Blue makes me happy


I made a cake and put it on a plate. A pretty blue glass plate that I ordered the other day. It came in this weekend so I decided it must be put to use right away… or else forever be united with my other cake plates that have yet to see the light of day.

So I made a cake. Several of them. I thought it would be a good time to finally venture into the scary world of cake stacking.


But first… mad respect to all the cake decorators out there. I’ve only made small cakes before. This was a task. And I didn’t even do anything fancy.


I made this recipe. TWICE.

The first time I baked three 8 inch cakes. And the second time, I baked three 6 inch cakes and 2 five inch cakes. Use two inch high cake pans and spread the batter evenly among the pans when you bake. You’ll have just enough batter for all 8 layers.

I wanted to try the recipe to see if how well it would work for stacking. It’s not very dense, so it wouldn’t be great for carving. But it bakes up nice and even so there is no need to level off the tops. Yay, one less step.

I baked the cakes at night and wrapped in plastic wrap so I could devote the next day to decorating.


Unwrap a layer and place it on a cardboard cake circle cut to size. Frost the top. Layer on the next one and repeat.


Then frost the sides. This is the called the crumb coat. You just want a thin layer of frosting. It’s okay if crumbs get in.

I placed the layers on top of the cake pan I baked them in as a stand and to make frosting the sides down to the bottom a little easier.

Once frosted as evenly as possible, you can place the cake in the freezer for a few minutes. The frosting will harden and when you remove the cakes from the freezer, you can use a knife dipped in a little warm water to help smooth out any uneven places.


Repeat with the 6-inch cakes. Kinda crumby.


And the 5-inch cakes.

Did I ever tell you that I’m a really, really messy baker? Like real.

When all the cakes are crumb-coated, you can apply a pretty layer of frosting without worrying about tearing the cake or getting cake crumbs on the outside.

Or you can cover them in fondant. Eeek. That’s what I did.

(I used the frosting recipe from this post and doubled it. Triple it if you want to frost it all in buttercream instead of covering in fondant.)

Unfortunately there is no photographic evidence of the covering.

Just imagine I rolled out fondant on a powdered sugar-dusted surface and then carefully placed the fondant over each tier. And then smoothed out the sides.

And imagine that it looked perfect. Because it did not.

Once each tier is covered in fondant you can get ready to stack away.


To stack the cake, you’ll need wooden dowels or even straws to support each tier, so the cake doesn’t smoosh in on itself.


Push the dowel in and mark the height of the cake on the dowel. Remove and use it as a guide to cut the other dowels. I used four for the bottom tier and the middle tier. Make sure the dowels are all placed within the diameter of the tier above it. So the dowels won’t show when you stack them all up.

Then just stack the cakes and decorate.


I cut white fondant hearts to keep a clean, simple look.

Okay, not really. I did it to help hide the slightly uneven surface.

And also because I ran out of time to do anything else.

I think it looks pretty cute. Even if I don’t really know what I’m doing.

What I do know is I need another lesson in covering fondant cakes. And then one in making sugar flowers and of course piping and then carving. And then I’ll need some therapy.


I like it with a single pink heart, too.


But what I like most is the cake stand.

That’s why I bought two of them.

One for me and another for one of you.


Want it?

Enter for a chance to win this happy blue 10-inch glass cake plate.

  • Leave a comment on this post and tell me something that makes you happy.
  • Deadline to enter is Monday, August 23 at 6:00 pm ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP! Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Monday evening on this post.

Good luck!

P.S. Here’s where I bought them.

I’m really glad I choose winners randomly or I’d be in a tough spot. Thanks for sharing all that makes you happy.

Now for the win, it’s comment #3612!

Congrats Angela from Memphis – I’m glad baking makes you happy. Now you have something new to put your treats on.


