Time to open presents

Lollipop Workshop Goodies [1]

Remember these? That’s right. We opened them. And, let me just tell you. Somebody needs to invent a stronger word for cute. Because what’s inside these boxes… cute… just doesn’t do them justice.

Dots [2]

I waited for my little helper to come visit again before I opened mine. But, you knew I was going to do that anyway, didn’t you?

I let her open first. She was so excited. But of course she would be. Receiving a totally unexpected gift is always fun.

From the Lollipop Workshop [3]

Oh, the suspense. What is it? Tear open that bubble wrap will you. And, hurry it up. I can’t wait.

From the Lollipop Workshop [4]

Oh, I think it’s a doll.

From the Lollipop Workshop [5]

Yes, it’s a precious little lolli doll. Can you stand it?

Dots [6]

Okay. Okay. My turn. Move over.

From the Lollipop Workshop [7]

While I opened my box, she took the opportunity to accessorize her doll with ribbon from the wrapping.

Of course.

From the Lollipop Workshop [8]

Then, I quickly removed it for a photo session. (Sorry, sweetie.)

Just look at her doll. So adorable and wait… she’s even holding a tray of cake balls.

Now, what did I get?

From the Lollipop Workshop [9]

Me? I’m a doll, too … and with my own little tray of cake balls. I think I will explode from all the cuteness.

But… it gets even cuter.

Wanna see?

Can you handle it?

Are you sure?

Okay then, you can look…

From the Lollipop Workshop [10]

There’s even a dessert table complete with cake pops. It’s like a miniature scene from an Amy Atlas event [11].

Life support, please. Crash cart anyone? I may not make it.

From the Lollipop Workshop [12]

Just look at it from the other side. Somebody has really tee-niny hands to work so small.

From the Lollipop Workshop [13]

There’s even a Bakerella sign. Okay, that did me in.

From the Lollipop Workshop [14]

But wait, something’s missing.

From the Lollipop Workshop [15]

Okay, that’s better… I almost forgot about you. The desserts distracted me.

From the Lollipop Workshop [16]

Now. Perfect.

Lollipops [17]

Thanks Lollipop Workshop [18] for the sweet surprise. You really, REALLY made our day!

Check out the Lollipop Workshop etsy store [18].
She makes custom pieces like these in addition to the ones from the cupcake topper giveaway [19].

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