!

You know I had to kick it off with cake pops, so hope you like em.

IMG_1145 [16]