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6,801 comments on “Blue makes me happy”

  1. Opaque glassware makes me SUPER happy! This is gorgeous!

  2. Blue cake stands make me happy – oh and having a cake and eating it too!

  3. Hosting teas makes me happy!

  4. Happy puppies make me happy :) Like, when you can tell that all they have is love and happiness in them and all they want to do it play <3

  5. Love the blue. It’s beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win it! Also, thanks for the tips on stacked cakes. I;’ll have to remember about the crumb layer. :)

  6. My happiest times and memories are sitting in my mothers courtyard in the spring with all of her flowers in bloom and all the hummingbirds and butterflies that visit!

  7. This looks great!

    My family, cooking, baking, eating, and sleeping all make me happy ;) I’m not too hard to please! ;)

  8. Listening to my childrens’ laughter makes me happy!

  9. Making other people happy by coming up with something that will please them..baking..making..praying!

  10. Super cute! Aside from that bright pink heart, a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day certainly makes me smile :)

  11. Sleep makes me very happy! (I’m thinking that way because it’s getting late!)

  12. Very cute cake! Decorating cakes make me happy. I love to bake :)

  13. Pretty, pretty cake stands make me happy! Seriously! That and fun cupcake stands. Okay, Sunday naps make me happy too. :) Love the cake and I adore the single pink heart. It’s perfect!

  14. What a beautiful cake and cake stand! You never let your fans down :)

    What makes me happy most is working at a job I love – I teach Pre-K children and I would do that job for FREE if I could. We go back to school next week and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes with them as part of my curriculum – we’re even going to attempt to make cake pops!! :)

  15. I love everything about this. Especially your WRITING! Which I know is not the main point, it’s the cake. But what you wrote made my smile. A lot. So have a great day. :-)

  16. A cloudless blue sky on a warm summer day makes me happy!

  17. holding my sweet sleeping baby makes me happy!

  18. Anything cake-y makes me happy!

  19. my adorable kids and sweet hubby

  20. Learning new things makes me happy. I am currently crafting some hair bows… Eeek!

  21. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the sounds of rain….with a little thunder thrown in if it isn’t right over head!

    I like your cake – classy.. with a small surprise. :)

  22. Eating make me happy =)

  23. Baby feet make me happy! When they are covered in tiny white socks or when they are tucked into a fuzzy sleeper or when they are uncovered with chubby little toes sticking out.

  24. Mu hubby coming home so I can make him a banana cream pie or german chocolate cake!

  25. YES i want one. But even more, I want to know how you made your cakes flat? I can’t stack cakes because when I bake them, the middle gets a huge bump and the sides are flat. So I stack them, they’re uneven, they tip, the fall. What’s your secret?

  26. My husband and kids make me happy. And a good book.

  27. It makes me happy that my son loves the cakes I make him for his birthdays…train, plane, pirate ship, dragons and castles. That creativity comes form blogs like yours…thanks for the happinessL)

  28. my children make me happy… but so do cupcakes. :)

  29. my doggie makes me happy :D

  30. Love the blue! It’s beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win! Also, loved the tips on stacked cakes. I’ll have to remember about the crumb layer. :)

  31. my family and friends make me happy :)

  32. morning sunshine + a cappuccino = happy

  33. Dishes make me very, very happy- searching for new dishes, buying new dishes, displaying dishes, using dishes. Happy.

  34. The sound of my kids playing together makes me happy.

  35. Seeing my daughter laugh and play is what makes me HAPPY!

  36. sitting on my porch…under an umbrella….watching the rain makes me so happy on the inside :)

  37. Fall days with apple cider and warn sunshine on my face.

  38. Making my kids homemade treats then sharing them with good friends!

  39. baking makes me happy :) and eating what i bake makes me even happier! :)

  40. My hubby doing all the dishes after I spent the entire day baking makes me very happy!!!

  41. Sushi and a movie at home on Sunday makes me happy

  42. When my fiance enjoys my cooking experiments.. it makes me happy! :o)

  43. My family makes me happy (1 hubby – 5 kiddos)

  44. Snuggling with my hubby makes me happy!

  45. I get happy when I see that my tomatoes are starting to actually grow!

  46. Coffee and my kids make me happy! :)

  47. Whenever I’m down I love to watch Alice in Wonderland (disney) b/c Alice’s voice (Kathryn Beaumont) makes me feel happy like I’m a kid again. :)

  48. Spending time with my kids makes me happy… oh – and anything creative (baking, decorating cakes, scrapping, needlepoint – you name it!)

