Wow Your Mom on Mother’s Day!

For Mom [1]

Can’t decide on flowers or candy? Then give your mom both – and some cupcakes to boot.

These cute candy flowers were inspired by fellow flickr user mommawants1more [2]. She does a great job with this creative candy technique. Then I also found this decorating style featured in the book, The Whimsical Bakehouse [3], and saw how easy it was to do using colored candy melts. And you know, I have my fair share of those laying around the kitchen lately. So you guessed it, I started melting. Read below to see how you can do it too.

Flower Cupcakes [4]

Find a design you want to use or draw it by hand for a more whimsical feel.
Place the drawing on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper. Tape it down flat so it doesn’t move. Use one unmelted yellow candy melt for each flower center.

Candy Melts [5]

Melt the white candy coating and use a plastic bottle (shown) or ziploc bag with the corner cut out to pipe the outline of your shape. Place in the freezer for a couple of minutes until hardened. Remove.

Candy Melts [6]

Fill in the shapes with a second color. It shouldn’t be too hot. (or too hard… my niece even helped me with this.)

My little helper [7]

Return to freezer to harden. Remove and flip over to reveal the flat side to display on your cupcakes. Easy!

Mini Cupcakes [8]

And if you want to make some letters, that’s easy too! Use an alphabet mold and fill shape with melted candy. Freeze for a few minutes and then, pop them out.

Alphabet Molds [9]

WOW [10]


You’ll need:
Frosted Cupcakes
Squeeze Bottle or Ziploc Bag
Cookie Sheet with Wax Paper (taped flat)
Colored Candy Melts
… and a steady hand

Here’s three brands of candy melts:
Make ‘n Mold Candy Melts [11]
Mercken’s Candy Coatings [12]
Wilton Candy Melts [13]

Here’s some fun stuff if you’re up for it:
Alphabet Candy Molds [14]
The Whimsical Bakehouse [3] (shows some examples and instruction on how to use this technique.)

And if you’re not up to the challenge:
Visit Sugar Coated Love [15] and maybe mommawants1more [2] can make some for you.

Mother's Day Cupcakes [16]

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