Almost Easter

Easter is next weekend and I am way behind on making spring sweets. I’m hoping to post something again before Sunday, but in the meantime I hope you like these pretty pops.


Pink, yellow and white. They would be perfect just like this or with just a few white sprinkles dressing them up a bit.

But, I didn’t leave them this way.


Nope. These cake balls turned into something cute.

It’s hard to stop at simple sometimes. But I need to do that more often, because they can look amazing in just a color or two.


I dipped a third of the cake pops in white.

Actually Mercken’s Super White. Nice and fluid. Nothing added.

It’s easy to work with and melts like a dream.



Cake pop in. And out.

And nice and smooth.

Anyone wondering what I’m making yet?


Well, I used these fluffy chenille stems (or pipe cleaners as I still like to call them) if it helps any.

And if it doesn’t, the next picture that shows how I twisted them should.


Got a guess yet?


Yep! Pipe cleaners make super cute bunny ears.


I wish I could say I was really smart and thought of this first, but I saw an idea last Christmas when Lisa’s reindeer cake pops crossed my path. They served double duty acting as antlers and also the ties to secure her treat bags. Take a look at her pops and say hi. They are super clever.

Then, this weekend I thought her antler idea could also translate into Easter bunny ears. Making ears this way is a great alternative to gluing them to the pop – especially if you will be giving them away in treat bags. Because the ears can get knocked off if you’re not careful when you wrap and transport them.

But you can also just make them this way at home. Because. They. Are. Key-ute!


I tried two sizes but went with the fuller version since bunnies are full of fluff.


They worked out great.

To make cake pops, you can refer to the basic instructions here and let the dipped pops dry on a wax paper-covered baking sheet instead of standing them up in a styrofoam block.


To decorate the cake pops I used soft edible sugar pearls (found at Cake Art) to start. These are a little pricey but in small quantities they are worth it.

For the bunny nose I used pink coated sunflower seeds. The tongues are pink confetti sprinkles. And the bow ties and flowers are Daisy sprinkles.

And of course candy eyes for eyes. : )

All of the pieces are attached to the pop with just a little bit of melted candy coating for glue.
Use more coating to dot they eyes with a toothpick, connect the bowties or decorate the flowers on the pops below.

You can also use a pink edible ink pen to make rosy cheeks and a black edible ink pen to draw on whiskers.


Viola! Bunny.

And feel free to improvise. Swap the sugar pearls for white M&M’s or jelly beans. You could even just pipe them or the noses on with melted candy coating. Change the Daisy sprinkles to heart sprinkles or any other shape that you like. And you can always just draw on eyes if you can’t get your hands on any candy ones.

Spring is in the hare.

Here are some in pink and yellow, too. I think I like the white ones best though.


And here they are using the pipe cleaner bunny ears to twist, tie and secure the treat bags.

Seriously cute and sure to bring smiles to anyone you make them for.

Happy Cake Popping!

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