  49. Summer makes me happy :) And swinging in backyard hammocks. And reading about your amazing creations that I wish I had the patience to recreate!

  50. my mom/dad/brother, my boyfriend, my cat, reality tv. :)

  51. My family, my friends, baking and knitting, all in the same weekend, make me happy. :)

  52. Shopping! Online or in a mall….even better when I get an awesome deal!

  53. My dog makes me very happy. He’s a pug, he’s sweet, funny, smart, and full of love for everyone he meets.

  54. My son makes me happy ! But the thought of winning this adorable cake stand also makes me happy !

  55. My family makes me happy.

  56. Sharing s’mores cupcakes with my kids makes me happy! (and you’re website :) )

  57. playing with my godchildren…

  58. Taking a ridiculously awesome photo makes me happy. Even happier when the client loves it as much as I do!

  59. Cute cake!!

    A night of reality TV shows and ice cream makes me happy ;)

  60. That color blue makes me happy!

    I love how honest you are – makes me feel better when I try to do these things at home.


  61. so many things make me happy!
    – looking at pictures of beautiful things (or adorable things)
    – laughing with my 1 r old and 3 yr old babies
    – retail therapy – but the items were on super discount, AND you happened to have giftcards!

  62. keeping up with this brilliant blog makes me happy!

    (that and gelato.. gelato is my new obsession :) )

  63. What makes me happy is the kitchen aide my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. I was living off of a small monthly stipend and foodstamps while surviving my master’s program for the last year. Although I grew up with baking, thanks to my former pastry chef mommy, this hobby can become fantastically pricey. I spent all of last year hand mixing for cake batters, cookies, whipped cream, cheesecakes, mouses, and icings. My boyfriend was nervous about presenting a household item to me as a gift (he has seen Father of the Bride), but to his relief I was in tears at the thought of having such a wonderful luxury! Alas, my kitchen aide makes me happy because it reminds me of how thoughtful my boyrfiend is, and how it has better enabled me to follow my true love of baking.

  64. The happiest word in the world is lunch. When I hear the word lunch, I get happy. I mean, who don’t like lunch?

  65. Life in general makes me happy. But I am the happiest when i am spending time with my family!!
    Thanks for all you inspiration.

  66. my 3 girls =)

  67. Secretly tasting while baking makes me very happy indeed..

  68. So many things make me happy! I love time in my studio to create. That’s when I’m the happiest!!!


  69. Baking with my daughter Athena makes me happy :) i get to share something with her that hopefully she will enjoy doing with her kids in the (very FAR) future :)

  70. Having more rain so far this year than we have had in any of the last 13 or so years make me happy – even if it means frizzy hair!

  71. My Hubby.

  72. Autumn makes me happy!

  73. Giving makes me happy… but so does receiving so I hope i win =) LOL

  74. Reading your blog and looking at your amazing photography makes me happy (: Or the fact the autumn is just around the corner!

  75. Cupcakes make me happy!

  76. Hearing my kids belly ache laugh makes me happy!

  77. Your Blog makes me VERY happy : ) and my sweet babies!!

  78. Relaxing weekends with nothing to do make me very happy. I love, love, love this cakestand! My favorite one broke in a recent move, so I’ve been on the hunt for a new one and this is the loveliest I’ve seen so far.

  79. birthday cake and ice cream makes me REALLY happy!!

