The Happiest Holidays

The holidays are winding up and I wanted to take a minute to thank you guys for making them so memorable.  The blog has brought so many smiles over the last several years. To me … and I hope to you as well. As this year ends with my heart full,  I’m so grateful for you all. You’ve made life so much brighter. Over the last weeks I was fortunate to meet many of you at book signings, see your smiling faces, share hugs, and tears, too. Happy tears. The happiest.

Cake Pops Holidays [1]

During the signings, I asked if people would write their name in my book too – a little keepsake for me – a reminder that I can hold of what a gift you guys are. Here’s some of your names.

Cake Pops Holidays [2]

Sarah from Pittsburgh [3] – So happy to finally meet you after emailing over the years. You are the sweetest.
KC Bakes [4] – Thank you for the stands. And tell the family I said hi. Your dad does great work.
Susy Pops [5] – We’ll have to chat longer next time.
Docerela [6] – Happy you were able stay after the signing.

Cake Pops Holidays [7]

Tammy [8] – Thank you for sharing your story. You are amazing.
Suchi [9] – I loved your cake pop notes.

Cake Pops Holidays [10]

Melanie & Natasha [11] – Thank you for the candy coating. I can’t wait to try it out.

Cake Pops Holidays [12]

Lovely meeting you too Maria…

Cake Pops Holidays [13]

And I love that so many of you make cake pops. You’re spreading smiles, touching lives and making people happy… Awesomeness!

Cake Pops Holidays [14]

Jodi – me too!
Nicole [15] – I’m so glad you didn’t have to drive as far this time. It was sweet seeing you again. Wish Sweet Sugarbelle could have made it with you.
Jason [16] & David [17] – Impressed with you guys. Thank you guys and Nicole for the stands [18].
Adonia & Walter [19] – You two are so cute. I love that you make cake pops together and thank you so much for the Cake Pops necklace [20]. I love it.

Cake Pops Holidays [21]

Sugar & Spiked [22] – Jessica, the letter you shared brought me to tears. Nicole sounds very special. I’m sure she’d be proud of you.
Cristina [23] – Say hi to the chimpanzees. Wish I had time to visit. And thank you for the treats.

Cake Pops Holidays [24]

Too funny Sydney. Love how you signed your name!

Cake Pops Holidays [25]

Bridget [26] – Wish we had more time to hang out in Houston. Miss you and love your book! P.S. You have a good looking family [27]!
Hatti [28] – Thank you for being my cake pop helper.
Aylin and Junior [29] – Had such a great time in Miami with you and everyone.
Kristen [30] – So happy you, Heather and the Red Hot Holidays group [31] could make it from Betty Crocker.

Cake Pops Holidays [32]

Oh Mandy – me too! I wish!

Mandy [33] works at Williams-Sonoma in Pennsylvania. We hit it off at the first book signing in 2010 in King of Prussia and she came this year on her day off and helped out the store [34] even though she doesn’t work at the same location anymore. She’s the sweetest. Mom says hi Mandy! Me too.

Cake Pops Holidays [35]

Melissa [36] – I can’t tell you how happy I was to see you again in Dallas. I remembered you right away from the first book signings. You have such a great vibe. Thank you for coming back and sharing your story even though we had tears in our photos. Next time I come back we can cry over pie. At Emporium Pies [37]!

Cake Pops Holidays [38]

Oh Paige – This just fills my heart. So sweet.

The sweetest signatures [39]

And I just love all the sweet little signatures [40]. So so CUTE! [41]

Charlotte [42] – Thank you for the cake pop drawings and you too Erin [43]!

Ana [44] – I was so honored to finally meet Savannah [45]. She is a little miracle. Please hug her for me and tell her again how much I love my drawing. And next time. No tears. : )

My sweet sweet niece [46] also came to the last two signings. She was with me when I made the first cake pops so it meant so much to have her at the last signings [47].

MOM [48]

And my mom … who came with me to all the signings, took photos, and probably entertained [49] many of you. Thank you for everything. You are the best gift and made the last year and a half possible. This book possible. Me possible. I’m grateful to still be here and celebrating the holidays healthy and happy.

– Love me … and your left kidney.


Here are some of the photos my mom took if you came to one of the signings and would like a copy.

King of Prussia, PA [50]
Miami, FL [51]
Stillwater, MN [52]
Denver, CO [53]
Houston, TX [54]
Dallas, TX [55]
Huntington Station, NY [56]
Burlington, MA [57]

And whether you came to a book signing or enjoy the site from the other side of the computer, I just want to say thank you for being here with me. You make it so much more fun. And now, I’m excited to get back to some regular baking.

Wishing you and your families the happiest New Year.

Here’s to a super sweet 2013!

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