Where I shop…

Cake Art Party Store! I started going here about two years ago when the baking and cake decorating bug bit me. When I first walked in, I was overwhelmed. Actually, I’m still overwhelmed. There’s so much stuff I don’t know… don’t even have a clue about… but I feel like I learn something new every single time I visit. Unfortunately, I can’t do that very often because this store makes me spend money.

Cake Art Party Store [1]

Like on these things. I’m serious… this place is dangerous. I think I get a sugar high or something when I walk in … my heart starts racing … I start picking random stuff up. And when I get home, bags full… I’m like, what just happened.

Cake Art Party Store [2]

But, when you see all these… in one place. You start thinking… do I have enough yellow sprinkles. I can’t remember. Okay, get some more and get some blue ones, and red ones while you’re at it.

Cake Art Party Store [3]

And then, you start thinking that you can’t live without blue teddy bear sprinkles or green palm tree sprinkles, or pink pigs. And what if someone has a baby… I need those baby sprinkles or wait, boys like cupcakes… what about helmet and football sprinkles. You see where I’m going. Let’s just say that I have accumulated my fair share of sprinkles [4].

The funny thing is … I hardly ever use them on cupcakes or cakes. It just makes me feel good knowing I have them just in case. I know … weird! But, they do come in handy when it comes to decorating cake pops, so that’s how I justify it.

Cake Art Party Store [5]

You can even buy them in bags!

Cake Art Party Store [6]

Here’s something I’ve never tried… and I think I’ll leave for the pros… Airbrush [7]! Pretty colors, though.

Cake Art Party Store [8]

Speaking of colors… did you know you can buy rolled fondant [9] that is already tinted?

I started doing this recently with red fondant because it is seriously a pain to tint it yourself and get it a deep red color.

Cake Art Party Store [10]

Now, a lot of people don’t like the taste of fondant, they just like the look of it from a visual perspective. So, if you just want to experiment, then play around and buy it pre-made. Just don’t get this much. You can stick with the 1 pound packages.

Or if you really want, make some from scratch. I hear marshmallow fondant is pretty good.

Cake Art Party Store [11]
Anyone need 25 lbs of buttercream frosting? [12]

Cake Art Party Store [13]

Or tinted buttercream?

Cake Art Party Store [14]

Not me. I like to make my own buttercream and tint it myself. Yummy!

Cake Art Party Store [15]

Need some petit four icing [16]? Just snip the tip and go. Great for beginners.

Cake Art Party Store [17]

Marzipan… I haven’t dabbled in this stuff yet, but I do like saying the name. Marzipan!

Cake Art Party Store [18]

Check this out! This might just be the best part of the store. Pans! [19] Round ones, oval ones, heart-shaped ones, square ones! And in graduated sizes, too! And different heights! Help me, please.

Cake Art Party Store [20]

Tools. I love tools. Offset spatulas and flat spatulas [21]. Thank you.

Cake Art Party Store [22]

Inside these little trays are every decorating tip [23] you can think of and some you can’t. Grab some disposable bags and couplers and you’re set.

Cake Art Party Store [24]

There’s so much stuff in the store that you can miss little things like this. Petal dust and luster dust [25]… I think I’m in love. Now, I just have to figure out what to do with it.

Cake Art Party Store [26]

Need to stack a big cake? Sorry, I can’t help you… haven’t done that.

Cake Art Party Store [27]

Mine are little and usually just end up on cake boards [28] like these.

Cake Art Party Store [29]

And sometimes, they get put in cake boxes. I love cake boxes [30]. Especially the tiny ones.
Little cakes in little boxes are just the cutest!

Cake Art Party Store [31]

Need some party supplies? They have that, too.

Cake Art Party Store [32]

Baking cups for boys and girls.

Cake Art Party Store [33]

Tons and tons of plastic cake toppers. I’ve never bought anything down this aisle…

Cake Art Party Store [34]

But, this one [35] made me laugh so hard, I almost bought it for a Mother’s Day cake. Then, I pictured myself on Cake Wrecks [36] and stopped myself. :)

Cake Art Party Store [37]

Father’s Day [38] is around the corner, though…

Cake Art Party Store [39]

Almost done… hang in there. Cookie cutters [40] are always fun to have.

Cake Art Party Store [41]

And so are these. I have this set of dual sided graduated cutters. I love them and they come in super handy when I make fondant covered cupcakes.

Cake Art Party Store [42]

Gadgets galore! I can’t stand in this section too long because my pantry just isn’t big enough.

And guess what… that’s just the half of it. Actually, the 1/8th of it. I wish I could show you everything.
Coming soon… candy stuff!

Hope you guys liked looking at all that stuff and thanks Cake Art for letting me show everyone that there’s a much bigger cake world than the 9 inch cake pans I used to buy in the grocery store. And guess what guys… most of it’s easier than you think.

www.cakeart.com [43]
Cake Art Party Store
3744 Lawrenceville Hwy.
Tucker, GA 30084

And, because I made you scroll through all those pictures, how about a little giveaway for you sprinkle lovers!

Cake Art Party Store [1]

Enter for a chance to win:

I’m giving away 20 different kinds of sprinkles!
(picked out by me)
Want some?
  • Just leave a comment on this post and tell me your favorite baking or decorating item or tool or even some elusive sprinkles you’ve been looking for.
  • Leave your comment with a way for me to contact you if you win (either a blog link or email)
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, May 11th at 6:00 p.m. (recorded by the comment time stamp)
  • The winner will be chosen at random* and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

    * One winner will be chosen at random, using random.org’s integer generator [44].

Good Luck!

Sorry, TIME’S UP!
The Sprinkle Winner is none other than Comment #936!
[45]Yay Cam! Have any Sprinkle preferences?

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