  80. I love cake stands!! Especially blue!

  81. Weekends with nothing special to do make me happy :)

  82. Baking yummy treats for my friends and family makes me happy! It makes them happy too because they get to eat them!

  83. Being with my family and friends….baking anything delicious! That makes me happy.

  84. Homemade Rootbeer makes me happy!

  85. baking with my family makes me happy!

  86. Bakerella you have outdone yourself!!! I have to know…what are you going to do with that huge yummy cake?? I think you should have a party or something!
    My new sweet baby boy makes me happy!

  87. My family…I would so use this for my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary party! It is inspiring me to actually bake the cake myself!

  88. Beautiful cake! Rainbows and Unicorns make me happy :)

  89. A sunny day does it for me :)

  90. Spending time with my family! I live 20 hours away from them, and when I get to see them, I’m definitely at my happiest!

  91. cupcakes always make me happy!

  92. What makes me happy is spending time with my best friend/boyfriend, just us. Which I got to do at the beach today and we have not done that in forever so it was fabulous. That makes me truly happy!

  93. My 2yr old daughter getting so excited when she sees something new:)

  94. My wonderfully goofy husband makes me happy. No matter how bad my day is, he is the only person that can still make me smile and laugh!

  95. My stove top espresso maker, my kiddos and any baked goods make me happy. Oh and my hubby too!

  96. My kitty George Michael. He is always there to welcome me when i come home.

  97. The smell of bread as it rises makes me happy :)

  98. being with my family makes me happy! :D

  99. Kitties and sunshine make me happy!!!

  100. My two little girls make me happy!!

  101. Finishing a long run! (key word there being “finishing!”). That really makes me happy!

  102. When my kids are getting along!!

  103. Sunshine makes me happy!

  104. my precious little Noah makes me so very happy!

  105. Watching the sunset on the beach makes me incredibly happy….

  106. Looking up party ideas on the internet and watching home movies with my hubby!

  107. Blue makes me happy! I have blue dishes, glasses, vases and a pie plate. But no cake stand!

  108. Laughing babies!

  109. That cake stand makes me sooo happy! I just moved and lost my favorite cake stand to bad packing:( This would be a great replacement:)

  110. something that makes me happy is when my children come to me to talk. i might not have the greatest advice, but together we can talk and it makes my role as a mother feel special and important. i believe that communication is very important between parents and their children.

  111. Spending the afternoon baking cupcakes with my nephew makes me happy!

  112. Summer nights make me happy!

  113. baking makes me happy. baking gluten-free…my new adventure in life!

  114. When my 17 year old daughter, Emily, bakes for me. I don’t even mind the mess she sometimes leaves.

  115. Bakerella…you just keep doing such cute cute things in the kitchen!!
    I am happy when I am with my kids – especially on the first day of summer break. (so I am a sad mama at back to school time!) And mine are even teenagers – crazy to be happy around three teens, but I am!

  116. Capturing all of my kiddos many amazing faces in photographs makes me happy.

  117. oh my gosh! cake stands make me happy! and thus this post makes me ridiculously happy.

    I’ve already got a collection going….it’s sick. And now that blue one is saying “me, me!!”

  118. Absolutely Gorgeous!! You can bake me a cake any day :o)

  119. What makes me happy?… that I have a recipe to try. I have ventured into cake decorating but haven’t found a recipe I like yet.

  120. sweet summer corn on the cob makes me happy! Mmmm

  121. Can’t think of just one…fireworks, bubble gum, lip gloss, fires, the beach, cupcakes, friends, family, bike rides, gardens, aspen trees…

  122. Being with my family is what makes me the happiest, baking comes pretty close.

  123. It would have to be my family!

  124. Cooking for my family makes me happy!

  125. My kids… when everything else is wrong, they’re always my ray of sunshine :)
    Awesome cake …I’ve been practicing to make cakes myself, and I’m slowly teaching myself the technique.

