Cha Cha Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a super last minute idea or more likely – an early idea for next year. Just something quick and cute.

And if you don’t need any treats, you might want to mosey on down towards the middle of this post.


I made little heart chocolates. Hi.


And packaged them up like tiny candy bars. Too cute. And thanks for reading.

This is super easy. You’ll need a candy mold though. The product number is in the photo below if you want to search for it. I found mine at Cake Art. The squares are 1.25 inch.

And because I have a mini candy coating store growing in my kitchen, I decided to use some of it up for these.


Melt pink candy coating and then using a toothpick, draw heart shapes in the cavity of the candy molds. Let it dry and then pour melted chocolate candy coating over the top. Mercken’s is what I used for these. Fill the cavity enough so it reaches the corners without overflowing and then tap the mold on the counter to settle and even out the coating. Repeat with the remaining cavities. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set and then pop them right out of the mold and place on wax paper. Repeat and repeat until you have what you need.

Of course, you make these even easier and unwrap existing candy bars to use.


Now the fun part. I had these pink foil wrappers that were lonely and waiting to cuddle something. They were really too big for the bars I made so I cut them in half.


Lay the chocolate on the wrapper, fold the two short pieces first and then the long ones.

The foil is super thin so you can press it pretty flat.

These are also fun to wrap up your cake pops if you do simple decorations.


After your bars are all wrapped in foil, you can add paper wrappers.

I created these with different sayings.


Even one for the pinterest lovers out there.

Here’s a pdf if you want it.


Making your own wrappers is a cute gift or favor idea. Use the same process and create your own wrappers for your theme. You can turn any candy bar into something a little more special.

But now let me tell you why I really made these.

I bought something for myself a few weeks ago that I thought was the cutest thing ever.

Or at least the cutest thing that week.

It was on sale thank goodness. Wanna see?

It goes with the theme so far.

And it’s really what inspired these tiny wrapped chocolate bars.

But this chocolate is a little bit bigger.

And sassier.


The good thing is it won’t melt in my hands.

Check it out. A Cha Cha Chocolate Clutch.


From Kate Spade.

Loving the label.


And look at the chocolate candy clasp.

I die.


And the inside lining. So cute.


It’s pretty big, too. Actually it’s a really big clutch.


Big enough to carry all my cha cha chocolates.


Thankfully it has a chain strap, too.


And yes, I couldn’t help but make little Cha Cha labels. It’s just too much fun to say.

But I haven’t mentioned the best part about this bag. It turns out I didn’t just buy one.

Yep. Right now I have one for each hand and that just looks plain silly.


So who wants to help me out and take one of these off my hands?



Enter for a chance to win a Kate Spade Cha Cha Chocolate Clutch.

  • Just leave a comment on this post and say something sweet about someone you love. It’s that kind of day you know.
  • Deadline to enter is Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 6 pm ET. Sorry, Time’s Up. Winner Announced Below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Thursday evening.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day and good luck!

Okay, cha cha time. Let’s see who won the cute clutch. By the way, I’m so glad I didn’t have to choose based on your comments. I would have never been able to pick. So many of you have the sweetest sweethearts in your lives. It made me so happy to read your comments. Smiles and smiles.

But the random winner is………

chachawinnerYay! Congratulations Gayl! Hope you have fun with the clutch.

Note: Giveaway sponsored by moi.


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4,046 comments on “Cha Cha Chocolate”

  1. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    My sweet Valentines
    are my beautiful children
    but Kate Spade Cha Cha Chocolate Clutch
    we have room in our hearts for you too!

  2. What a great giveaway! And the chocolates are adorable :)

    My someone I love is my awesome husband who is currently working to support me through grad school. He is amazing on so many counts!

  3. myy husband is so special even though he sometimes growls alot about small things i dont know what i would do without him and all he does

  4. These chocolates are super cute! You are so creative! Thank you for sharing so many adorable ideas :-)

    My special someone is my hubby. We’ve been together 10+ years and I am so lucky to have married my best friend! I love you hon!

  5. That clutch is TOO cute! As for something sweet about someone I love…My three someone’s are my hsuband and my two sons. They may know how to drive me crazy, but in the same breath they can make me smile, laugh, and cry tears of joy and happiness. I can’t imagine myself without them!

  6. I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I love my husband and my the three girls., But my girls would love thses little treats

  7. So sweet. I would love it for my mom. She’s been such a help to me over the last few weeks, doing things like making dinner, watching my daughter and helping me with projects. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  8. My husband is so patient and sweet – he puts up with me. Even when I ask him if I can draw on him for my blog.
    That bag is so cute!

