Oboro Charms

Oh my gosh. I received the cutest cutest cutest little gift in the mail and I just had to share it with you guys because it made me smile so much. Hope it makes you smile too.

Oboro Buttons

I love opening tiny boxes. With tiny treats.

Hi there little penguin.

But there’s something more inside. Something even smaller that made me squeal with excitement.


My heart started fluttering right about here.

I think you can probably tell where this is going.

Cake Pop Charm Bracelet

Yes. Teeny tiny itty bitty little cake pop charms.

Did I mention these were small?

But these aren’t just any cake pop charms. Kim of Oboro Charms made special miniature replicas of some of the cake pops I’ve created in the past.

And I thought I worked small. This is just amazing.

Here, I’ll give you a closer look. And if you want to see the original pops that she used for inspiration, then just click on the links below to see how crazy good these are.

Cupcake Pop Charm

My little cupcake pop. The pop that really started this whole craze.

How does one make such tiny painted dots. My eyes hurt thinking about it.

Cupcake Pops

Lorax Cake Pop Charm

A little Lorax with perfect bushy brows and a major stache.

The Lorax Cake Pops

Spring Chick Cake Pop Charm

Ohhhh soooo cute and one of my favorite cake pops. I love these little chicks because they are mega cute with minimal decoration.

Kim, you’re killing me with cuteness over here.

Spring Chicks Cake Pops

Froggie Cake Pop Charm

Froggies with the littlest big eyes. And I love that you included his tongue too. You’re a detail girl. I like that.

Froggie Cake Pops

Bluebird Cake Pop Charm

Oh dear. Oh dear. Love the little bluebird. She looks exactly like the original. So much detail on such a small canvas. Blown AAAAWAY.

Bluebird Cake Pops

These would probably have been my favorite if I hadn’t seen the next charm.

Kidney Cake Pop Charm

Yes, I think I love this one best Kim. Mainly because you thought enough to include it in the group.

Kidney Cake Pops

And it means even more right now. After a year and a half and nearly 50 visits to the doctor for bloodwork, I just had my latest and best checkup since the transplant earlier this week.

This one is just so special to me. Thank you for brightening my day in the biggest way with your charms.

Cake Pop Charms by Oboro Charms

I adore them so much and I love being blown away by people’s talent. It inspires me to try and be better too.

Check out Kim’s charms, they are definitely for the cute at heart:

Oboro Charms

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