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Cake Art [1]

So I needed a couple of things from Cake Art [2] the other day.

Like candy coatings for some Halloween cake pops I wanted to make a few days ago.

Empty [3]

I needed orange.

Boo. All gone.

I guess I wasn’t the only one with that thought.

But don’t worry. I didn’t leave the store empty handed. Actually, I don’t think that ever happens.

Cake Art [4]

How could it with all kinds of spooktacular goodies staring me in the face.

My heart definitely started beating faster when I saw all this.

And umm… yes, this is just the Halloween section (not even all of it) and yes, I now have a small amount of it in my kitchen too.

I had to.

Cake Art [5]

But I also had to pick up a few things for you, too. Every time I picked something up that I wanted, I thought somebody else might really like this. So by the time my arms were overflowing and I had sprinkles and spiders falling in the floor, I thought it would be fun to share and do a quick giveaway before Halloween hits.

So let me show you what’s up for grabs. Just a few random things I bought and thought you might like.

Halloween Sprinkles [6]

Starting with special sprinkles.

Pumpkins, bugs, bones, skulls and more.

Halloween Cookie Cutters [7]

I also loved these cutters.

Floating ghost, scaredy cat, and this great skull and crossbones. I picked this one up mainly because I don’t think I’ve ever run across one before.

Mini Cutters [8]

Then there’s these itty-bitty cookie cutters. So cute.

Jack o lanterns [9]

Want to make cookies with your own jack o’ lantern faces.

Pumpkin cutters [10]

I love how this is packaged so you can make your own expressions.

Candy eyes [11]

Speaking of faces, how about some candy eyes?

Candy eyes [12]

In three different sizes.

Foil Wrappers [13]

And look at these cute foil wrappers. Great for wrapping chocolates, truffles and cake balls if you like, too.

Cupcake toppers [14]

Cupcake toppers anyone?

These little daggers are darling. And the graveyards … dying from cuteness over here.

Vampire cutter [15]

Oh and look at this vampire cutter. Perfect for making cookies to really sink your teeth into.

Eyeball Treat Bags [16]

Eyeball treat bags.

Baking cups [17]

Festive baking cups.

Spiders [18]

And who doesn’t love a good spider trick. Well there’s enough here to keep you content for a while.

Flies [19]

But spiders are so last year. How about some freaky little flies.

Skull doilies [20]

Oh, I love these skull cupcake wrappers. Really well done.

And the black doilies. Had to get some of those, too.

Spider web doilies [21]

And these spider web doilies. Love!

Okay, almost done.

Bone cookie pans [22]

But first I think you need a pan to make some bone-shaped cookies…

… And a happy little Halloween cake, too.

Pumpkin cake pan [23]

Enter for a chance to win all this Spooktacular Stuff.

Giveaway sponsored by me.

Good luck guys!

Okay, we have a Halloween Goodie Winner!

Jessica B – It’s you! Don’t buy any cookie cutters yet! You’re gonna have plenty coming your way.

Halloween-winner [25]