  9. My husband is truely the best. He supports me through every thing I do. He lets me make huge baking messes in the kitchen and does not even mind if they sit there for a few days until I finish my project. He does the laundry, loads the dish washer and sometimes for no reason at all will wash the floors and vacuum on his day off! He always wants a hug or to steal a kiss and is the most polite, gentile, loving person I have ever met. I’m a VERY lucky gal :)
    Happy Valentines Day!

  10. My husband is so sweet, he can tell when I’ve had a bad day. He doesn’t cook, but he’s a whiz at ordering pizza on the nights I just can’t face cooking in the kitchen.

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! Love the clutch!

  11. My husband is my best friend in this crazy world! He keeps me sane and makes me feel grounded in the scariest of times.

  12. My family and friends, wouldn’t be where I am without them

  13. My Honey is so thoughtful, and he’s also good in emergencies I found out recently. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

  14. LOVE the clutch, cute, cute, cute…fill it with chocolate – doesn’t get any better than that!!

  15. My special someone is my boyfriend of over five years :) He brings out the absolute best in me and pushes me towards my dreams & I dont know how he does it! He means the world to me.
    (And this clutch, is to die for! Along with your cha cha chocolates!)

  16. My children are the sweetest kids with the biggest hearts! My daughter would love that clutch, she’s a chocoholic!! My husband is the one I love for many reasons, but mostly because together we made these wonderful children! Happy Valentine’s Day and everday Bakerella!

  17. I love these chocolates and especially love them in this bag! My one year old little boy is my Valentine and is full of kisses, snuggles and love all the time!!!! He is the best person in my life :)

  18. My special someone is my fiancee. Every time I look at him I can’t stop thinking about how excited I am to spend the rest of our lives together :)

  19. Oh my gosh, that clutch is adorable!

    My special Valentine is my hubby – my best friend and love of my life!

  20. Today I am so in love with my hubby! He is just the perfect match for me. He is a creative problem solver, a perfect jokester, and best of all he loves to cook!

  21. Oh how I adore Kate Spade (and chocolate!).

    My Valentine is my boyfriend. He is amazing and I love him.

  22. My valentine is my husband. He pretends to be hurt (for my sake) that our son only wants me when he cries in the middle of the night. Poor Mommy!

  23. some say valentine’s is a made up “greeting card” holiday, but it’s a good day when I’m made to stop and feel gratitude for the people who love me and who I get to love…my husband…so patient with his crazy chef wife…and my son and daughter who are amazing…and my dogs and kitties too. What abundance!

  24. Wow, I can’t believe that’s a purse. What a wonderful giveaway. I love my husband and my sweet babies so much, it hurts.

  25. My special Valentine would have to be my husband of 20 years, Why is he so special? When we spoke our vows in sickness and in the health, he has proven those were not just words; 3 years ago I had a massive stroke and have had 3 mini-strokes since and no longer can work; so I had to give up my career as a Legal Assistant and with that went a nice 2nd income to our househould and funds to help raise our 3 children; but my husband has said, don’t worry, we can make it and we are making it. So he is mine and our Children’s special Valentine. Thank you and God Bless You and God Bless the United States (I am also a proud Marine Mom..:) So my son is also my special Valentine for all that he has sacraficed as well as all the men/women in our armed forces..:)

  26. That purse is ADORABLE!! My son and husband are the FUNNIEST valentine’s ever!! I love them so much and they know how to show it back :-)

  27. After 30 years of marriage, I still find a beautiful Valentine’s Day card waiting on the ktichen table to start my day. This year he even added a Dove chocolate bar so I could take a sweet treat to work with me.

  28. I love this day , because I received presents from my love one…who loves me! After 3 years of marriage, we love us more , after each expeience we have had…happy valentines day!

  29. I have the 4 best Valentines. The biggest one woke me with his kisses & then there was a note from him on my bathroom mirror. My other 3 had a rough start this morning, but by the time I dropped them off at school they were all smiles and waving as I drove away. I love my family and am so grateful for them.

  30. My husband is special because he always remembers the first date we went out. Then I have my two “forever valentines”, my kids….since they were born I’ve always called them my forever valentines.

  31. This is just the cutest bag!

    My Valentine is my fiance Matt. We are getting married this year on June 30th… Can’t wait! He has accepted me for who I am and loves my son like his own. I feel so loved an appreciated every day. I am so thankful and in love this Valentine’s Day!

