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They’re Poppin’ Up All Over!

Posted By Bakerella On May 27, 2008 @ 11:00 pm In Cupcake Pops | 108 Comments

The Cupcake Pops [1] I made last month on the Martha Stewart Show [2] are a hit. From Oklahoma to England, Bakerellas all over are making their cupcakes pop and making me smile. It’s been really rewarding to see a little idea I tried out in my kitchen pop up all over the nation. So here are a few cake pops and bites that I’ve come across and wanted to share. I think they all did a FANTABULOUS job! And, If you have a minute for some sweet stuff, click on the arrow below.

And here are links to their posts so you can tell them what a great job they did.

Breanna – Cupcake Pops [3]
She’sGotItAll.net – They’re lots of work… but worth it! [4]

Daiana – Baking Friday [5]
Jennifer – Marshmallow Pops [6]
Lisa – Blogless, but talented
Rhonda – On flickr [7]
Shavon – Hostess Cupcake Seeds [8]

Kerry – Blogless, but talented!

Jessica – On flickr [9]

Kari – More Cake Pops [10]

Beckie – My Special Day [11]
Lynn – On flickr [12]

Libby – Covered In Sprinkles [13]

New Jersey
Cheryl – Cupcake Truffle Pops [14]

New York
Shelby – Cakes Are Poppin’ [15]

Nina – Teeny Tiny Cupcakes [16]

Carrie – On flickr [17]

Laura – Start Baking Continuation [18]

Mandy – Bakerella I’m Not! [19] (Mandy‚Ķ don’t say that)

Julia – I Heart Bakerella’s Cupcake Lollipops [20]
Tracey – But Weight, I Can Eat It! [21]

Ms. P – Been Long Time [22]

Charlotte – I Did It! [23]
Rehana – On flickr

And, hey, if you’ve made these too, leave a link to your post or pics with your first name and state (or country if outside the US). I might just do a sequel.

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