You’ll Want to Gobble These Right Up!

Turkey Pops [1]

I’ve been busy working on all kinds of cake pops lately. I think I’ve made close to 40 different variations so far. (Trying to put together a book.) But, since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I wanted to make sure you don’t have dry turkey on the menu. So, choose a cake and frosting flavor and follow these directions for super moist cake pops [2]. Then, use the following additions to turn them into Turkey Pops. You’ll need chocolate candy coating, almond bark or candy melts [3] for the body. Use extra melted chocolate to “glue” the additions on.

Caramel Candy Corn [4]
Turkey Feathers = Caramel Candy Corn
You can use the original flavor for brighter feathers.

Expresso Beans [5]
Heads = Coated Expresso Beans
The brown ones. I found mine at the Fresh Market [6] grocery chain.

Sprinkles [7]
Beaks = Orange chips from these Rainbow Candy Coated Chips [8]
Wattle = Mini hearts from Casino Sprinkles.
They might be hard to find so try these [9].

ABC Pretzels [10]
Legs = The “I”s from these ABC Pretzels. (Broken in half)
Found at the World Market [11] Chain. But, you can also just use pretzel sticks.
These can also be inserted into the Turkey body while the chocolate is still wet.

Turkey Pops [12]
Eyes = Americolor Edible Ink Pen [13]

Hope you have a Happy Turkey Day!

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