  32. such a lovely idea! they look delicious.
    My special someone is actually my family, i cooked dinner and dessert for them last night to show them how much i love them

  33. I have been married to my sweet husband for almost 8 months now! He is always so thoughtful and caring and I don’t deserve him. :)

  34. My mom was the sweetest, funniest, most wonderful woman ever. She was my first Valentine and I really, really miss her.

  35. What a pretty purse! My sweet Valentines are my husband and my two boys. They make me smile every day.

  36. Wow ! These chocolates and their wrapping are amazing. What a great idea !

    My special someone is my little daughter, who is 3 years old. She makes my world so colourful and so brighter !

  37. My husband is so thoughtful. He spoils me!

  38. What a cute bag!!

    My special one is my hubby…Chris, yes, the Chris Lewis you know. He is such an amazing husband and dad! He is so supportive of me and everything that I do, or try to do. God has truly blessed me with such an awesome man!! I love him to pieces!!

  39. I cannot believe how creative you are! I love it! I might actually have to borrow this idea for my wedding favors!!!! :)

    So my fiance… he means the world to me and I do not think I could go on a day with out him in my life. He is so supportive, caring and cute. I got sick last week so he went out an bought me a bunch of BRAT diet food so I wouldn’t go hungry while I couldn’t eat anything as yummy as these chocolates. He keeps me sane and insane all at once. Cannot wait to make him my partner in crime for life! :)

  40. OMG…that purse is adorable!!! it totally works with those cute little chocolates! good work, Bakerella!!!

  41. LOVE the mini chocolates and purse!!!!

    My special someone is my husband. I love him more than anything and he treats me like a princess everyday, just not on Valentines Day! I’m so lucky to have him.

  42. I was speechless when a family member wouldnt take no for me not being able to attend a family trip due to financial issues. The next thing I know is my phone is ringing and my trip was paid for by him. Im blessed to have him in my life.

  43. My Mom is one of the most loving, kind, and caring people I know. She is always putting others first. I strive to be like her every day of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  44. Love this purse, too cute!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    my husband is the sweetest valentine. he always goes the extra mile to do nice things for me, even when I can be, oh, maybe a teensy bit difficult, lol :)

  45. I do not know which is more adorable – the chocolates or the bag! If I were you, I would have to walk aroung all day searching in my bag for something just to show the candy inside!

    My someone is special is my sweet husband. He woke up this morning at 4:00 to take his mother to the hospital for her knee replacement surgery! Now that is a sweet man! He is an incredible husband and father to our twins!

  46. My valentine is my fiance’ and I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together as husband and wife. We get married in September. :)

  47. What a cute clutch!! The people who I love are sweet b/c they love me back :-)

  48. My husband is truly my ‘forever’ Valentine…..we were engaged on Valentine’s Day twenty-seven years ago and he was the love of my life then and he will always and forever be!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! ilyaaf

  49. This is SO cute! :)

    My special someone is my boyfriend. We have been together for 3 1/2 years. We are unable to spend Valentine’s Day together this year but he brought me some flowers unexpectedly. How cute! Among many other things he has done for me, this is the most recent.

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :)

  50. I have the most awesome, laid-back, easy going guy in the world. Which is great because I’m a neurotic freak.
    Love you too B!

  51. Oh what a sweet little clutch!!! I’d love to win this for my daughter-in-law. She loves little things like that. My special Valentine is my hubby of 32 years. He has loved me through thick and thin–literally!!!

  52. Such a sweet Valentine’s treat! You amaze me : )

    To My Grandparents: Your love is an inspiration. Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest couple I know!

  53. I love this post, I used to make homemade chocolates for my 2 kids to bring to school every year, lollipops especially. This year work was too crazy and not enough time. I love this purse!! I will miss my 2 kids and my hubby tonight because I have to work late, hopefully Wed night we can have a nice dinner together!!

  54. My husband is, always was, and always will be my special Valentine – no matter what day it is. I love you Cary.

  55. Love that Kate Spade!
    My husband is always able to show how much he loves me and cares in little ways. Sometimes that’s so much more important than the grand gesture.

  56. You are simply an adorable Valentine, Bakerella! I am thankful you are sunshiney again!
    Today I claim my 88 year old Popa as my Valentine. He has always been the best Father, a fantastic listener and keeper of secrets, great example of integrity and hard work, creative as a photographer, actor and artist…an honest to goodness Renaissance man. Oh, how he loved my Mom!!!

  57. My two daugthers are the loves of my life. They inspire me to make all the goodies and cupcakes for them to enjoy. Love your chocolates!

  58. I love these cha cha chocolates and the adorable purse!

    Happy Valentines Day to everyone out there.

