That’s exactly what this is. Naturally I had to pick one up as soon as I saw it.

Pink. Cute. Tiny. Cute. Cupcake. Cute. Charm. Cute. Did I mention cute?

Yeah, I guess I did. Anyway, it’s cute.


And look – the little oven door opens so you can get a better view at the cupcake inside.


It’s adorable from every angle.



And just look at this……………


I can’t take it.

Look at that plug. I think my heart started racing when I saw this.

It says “Bake me Some Couture” under the plug, too.


Here’s a little visual aid to get a sense of how small it is.


But, it’s not for me. I picked it up while doing a little shopping and thought one of you might like it.

Want it? It would look really cute hanging on a necklace, too.

Enter for a chance to win this super cute cupcake charm

• Leave a comment on this post and tell me … Would you wear it? Share it? or just stare at it in all it’s cuteness?

• Deadline to enter is Sunday, September 19 at noon ET. SORRY, TIME’S UP. WINNER ANNOUNCED BELOW.

• One winner will be picked at random and announced sometime Sunday.

Good Luck and I promise not to say cute any more today.


We have a winner! Yay for Kait. #1443 – Congratulations – Your charm bracelet is going to be very happy – that is if I can bring myself to part with it. Just kidding.

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6,668 comments on “Charming”

  1. I would give this as a gift to a friend of mine who regularly DELIVERS cupcakes to my desk at work. (And not only my desk, but the desk’s of other friends who work in the same general area downtown.) How awesome is that?!?

    Can’t think of anyone who deserves it more…in my life, anyway!

  2. Oh I would definitely wear and share!! I would
    even have to buy more for gifts if possible.
    Love your site!!

  3. I’d wear it for sure – definitely NOT share it! :)

  4. I think this is absoutely adorable!!! I would so wear it…if my daughter didn’t steal it from me first. Cute, Pink, and a Cupcake….it would meet all of her requirements :)

  5. I would totally give it to my daughter for Christmas :) Love it – thank you!

  6. I CAN’T HANDLE the cute! I would wear it everyday no matter if it matched or not! AGH!

  7. I would give it to my daughter that’s 20 and a die hard Bakerella fan!

  8. Of course I would wear it and show it off!!

  9. I would use it as a zipper pull on the little pink purse I still haven’t quite gotten around to making! Very cute!

  10. adorable! Love it! so cute, it was be perfect w/ a necklace … on MY neck!!!!!

  11. It’s too cute! I’d definitely wear it.

  12. i would wear it but mostly it would probably hang on a hook next to the desk so I could stare at it!

  13. i love miniatures, especially cute things like this. is it handmade? i’d wear it as a necklace.

  14. How cute, love it! I would absolutely wear it and stare at it! It would look amazing next to my rolling pin charm on my charm bracelet! :)

  15. Dying . . . sounds a little like Rachel Zoe there. I would so love to wear it, but I know my daughter would steal it. So i would share it with her!

  16. I would wear it! So cute!!!

  17. Super cute…would want it all for myself!

  18. Yes please! I love it. I would wear this on a necklace around town.

  19. Share it! With my daughter who is baking obsessed! And records every tv show about cupcakes :)

  20. I think that I would be tempted to gnaw on it from time to time.

  21. WEAR IT, WEAR IT, WEAR IT!!!! I love cupcakes, color and all things cuteness. PLEASE PICK ME!!! My birthday is coming up 9/29. Please. Pick. Me.

    Love it, love you and love the new book!

  22. i’d give it to my little girl–she’d be beside herself! she’d definitely wear it.

  23. I would wear this and MAYBE even let my daughter borrow it, too! Maybe. She loves to be my baking assistant and her favorite thing to make is cupcakes!

  24. ZOMG. That us just too much awesome right there! Love it, and would totally wear it!

  25. I’d totally wear it. It’s so cute!

  26. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe how cute that is! When not wearing it, I might hang it in my kitchen. :)

  27. Since I’m as sweet and cute as a cupcake myself I say WEAR IT! I love me some cake…cupcakes, cake pops, cake ice cream, ice cream cake…cake charms! POW!

  28. thank you for this giveaway…..gosh i think i will have to stare at it (for the longest time) then share by letting other people stare at it…….it is so darn cute!