  126. Learning new things, and blue things make me happy!

  127. Aww the single pink heart is so cute. Pool parties and BBQ’s with my friends just hanging out makes me happy :D and baking pretty things for said occasions :D

  128. Baking and cooking for others when they have a baby, or when they get sick and don’t want to cook – makes me happy. I’ve realized that I’m losing weight a LOT slower than everyone else after MY own three kids because of this love – but it’s okay if I’m sharing all the happiness!”

  129. I have a 9-week-old, so sleep makes me happy right now. :)

  130. Being in SC makes me happy. My family has a house down there that overlooks the water, sitting on the porch watching the sunset is when I’m at my happiest!

  131. finding new recipes makes me happy!

  132. The look in my kids’ eyes when they know they have done something to be proud of makes me happy!

  133. Cake decorating makes me happy. So does my husband :)

  134. Baby giggles make me happy! They turn any gray day blue :-)

  135. Chocolate makes me happy

  136. The thought of winning this cake plate makes me happy.

  137. having my daughter ask for my opinion makes me happy!

  138. Wow I love the cake you did a excellent job~~ I love spending time with my 8 grandbabies ranging in age from 20 yrs to 5 yrears old~ They make this “old Grandmama happy”~~~~

  139. Adorable! Love it <3
    Diet Coke makes me VERY happy!

  140. Walking on a nature hike with a cool breeze and friends makes me happy.

  141. My dreams make me happy. I dreaming about million of things. So, it turns out that I’m constantly happy. Now I dreaming about this sweet blue cake stand, for example :)

  142. I love visiting my Aunt in Wyoming…. the best part is the early morning when everyone gets up super early and we all meet in the kitchen for coffee while my Mom and Aunt put on their makeup at the table. :)

  143. My new puppy makes me happy :)

  144. Knitting and baking (not necessarily at the same time!) makes me very happy!

  145. Getting enough sleep makes me happy :)

  146. Being at home and watching my 2 babies grow up and learn new things makes me the happiest!

  147. Weekends!! I love the calm, chaotic, crzy mix a weekend holds and try to savor every moment away from the office and with my kids.

  148. Being happy with what I have makes me happy! :)

  149. This cake is absolutely beautiful! I love the simplicity of the one pink heart. For some reason it reminds me of when I used to have ultrasounds done when I was pregnant with my son (who is now 3 years old). I remember the first thing I would recognize was the beating heart. I would just lie there listening to each beat. This summer I started a morning ritual where I go into his room when he wakes up and we just snuggle and talk. I love resting my head against his chest so I can hear his heart beat.

  150. Cake makes me happy! Particularly coconut cake.

  151. My baby girl makes me happy! Her smile lights up my life ; )

  152. Your creations make me happy. Oh, and my kid.

  153. Lots of things make me happy- my wonderful husband & adorable kids but right now finishing my classroom management plans make me happy! :) And looking for cute thank you notes for my son’s birthday make me happy. My list can go on FOREVER! ;)

  154. Having my husband home (he works in a remote location 2 wks at a time…)

  155. Love that cake and cake stand….My two boys make me happy!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them:)

  156. Pretty cakes like yours make me happy. Don’t kid yourself, you do know what you’re doing.

  157. My little girl giving me kisses by her own choice! And bedtime, I love bedtime!

  158. Making a new cake/dessert creation and my boys asking “Can I eat that?” Makes me Happy :)

  159. My kiddos make me the happiest!

  160. Come take a fondant class from me- that would make me happy :)

  161. Anything on a cake pedestal makes me happy.

  162. Getting an email from bakerella makes me so happy! I know I sound crazy bt my heart skips a beat! haha I looove everything you bake!

  163. This probably sounds silly but I have a little tape dispenser that is lime green and every time I use it, or even look at it, I smile. I told my husband that it is one of the silly little things in life that just makes me happy.