    This may be my last Vday as a “single” lady with a maiden name, but i have to say, i couldnt be happier. I love my fiance and I cant wait to get married in less than four very short months! <3

  59. My husband is my hero. with a love too strong to say,
    I hope I win this purse so cute,
    On this So Happy Day!Happy Valentines Day!
    Hope all is well!
    Hugs and Kisses,
    Tracey A

  60. My mom is the best … She is so kind, loving, giving, and generous!

  61. Happy Valentines Day! How cute are those little chocolates…pin me!?!?! love it

    Something sweet about the little one I love is her precious giggle! The sound of a child’s laughter is the best present of all!

  62. My sweetest loves are my husband, son and daughter! They are wonderful and why I get up in the morning. We laugh, love each other and smile more than anything!!

  63. My husband is the most amazing man I know. He’s loving, supportive, open, and honest. Everything I could ask for and more.
    Oh and my pup is my whole world too!

  64. LOVE this idea! I also love my husband who works very hard so that I can be a stay-at-home mom to our 2 boys<3

  65. Gosh! You are amazing! Happy Valentine’s day to you!

  66. That is the perfect bag for a chocoholic like me!!!! My special someone is my grandma! She has been struggling the past few years taking care of my sick grandfather, but she tries her hardest to stay positive and be happy!! She is the greatest!!! I love her!

  67. You are AMAZING. Not to mention that you have the patience of Jobe. So…….. it’s Valentine’s Day………and I am thankful for so many people in my life. But I am especially thankful for my little dog Gracie this year. She’s almost 10 months old and gives unconditional love. What more could a girl need?? Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  68. My husband is my rock and the very best Dad I know. My daughter is such a lucky little girl. Chocolates are adorable. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!

  69. My special little someone is our newborn daughter, Patricia…lots and lots of love is with her today!!!

  70. This is the first year my son really gets what Valentine’s day is. All of the extra hugs and kisses are the best gifts I could receive!

  71. What a cute happy post! If I win the bag will it be full of your cha cha chocolate?

    My mom celebrates her 94th birthday tomorrow so that is where my Valentine’s efforts go!

  72. you and your baked goods are the sweetest!

  73. I love my 4 little monsters to pieces and even more, my husband who I’ll be celebrating 10 years with! Happy <3 Day!!

  74. These are super cute! You are the best!!!!
    My hubby is the best!! I could not have asked for a better hubby and daddy to our two girls!! I am one lucky lady!

  75. Love the candies, they are adorable!
    My special person is my husband. He’s going thru a tough time right now with some sad news about his daughter. He’s a great dad and husband!

  76. I love a day that we set aside to tell others we love them…thank you for making it easier to do that!!

  77. LOVE the purse! Not as much as I love my sweet valentines (my son & daughter) but it would look cuter hanging off my arm than they do :)

  78. Those chocolates would also be cute for Christmas, methinks, with little Christmas trees or ornaments in the middle. I’m excited to try them sometime!

    My husband of five months is amazing, and our time as a married couple has been so incredible. I am so grateful for him every day!

  79. Whaou! Love the one who said “sugar pie”!

  80. I LOVE your little chocolate bars! Absolutely adorable and a perfect idea for my daughter’s 7th birthday that is right around the corner!!

    My special someone is my amazing husband who has given me three of the most beautiful gifts in the world, our daughters! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  81. I love and miss my Mom. We just lost her last Sunday, and I am feeling kind of blue today, on a day of pink and hearts and love. I know this isn’t exactly the post you were hoping for, but it’s what I’m thinking of. Every day. Love you Mom!!

  82. We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year. I am looking forward to 25 more years with my best friend and lover. He’s the best!

  83. My sister would absolutely love that purse! She has supported me through a lot the past few years and this would be one thing I could do to say thank you and I love you!!

  84. Love that little clutch! but not as much as my sweet husband… he’s the best Valentine a girl cold ask for!

  85. Happy Love Day!
    I’m crazy about my husband. He makes up songs and silly faces to cheer me up, he treats me with takeout and movie days on the couch, and he loves me. We still like each other after 10 years of marriage, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

  86. what great looking chocolates! you’re always so creative!

    i have the best, most understanding, loving husband in the world. he means everything to me.

  87. Oh Angie… I need something to cheer me up. My fiancé and broke things off last week, a day before or two year anniversary. I just broke my middle toe last night and today is Valentine’s Day. I sure could use a wonderful pick me up and sweet surprise. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Wounded Warrior :)

  88. The man I love..I call him NEO, from the Matrix, because he is “the One”…he left me a card on my windshield of my car this morning to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day and to start my day off right…..he just knows how to put a smile on my face every single time…he’s the most romantic man Ive ever met…

    I never thought that love existed until I met this man, and now I know…it really truly does exist…that head over heels kind of love…Im still googoo gaagaa over him after 9 years..