    More power!

  29. Ooooh pretty! Buy two and then wear it and look at it at the same time x

  30. So cute! I would definitely wear it, but probably find myself staring at it and how adorable it is a lot :)

  31. that is too cute! i’d stare at that all day and make sure my daughter doesn’t see it. :) just joking. i’d actually stare at it for a little while, then give it to my daughter for her birthday next month. she’ll be 3 and LOVES cupcakes.

  32. Oh I would def. wear it – and then stare at it in the mirror. Love it!

  33. Wow. I would definately wear it!!

  34. It’s so stinkin cute…. I would probably wear it for a while then I think I would put it in my kitchen as a fan pully thingy – CUTE!

  35. Wear it!!! Proudly!!!!

  36. I would TOTALLY rock this!!

  37. SO cute. Would definitely get a bracelet to wear this on :)

  38. Ack! It’s fabulous!! I would absolutely wear it and am a wee bit sad that I don’t have one to wear to Cupcake Camp New Have tomorrow.

  39. I love this and would definitely wear it! AH! It’s so cute!

  40. Wear it share it and stare at it!!

  41. Adorable! I can’t decide whether I would wear it or give it to my friend who loves cupcakes as much as I do :D

  42. this is so adorable I’m dying! i would wear it… and display it in my kitchen when I’m not so everyone can see the cuteness :)

  43. I would totally WEAR it while staring at it and sharing it at the same time!!!
    LOVE!!! :)

  44. I love how detailed it is! Cute is the perfect word to describe it :) I would display it and use it for inspiration when I am baking. So cute!!

  45. I would put it on my charm bracelet that I have had since I was a teen. I have all kinds of cute ones on there, but none pertaining to food…<3 IT!!!!!

  46. I love it.

  47. I would wear it – that is seriously the cutest thing ever!

  48. Wear it? Um, totally. I’d even write a haiku to wear it.

    Oh, tiny cupcake
    Poised in a tiny oven
    You were meant for me

  49. To cute to resist but to wear it. I’d put it on an anclet to remind me to enjoy the sweet little things in life like baking with my boys!

  50. ADORABLE!!
    Tough decision though…I’d probably stare at it in all it’s cuteness for a long time, then have a little debate in my head as to whether I should keep it or not, and then I know I’d eventually end up giving it to my sister who loves to bake even more than I do!

  51. Very cute and I would very much wear it!!!

  52. I would definitely wear it! Maybe not as a necklace, but as a purse charm. Love it!

  53. I would totally wear this! I probably wouldn’t take it off!

  54. Way too cute is that cupcake charm,
    I’d wear it around my neck, or ankle, or arm.
    I’d put it on a shelf, or pedestal, or block,
    Or stare at it while it sits on top of my clock.
    I’d nurture and care for that object of cuteness,
    Oh my how I want to really, really win this!!

  55. Not only would I put it on as soon as it arrived I wouldn’t be able to take it off for at least a week. Too cute!

  56. i would definitely wear it. i’ve been wanting a charm bracelet for years and this would inspire me to start one and maybe get my mom one too :)

    too cute

  57. I would wear it…. but I would probably stare at it all day and not get a thing done! Absolutely ADORABLE!

  58. I would share it w/ my friend Kati, who owns a fantastic cupcake business called Kati’s Kupcakes ( She’s been an amazing mentor to me as a young baker, this would make her day/week/month!!!

  59. I would wear it all of the time! I would constantly be opening it up to show everyone!

  60. My (12 year old) daughter would fall over if I won this! She loves to bake~ especially cupcakes! I would give it to her.

  61. Superschattig, as they say in Dutch! I would attach it to my charmbracelet and stare at it while doing my utterly boring job. It will definitely cheer me up, I am convinced about that!

  62. LOVE!!! Of course I would wear it! <3

  63. I would SO wear this. It’s adorable and reminds me of my first baking love..the tasty bake! :) Hope you’re having fun on the west coast!

  64. Oh.My.Goodness.that is too cute! I would sit and stare at it’s cuteness and put it on display so everyone could see it!