  164. My family makes me happy :) I am very blessed :)

  165. Watching I Love Lucy makes me happy. :)

  166. My 3 little angels and a good party! Oh and cupcakes. And cake pops :) Can’t forget my hubby =)

  167. I have 2 beautiul boys….11 months and 6 years. What makes me happy is baking with the 6 year old and watching him crack the eggs and using the hand mixer so carefully…..I also love watching him trying so hard to resist sticking his fingers in the bowl of batter….waiting patiently for the beaters…they always need licking mom.

  168. Reading my little guy’s favourite books to him makes me so happy :)

  169. Sunny days make me happy!

  170. Your website!!

  171. Baking with my kids, the wonderful smells that fill the kitchen, and eating it all when it’s all done =)

  172. one thing that makes me happy is hearing “i’m only a phone call away” from all of my family and friends

  173. Baking with my kids and for my kids. It makes me happy to see them so excited to bake!

  174. Making cupcakes for my hubby and family makes me reaaaaaaally happy!

  175. My two little girls make me happy :)

  176. What makes me happy? My family. Plain and simple. And not just my immediate family, my entire extended family too. Yes, I love my parents, in laws and all of my brother and sister in laws too!

  177. The small things in life make me happy…someone holding my door open for me, hitting all of the lights on the way to work, a hot cup of coffee and a warm blanket, finding a really good book, fall leaves, the smell of autumn…this is what life is made of. :)

  178. Making sweet treats, baking sweet eats, then taking them to you’re loved peeps. Wrapping things pretty, crafting things witty & lots of laughing with my sweet 2 yr old kiddy. :)

  179. Making sweet treats, specifically cakes for my loved ones makes me happy! I have even been getting requests from close friends! Talk about confidence boost and self doubt all rolled into one! :)

  180. looking at an all white cake except for one cute pink heart makes me happy

  181. Getting up everyday and seeing what a great life I have never fails to make me happy!

  182. Seeing my family after it’s been awhile makes me happy.

  183. My kids….especially my son’s face when I make his fave cupcakes. Cherry Chip – from a mix, believe it or not.

  184. This website makes me happy! Love the cake and the lone pink heart!

  185. Making cute treats for my family and friends makes me happy. Which means, that your site makes me extremely happy!

  186. Seeing friends I haven’t seen in a long time makes me happy and Tiffany’s :)

  187. my boyfriend made me extremely happy today. =D

  188. Winning this blue cake stand would make me smile! : )

  189. looking at my engagement ring makes me beam! love him.

  190. Giggles & Tickles,
    Makes me HAPPY with Glee –
    Especially when they’re between,
    Marky Moo & Me!
    Baking and Making,
    And creating with Me,
    Is what makes Mark & I
    As HAPPY as can be!


  191. ? She wore blue velvet ?
    Love the blue cakestand ?

  192. i’m always happy when i eat!

  193. That cake looks amazing! Love the single pink heart! Right now, my daughter loving kindergarten and my leftover birthday cake (Pioneer Woman chocolate sheet cake) are making me happy. That is a gorgeous cake stand. Would look cute holding up a cake OR as a fun storage item in my craft room/home office. Thanks for a chance to win!

  194. Cheese makes me happy. I would typically say my kids, but my daughter is 3 and I am pretty sure she is possessed right now and my 5 month old son has decided not to sleep anymore, so cheese it is!!

    Especially in cheesecake form. Oh, and extra sharp cheddar on crackers. And cream cheese on a toasted garlic bagel. And cheesecake, again. I like blue a whole bunch, too. I would eat a blue cheesecake, for sure.

  195. that one little pink heart makes me happy

  196. What makes me happy? Definitely Sunday Mad Men cocktail house with our friends!

  197. I love this cake! I want it for my anniversary that’s in 16 days! Entertaining makes me happy! I love to have a houseful of people.

  198. Purple makes me happy!! And a GREAT pic of my kids!!

  199. Spending quality time with friends and family makes me happy.

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