  89. Too cute!!
    I have 5 special someones..and none more special than the next!! My husband, who isn’t afraid to do my dishes after one of my “cooking escapades” , my 7-year old daughter who loves to give hugs and say “I love you”, my 8-year old blonde hair, blue eyed son who loves to laugh and loves to be around his friends, and my parents who have stood beside me through thick and thin.:-)

  90. My mom is my best friend. She has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through chemo. She has been having a tough time yet stays positive and is there for everyone else.

  91. PS. These chocolate look AMAZING…Happy Valentine’s Day to you, lovely Bakerella <3

  92. I love these! My someone special is my wonderful husband, Edward. Well be together 8 yer next week, nearly 3 married, and he is my light, my rock, and a wonderful husband and father.

  93. Such a cute clutch!

    My little Valentines just had birthdays so now I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old Valentine that I just love to pieces (not to mention their 37 year old daddy who I also adore!).

  94. My special someone is my little sis Vikki…she’s always been there for me, even though we live in two different places now. The night I got my heart horribly broken back in September, she cancelled all her appts for the next three days and was with me by lunchtime the next day!! She’s gorgeous and talented (wedding photographer) and has the biggest heart ever. I think the love of a sister is just about the specialest love there is :-)

  95. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Sweethearts who love Bakerella and all the neat stuff she creates and shares.
    Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband who fills my heart and soul with love. Happy Valentine’s Day to Sid Cat and Gizzy Girl – the best pets in the whole wide world. Cha Cha Cha!

  96. This is a really wonderful (and delicious) idea. You have really outdone yourself this time.
    My special someone was recently selected to be a US Air Force pilot. I am so incredibly proud of him and feel so lucky to have him in my life.

  97. As always, loved this idea.
    The apple of my eye is mi little girl, Clara. She’s so cute and sweet! She’ll be 2 in March and already says “te amo” and in her beginner’s English, instead of “I love you” has chosen to say “me too”.
    I love her so much!

  98. My special someone is my best friend and husband, Justin. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and i love sharing my life with him.

  99. My hubby gave me chocolate today and the day is good because of it!

  100. Your chocolates are adorable and the clutch is just too cha-cha for words! I won’t be making chocolates today though, because my husband is not a fan of sweets. Instead I’ll be making my loveable carb addict a heart-shaped loaf of focaccia. :)

  101. those chocolates are SO CUTE!

    my special someone today is my wonderful husband! he means so much to me and I love him so much! (even more than chocolate!)

  102. Happy valentine’s day – I am thankful to have such a nice boy who makes me special dinners. We celebrated our v-day yesterday because of my work schedule and he made crabcakes with mango dressing. :)

  103. Oh my gosh !!! Too cute !! You make my day , I love all of your wonderful creations !

    And to sum it all up, I love ALL of my family and friends who have been so supportive of me since losing my husband eight months ago.

  104. I love that! So cute! Well the person I love is my sister; she always loves me no matter what I do wrong, and I feel the same way. She always loves to spend time with me too, and I adore her!

  105. These chocolates are too cute!!! And I actually thought Kate Spade had started making chocolate bars, so glad its actually a clutch.

  106. I am always so blown away with you ideas, this is a great one! The clutch is just too cute. My husband has always seemed to have this sixth sense to know when I need him. He will show up when I least expect it but needed it. He is still thinking of me, making time for me and surprising me….I love it!!

  107. That he’s my best friend and always there for me.

  108. I love my husband and my 19 month old daughter. They both make me feel like the best, most loved wife and mother in the world. :) I wouldn’t change our life for anything in the world.

  109. A huge valentine’s hug for my college freshman at Miami University in Ohio! I love you!!

  110. I HEART that clutch – And LOVE my husband even more!

  111. My husband is the love of my life.

  112. It’s my last Valentines day before getting married to my special someone. And this year I made him a batch of heart shaped cake pops as Valentines day treat!!

  113. I am grateful for the 3 angels in my life. When I was fighting for my life, they were making sure that the person responsible couldn’t get anywhere near me in the hospital. Without them standing guard and teaching me how to do all of hte basics once again, then I would be alive nor working. So, every day is a sort of Valentin’s day for me. They are the best!

  114. I love my husband and my kids…and we made heart cake pops for our kids’ teachers. You rock!

  115. I love gifts like that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. I love these little heart chocolates. I have to make them soon.

