Sugar and Shirts

Who’s familiar with Threadless [1]? Okay, not sure what I’m referring to? Well, it’s the super awesome online community where members can submit t-shirt designs and have them put to a public vote. Winning designs are printed and sold on and the winning designers receive cash prizes and store credit. Cool. Fun. Addictive.

But why am I telling you this?

Here’s why.

A couple of years ago, Chris Cardinal launched Threadcakes [2], an online cake competition where you can transform any printed Threadless t-shirt design into cake. And there are tons and tons of designs for you to choose from. Winning cake designs are chosen in two categories. 2-D and 3-D and cash and other prizes are up for grabs. So if you like sugar and shirts, this could be for you. Just bake the cake yourself and take pictures of the process. If you want to see some past examples, take a look at the pictures below. Just click on the links and you’ll see step-by-step photos for the designs on I have to say, it was really hard to pick some examples to show you, so I stuck with shirts that had a food theme. But trust me, there are tons of other great designs from super cute to cool and even a little creepy.

For more contest info visit [2]. Deadline to enter is August 15th, 2011.

One more thing, I’m one of the judges this year and I’m beyond excited to see what amazing creations people come up with. Hope some of you enter. And WIN!!!


02_-636x460design_01-1 [3]

T-shirt: Cookies Love Milk by Jess Fink

02_g_1249365765Z-IMG_1290_main [3]

Cake: Cookie Loves Milk [3] by Lien Sanchez

07_-636x460design_01-3 [4]

T-shirt: Sugar Land by Andreas Krapf

07_g_1281300888Final_Shot_RGB [4]

Cake: Sugar Land [4] by Kim Rountree

04_636x460design_01-9 [5]

T-shirt: Ice Cream Cheerleading Stunt by Ava – Marie Guerrero

04_g_1247497630IMG_4269 [5]

Cake: Ice Cream Cheerleading Stunt [5] by Kaitlin Flannery

05_-636x460design_01-4 [6]

T-shirt: You’ve Got Some Splainin To Do by Andy Wilhite

05_g_1278703895youvegotsomesplainingtodo [6]

Cake: You’ve Got Some Splaining To┬áDo [6] by Jennifer Roberts

06_636x460design_01-8 [7]

T-shirt: Make Yourself at Home by Scott Bartlett

06_g_1249343578Contest_Shot [7]

Cake: Make Yourself At Home [7] by Kandy Cosstick

Okay, barely food related, but there are cute bunnies and one with an ice cream cone.

03_636x460design_01-6 [8]

T-shirt: Catburger by Philip Tseng

03_g_1247717208DSC_0105 [8]

Cake: Catburger [8] by Katie Robinson

Poor kitties.

01_636x460design_01 [9]

T-shirt: A Piece of Cake by Philipi Tseng

Love this design.

01_g_124892612000-IMG_0529_Main_copy [9]

Cake: A Piece of Cake [9] by Lien Sanchez

So, whose up for the challenge?
Holler if you’re a cake decorator or maybe just a t-shirt wearer. Either way, I’d love to know which design you like.

Here are some of my fellow judges. Seriously, I couldn’t be in better company.

Natalie Slater – Bake and Destroy [10]
Jennifer McHenry – Bake or Break [11]
Me – Bakerella [12]
Nicole – Baking Bites [13]
Jen Yates – Cake Wrecks [14]
Mary Alice – Charm City Cakes [15]/Ace of Cakes
Rachel Kramer Bussel and Nichelle Stephens – Cupcakes Take the Cake [16]
Robyn Lee – Serious Eats [17]
Chris Cardinal – Threadcakes [2]
Jen Yu – Use Real Butter [18]

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