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Posted By Bakerella On April 25, 2010 @ 11:03 pm In Giveaways,Miscellaneous | 7,488 Comments

IMG_6193 [1]

Earlier this year I posted a cute candy button display that my friend Julie made following a tutorial [2] on a website called Bake it Pretty [3]. And even though I had heard of and seen their site, I had not really looked around it all that much… until recently.

**Warning… enter their site at your own risk or else you might just leave it with a whole bunch of stuff you didn’t know you had to have…

IMG_6274 [4]

… like these superty-duperty cute baking cups.

They sell lots of fun designs you probably won’t find in your local craft or grocery store…

IMG_6277 [5]

… unless you can read this.

IMG_6278 [6]

or know where to find these.

IMG_6253 [7]

If you visit them, you might be tempted by shiny things.

IMG_6207 [8]

Or these. I was forced to buy them in several colors…

IMG_6255 [9]

… and sizes.

The website made me do it. I promise. I mean if I just bought one color, which one?

Red? Of course, but what about black? How often do you come across black gingham print baking cups? Or orange? Or blue?

You know… I didn’t even need any more baking cups. Like for the next couple of years … I’m good.

IMG_6214 [10]

But, then there’s these. I mean how cute can you get?

It’s funny – right before I found them I was wanting to make some popcorn bucket cupcakes, but figured I would have to make my own wrappers because I knew I would never find any with stripes. So instead I made these flat brownie popcorn bags [11]. Then, right after making them, voila – perfect little cups.

And now, I can’t bring myself to even bake in them. They’re so cute I don’t want to be without them. I just want to look at them. Is that weird?

Don’t answer that.

IMG_6280 [12]

And the cute little poem doesn’t hurt either.

IMG_6235 [13]

More baking cups. These, like the striped ones stand up on their own. You can place them right on a baking sheet and go.

However, I haven’t used these yet either. I have a problem.

IMG_6263 [14]

I worked my way through all the sections of the site and couldn’t leave without having these tapes and twine in my life.

IMG_6238 [15]

And look at these cute little twist ties in pink, purple and tiny hearts.


But they don’t hold a candle to these…

IMG_6240 [16]

Dying over here. Plus, they’re kinda perfect for packaging cake pops.

IMG_6224 [17]

You can even make your drinks look cute. Love these straws.

If you want to see them in action, check out how good they look with Tartelette’s ice cream sandwiches [18]. Not that her pictures aren’t already perfection.

IMG_6286 [19]

And look, a button mold.

I had to have one of these, too. You know – just in case I ever want to make my own candy button display like this one [20].

IMG_6288 [21]

P.S. – I may or may not have also purchased these not exactly kid friendly candies. But, if I did – the website made me do that, too.

Want to pick out your own stuff?

Want me to foot the bill?

Okay, you talked me into it.

Enter to win a $50 gift voucher to BakeItPretty.com [3]

  • Leave your comment on this post.
  • Just tell me what stuff you can’t stop yourself from buying. Anything. I’m curious.
  • Deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 27 at 5 pm ET. TIME’S UP. Winner announced below.
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen at random [22] and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

Good luck.

And the winners are…

winner_stuff [23]

YAY guys! Have fun shopping. And thanks everyone for sharing your shopping compulsions. I’m in good company.

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