    My special someone today is actually not just one person but it is my whole family. I love them no matter what. Nothing better than having a loving and caring family. =)

  117. The clutch is too cute! My hubby is my valentine year round the most sweetest thing I have ever had!

  118. Love the clutch! My sister is the sweetest. She has had some challenging things thrown at her by life but she always has a positive attitude. She inspires me!

  119. Love the clutch!
    My someone is my most wonderful husband who loves me through all the crazyness that our life brings and beyond! He amazes me each day with what he takes on and just continues to be my rock!

  120. my sweetie leaves me messages on the bathroom mirror with dry erase markers all year long. i love that about him!

  121. I would love to win that handbag because on Valentine’s Day, the only thing I love more than my husband of 18+ years is Cha Cha Chocolate!

  122. Love the chocolate, love the clutch, love everything! Thanks for such a fab giveaway. I love my husband – a burly Welshman – and our two children who are so sweet and bring us so much joy!

  123. Absolutely adorable — the clutch an the chocolates!
    My 2 kids and husband are my Valentine – and all I could ever want! They bring excitement and laughter to my life everyday!
    Happy Velentines Day!

  124. Oh….it is so hard to pick one person! I will have to go with my nieces and nephew! They are such amazing little kids and bring such joy and happiness to my heart. They always brighten my day with a hug, and make me smile and laugh. Now I just need to convince my brother and sister-in-law to have a few more!!

  125. My daughter, who is 2, and my husband are my Valentines. :) Pretty awesome.

  126. I love my 3 sweet boys! I am so blessed by my husband and 2 beautiful sons! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  127. I love my husband because he spoils me. This weekend he said, “Is there anything I need to do for you today?”. And then he did all the laundry and let me rest. :)

  128. Well happy Valentines and good health to our sweet bakerella. I am chocolate queen, and my Valentine would love this she is my daughter chocolate princess. She no longer can eat it without pain(lactose intolerant) so the purse would be perfect. Rice Dream makes a fantastic dairy free chocolate bar BTW.

  129. I love my nephew and nieces. They are the only people in the world to make me happy every time I see them.

  130. I love my husband because not only is he a kind man and a great father, but he accepts me for who I am…all of me…the good, bad, and even the ugly and loves me anyway!

  131. My Valentine is my husband! He is a very special man who never fails to amaze me! He just built cabinets for my scrapbooking room that are as stunningly beautiful as they are functional! He is also funny, loving, kind….truly my sweetheart!

  132. Wow! These are adorable chocolates. You’re amazing, Bakerella! I love my husband and son more than anything. They make every day wonderful!

  133. You’re so sweet to do this! :)
    I don’t have a Valentine this year, but yesterday was my baby brother’s birthday, and I love him very much! (I hope he loves me too, considering the brownies I made him…)
    I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day yourself Bakerella! <3

  134. My girls make me so happy and smile to tears everyday, they are so funny, unique and special.

  135. My Hubby is my Valentine
    My daughter is as well,
    My niece another Valentine;
    I think they all are swell!

  136. I love the chocolates and the clutch!

    I have a wonderful husband and a eight month old daughter that I cherish and make this Valentine’s Day the best!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  137. If you met my family, you’d think they are the sweetest people you’ve ever met…and I bet you meet a lot of sweet people!

  138. I don’t play the lottery because I’m sure I used up all my good luck when I met my husband.

  139. I am a new subscriber, and this Valentine’s post is my first one from Bakerella! I loved the idea for personalized chocolates, what a great idea for gifts, valentines, even weddings, bridal or baby shower favors! I am looking forward to future posts. Happy Valentine’s Day, Bakerella! I hope you get something sweet! :)

  140. What a cute post! My special someone is my dear husband – he is AMAZING!! He treats me like a queen!

  141. So cute! I just want to say that I don’t know what I would do without the sweet man that is my husband. He is one of a kind and I am blessed each day I get to wake up next to him!

  142. so happy to have my valentine, my fiance evan. he’s the sweetest and kindest man i’ve ever known, and i cannot wait until our wedding in september!

  143. i love my hubby because he gets up wioth the baby on the weekends and lets me sleep in!!

  144. My special valentine is my wonderful husband, Rick! He is my rock and the one I love and laugh with every day.

    I love the post and the Cha Cha clutch!!

  145. I love my husband with all my heart! He’s my puzzle piece! :)

  146. Too cute! My special someone is my husband who is my best friend. Couldn’t spend my life with a better person.

  147. My husband is the sweetest Valentine I could ever imagine. I love him so much. :)

    This clutch is so fun!!

