A peek inside my pantry


I finally organized my pantry and I’m super excited about it. If you follow me on instagram, you may remember the photo below that I posted several weeks ago.


This is my out-of-control pantry, but it barely has any food in it. It’s 95% dedicated to baking and decorating supplies and it’s looked a lot like this since I moved in about a year and a half ago. I’ve just never taken the time to focus on organizing it.

Pantry Clutter

Cookie cutter chaos, overflowing bins, baking cups everywhere. A ton of space, but somehow no place to put anything… let alone find anything when I need it.

But now that’s changed because I recently partnered with Target to use some of their storage solutions to spruce up my space. It was a perfect opportunity to work with them since I’ve been using their plastic bins for years to stack and store my stuff.

But now… oh my gosh. I’m so excited about this space.

Want to see the after?

Pantry After

Aaaaaaaahhh! I LOVE it! My friend Julie came over and helped with the final arranging and now I keep walking in and staring at everything with my heart all fluttery. I think I could even sleep in here … especially now that I can find the floor.

If you want to take a closer look, I’ve included lots of pictures and links to the Target products below in case you like any of the items I used. (And if you have any storage solution ideas you want to share, I’m all ears.)

Let’s start with that bar cart in the back. I bought it from Target a while ago to put supplies on when I work on a project and I can’t wait to finally use it again.

Canvas Bins

For the new items, I went shopping in the store and online. I found these fabric bins to organize things like regular and mini baking cups, cake boards and more.

Pom Poms

I added pom poms to the ring pulls to decorate the fronts.

Y-Weave Bin

These cute y-weave baskets came in super handy to store things like my candy molds…

Y-Weave Bin

Colorful straws …

Cookie Cutter Sets

… and my collection of cookie cutter tins. I love the pattern.


For individual cookie cutters, I found these 3-Drawer Organizers to store them in and I added washi tape to the fronts to give them a little color.

Cookie Cutter Storage

Each drawer is organized by theme. Easter, Christmas, Halloween, hearts, animals and sweets. What I love about these is that I can easily remove the individual drawers to carry.

Cake Pop Stands

Here are some of my cake pop and cupcake stands now all stacked up. YAY!

Paper Straws

I used these utensil holders to put pretty paper straws on display.

Chevron Bin

I love this chevron bath basket for my candy wafers. It makes it easy to grab the color I need. It’s actually a baby item, but I couldn’t resist the design.


I only have a handful of props to organize … thank goodness.

Wire Baskets

These tall wire baskets came in handy for yarn and paper filler.

Cake Pops by Bakerella

And I finally found a place to put my Cake Pops books and kit on permanent display.

Cake Pop Sticks

These easy-to-access glass containers keep my lollipop sticks cozy.

Luster dust

Here’s another three-drawer organizer that I decorated with more washi tape. I’m using it for luster dust, plus powdered and gel food coloring and candy flavoring.


The four small bins in the upper right hold small items like miniature spoons. You can write on the pink fronts with a dry erase marker but I decided to leave them blank. I also used the medium size bins to hold ribbon and treat bags and twist ties.

Carry Tote

I found this small tote basket great to carry bottles in. It’s holding colored cocoa butters for now.

Magazine Holders

I was going to print out labels for these magazine holders, but instead I just used bright green washi tape to cover the cardboard insert for a little pop of color.

Egg Cartons

Egg cartons and ice cream containers. I bought the egg cartons a while ago to package mini cupcakes in. Now that I can see them, maybe I’ll finally use them.


Here’s a small kitchen organizer I’m using to hold glitter. I liked the size of it and the bottom was teal. So basically I had to get it.

Glass Jars

I wish I had more of these glass jars. Love them!

Mini Marshmallow Bits

P.S. I think I’m set on mini marshmallow bits. : )

Candy Storage

These are some of the thirteen storage bins that I already had. They are filled with all kinds of candy that I keep for reference. At one time they were organized by pastel and primary colors. But the contents kept growing. I guess going through these will be my next project.

Sprinkle Storage

If you are wondering where my sprinkles are, they hang out upside down in two of my kitchen drawers so I can see them all at a glance. They used to be in several plastic bins this way, but I love having them handy in the kitchen.


Here’s a last view of the main wall from the left…


and the right!


Thanks for peeking inside my pantry. And now that I’m all organized, it’s time to bake!


This post is a collaboration with Target.

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