  148. Too cute – great chocolates!! My husband is the best – Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  149. My 3 sweeties are my hubby of 8 years and my 2 kiddos. I love and adore them. <3

  150. Happy Valentines Day to my sweet 1 year old. She makes every day a good day. I am so lucky she is mine.

  151. What a cute purse….My three children are the sweetest valentines…..

  152. I love my dear boyfriend who understands that baking helps me relax and is only too happy to encourage it, especially when he gets to lick the bowl! He would probably say his valentine is bakerella because she inspires me to bake so much and he gets to reap the tasty treats!

  153. I love my husband! This is our 21st Valentine’s Day together. He is the sweetest!

  154. I started dating my husband 10 years ago…we’ve been through so much together. Couldn’t imagine being by anyone else’s side :)

  155. My baby is 4 months old today! What better way to celebrate love with my husband than watching our boy grow?!

  156. My fiance is the most thoughtful and kind person I know who truly ‘gets’ me (most of the time)! And even though it took him 12 years (yup) to propose….he’s been the best valentine throughout! Must say, my Dad comes in a very very very close second – he sends my mom and I on a homemade scavenger hunt for our treats that he hides in the house. :o)

    Bakerella, hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of cha-cha-chocolate and love!

  157. wow, what a cute idea… i am always so amazed at what you come up with, u truly inspire me.
    my loves are my children and grandchildren, they bring joy into my life every day and i am so proud of all of them!

  158. I love these chocolates! blows my mind how creative you are! My special someone is my mom. She’s visiting us right now and I’m so thrilled to get to spend time with her!

  159. I would love to share these with my family we are all chocoholics :-)

  160. Hi! I’m always reading your post to look for new and interesting ideas to make, and this little chocolates are amazing.
    I don’t know if can participate because I’m from Argentina, but anyway I would like to say that my sweet valentine are my sister and my friend, they will always be beside me no matter what.
    So thanks to them, and to you for all your good ideas.

  161. My husband is great! He attends all the bridal shows I do for MY cake business!

  162. My husband has been my favorite Valentine for 23 years!

  163. that purse (and the chocolates) is amazing!!! god crossed my path with the most amazing man 9 years ago and i am so blessed i got to marry him. he is kind and sweet and makes me laugh and i’d be totally lost without him

  164. This is such a great idea. My mom has been a great support and inspiration in my life. I only hope I will be able to do the same for her someday.

  165. I’m not a valentines kinda gal, I would rather be loved on any loved day of the year because my boyfriend wants to and doesn’t have to, but this year I am so thankful to be back together with my best friend and soul mate! Happy Valentines day

  166. What a great idea for drawing on a square mold before filling. So cute. (I obviously haven’t made a lot of chocolate bars!) My valentine is my high school sweetheart and husband of almost 16 years. He’s a hard worker and loves his family. He knows me better than I know myself. There’s no one else I’d rather walk through life with.

  167. I love my husband. We just celebrated 12 years as a couple (coming up on 7 years married). He is my high school sweetheart and I think he looks better now than he ever has before (although I have a soft spot for the hottie I saw walking down the aisle!). He is kind and a hard worker and I am very proud of him. :)

  168. ok, the chocolates are cutie cute cuterson! but the clutch is absolutely precious!
    i check my feed for your posts religiously! and i wish i weren’t on a diet right now because the last one about the french toast looks absolutely to die for!!

    thank you!

  169. I love my husband and my two girls! And for the first time, my girls and I made our own chocolates this year, they are passing them out to all their friends today.

  170. That clutch is SO cute.

    I love how despite my boyfriend being in a different time zone and working thousands of miles away until end of March, I still have a card, a teddy and a present for valentines. he makes me feel special. an last valentines day he helped me recover from an emergency operation… infact I’m not sure I need the clutch because I’m lucky enough as it is…. but what girl has ever said no to such a beautiful clutch?!

  171. You are always so sweet to show us your talents and always giving things away. The clutch is so cute !!!
    I have a lot of special someone’s in my life .The main two are my husband and my mom. Don’t know what i would do without them.

    Happy Valentine’s day !

  172. my husband is the funniest guy i know…he always knows how to make me laugh, and we always have the best time together!

  173. The sweetest part of my life is my daughter. She loves to bake with me also and she’s only 2! Thanks Bakerella you rock!

  174. Love this!
    As a long time single, my “other” is my puppy Ellie, she make getting up in the morning worth it!

  175. My hubby of 20 years just gave me chocolate-covered strawberries…my favorite! LOVE!

  176. Something sweet about my love… well… he gets up for breakfast on Saturday mornings with our 3.5 year old, so I can sleep in an extra hour :) And he’s the best dad :)

  177. You are just too darn talented! Love the chocolates! My favorite Valentines are my hubby and kids…they bring me so much joy every day!

  178. The purse is the cutest I have ever seen! I have never owned a Kate Spade because of the cost. I would love to win it.

  179. I love my husband. Even after 25 years, he still makes my dreams come true!

  180. My honey Jacob is my valentine today, because he’s the man, i’ve been looking for so long. I know that he’s the one to stay all my life with!
    Especially because he supports my cooking/baking-attacks with everything he has ; )

  181. I’m lucky to have my husband. He rubs my feet at the end of the day, every day. How could I not love him?

  182. Hi Bakerella,
    I have only recently discovered your blog, but can I please say that I’m IN LOVE!!!!!!!! I baked your pillow cookies for my co-workers and they went crazy for them, not to mention the lemon squares and others. That bag is so adorable, I would love to win it. Good luck to everyone

  183. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is THE cutest purse ever!! My daughter and I are living together at the moment and we are each other’s Valentines and this would be the cutest gift for both of us! Thank you for another great blog on the candy treats and for a chance for a great Valentine gift from you! xoxox

  184. My mom is the sweetest! She surprises me little presents; nothing big, but something that can cheer me up on the gloomiest of days. She’s understanding, fair and pretty cool, for a mom. I love her so much, I dont know what I’d do without her!

  185. I love my husband, for doing the dishes every evening & making the bed every morning :)

    And I love you, Bakerella–for the inspiration & sweetness you bring to all of our lives!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  186. Love my little boy – it’s his first Valentines Day! He makes me laugh every day. :)

  187. Wow! So sweet chocolate :)
    Will forward them to my friend.
    I am to blessed to have her as a friend, we studied together, and now we work together – and in our free-time makes cakes + sweets together!
    I can’t imaging my life without her – shes so sweet, caring, and always smiling :) Love her!

  188. So Cute! I love my husband, we have held strong through deployments, 2 wonderful kids, and family crisis and we are still going strong…

  189. Those candy bars are too cute! I love the Kate Spade clutch. My someone would be my mom! She is always there for me! Always so helpful and always being her sweet self.

  190. I don’t know how you got all the hearts so perfectly drawn! The one I love is away right now, so I’m sad. Instead of flowers, he bought me a Forever Lazy. He’s a keeper :)

  191. I love my family! My husband and children are the light of my life! Thanks!

  192. My husband is wonderful, especially last night, he got up with our kids (we have two, ages 1 and 2). He is very involved in our kids lives which is absolutely wonderful.

  193. Those little chocolates are on the list for next year!!! That liltle chocolate clutch is sooo darling!

    My Valentine- are the three little people in my life. They are the most loving kids that teach me something funny everyday!!! I can’t wait for them to wake up to their chair back packer bags filled with cute little lovely items!!
    They all have the best ways to express their love and I am the lucky one who gets most of it!! Of course, Dad gets some too!!

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  194. Something sweet about someone I love…last night while my boys were birthday shopping for me with their dad, I met them at the store to pick up stuff for dinner. My 2 year old ran over to the cart, uncovered the present he picked out for me (a pound of yarn…litterally) and brought it over to me. He said, “Happy birfday Mommy!” Honey said that he tried to put the blood red yarn back 3 times and Cole kept catching him…so today I will be unwrapping a pound of BRIGHT RED yarn. :) (by the way, Cole’s favorite color is red…heheh, so he knew Mommy would love it too)

  195. Perfect clutch for a girl who loves chocolate!
    My son has the kindest heart of all I know! He’s my special valentine!

  196. LOVE this idea… SWEET!!! :)

  197. I have so many wonderful people in my life that it’s just so hard to pick just one but in honor of Valentine’s Day I would have to choose my honey. We’ve been together for a very long time now around 11-12 years. He’s truly a great person that makes me smile with his great sense of humor.

  198. Adorable chocolates! Can’t wait to try this
    I have 4 sweet valentines-3 little boys and an amazing hubby -that I am lucky enough to call mine! What more could a girl want? :-)

  199. These are adorable! I can’t wait to try them out. They can work for any occasion!

    My husband is the best… He couldn’t spend today with me but set me up to enjoy a lovely evening by myself. Dinner waiting to be heated in the fridge, a new DVD, ice cream, flowers, everything. He is so thoughtful!

  200. So cute! My husband is awesome! We just rescued a dog from a shelter and he just sent him into the room I was in with a valentines day card in his mouth for me :)

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