  65. That is the cutest thing ever! The plug! OMG…I would definitely wear it, but would share the cuteness with everyone I saw…

  66. I would wear it everyday on my charm bracelet!!! I love charms and this would just add an extra cute factor to my bracelet!!!!!!

  67. So cute! Would give it to my daughter

  68. first off – this is absolutely adorable!
    second off – i would wear this all the time! it’s too cute to take off!

    i hope whoever gets this loves, loves, loves it!

  69. I’d definitely start it’s adorable cuteness for a long time…then I’d probably find a way to attach it as a purse charm or something!! :) Love it!

  70. I would definitely wear it…..!!~ I am slightly obsessed w/cupcakes!!

  71. whoop missed my name, comment 514.

  72. I would wear that every day!

  73. I would totally wear this!!!!! Its tiny and pink and girly! Too cute.

  74. I would wear it all the time. It is really adorable. I would constantly be opening it up to show everyone!

  75. This is too CUTE for words! I would totall wear it. Everyday. And the plug on the back is SO CUTE that I may even wear it backwards!

  76. Sooooooooooo cute! I would definately wear it!

  77. Put it on my keys! Love this so much. Juicy and cupcakes – 2 of my favorite things!!

  78. I would totally wear this!!! But of course, if someone wanted to borrow it, I would not hesitate to share! :)

  79. I am a pastry chef..and it’s my birthday today! It was destiny..this must be mine! And if I don’t win it..I think I need to go buy it! I would put it on a longer chain so I could look down at it all day! Love it..and your blog!

  80. i would build a shrine so that all can come and bask in its glory. i love love love it!!

  81. That is so cute. I would wear it all the time.

  82. Wear it and stare at it. But couldn’t share it…it’s too CUTE!

  83. That is so adorable, I think I would just take it out and stare at it.

  84. I’d wear it, for sure!! I might share it with my little sis too, who loves anything Juicy.

  85. So cute! I would share it, actually I would give it to my friend’s daughter, she wants to be a pastry chef.

  86. Cutest cutie cute thing evah! I would soooo wear it!

  87. That’s adorable! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I would wear that!

  88. So cute! I would totally wear it!

  89. You couldn’t get me to STOP wearing it. Or maybe even trying to eat it.

  90. This is SO cute. I’ll stare it and then wear it. xox

  91. I LOVE it! I’ve become almost as obsessed with cupcakes as you since I started reading your blog.

  92. OMG, I’ve never seen anything so cute! I’d probably let my soon-to-be-11 year old have it, she’s the chef/baker in the family!

  93. Wowza! That is too cute!!! I love pink, I love cupcakes, and I love this charm!!!!!!

    P.s- I just ordered your book and now I’m just waiting for it to get here so I can start making cake pops!!!!!!

  94. I LOVE LOVE this charm. It is the Cutest Charm I have ever seen. I woud DEFINITELY wear this. Thanks!


  95. Oh that is ADORABLE! I would totally be proud to wear that – after all, a girl wears her heart (and cupcake) on her sleeve ;)

  96. I would wear it, but i’m affraid i might end up eating it!

  97. I would either wear it (it is SO cute!) or send it to a friend who shares my obsession with cupcakes ;)

  98. OMG , this is sooooooo cute ! I will just love to have it ! I’ll wear it as a necklace and admire it all day !

  99. It’s too cute not to wear!!! I would wear it for sure!!

  100. Of course I would wear it! I’m going to (and baking for!) a cupcake camp even tomorrow…. I’m sure I would get many compliments on it!! :)

  101. I would give it to my best friend.

  102. omg that is the cutest little thing…I would add it to my charm bracelet and just stare at it. so adorable!

  103. I say “Why stop saying cute!!” How can you not say cute! The little plug just puts it over the top. I am crazy for cupcakes…especially CUTE cupcakes.

  104. Yes Please! Adorable!

  105. Oh, I would wear it, stare at it, love it, show it off, stare at it some more. People would be sick of me showing it to them but I would keep smiling as I would know it was mine!
    Good luck everyone!

  106. It’s so cute! I would DEFINITELY wear it; maybe even add it to my charm bracelet. :)

  107. this is toooo cute! i would totally rock it (or hang it from my rearview mirror along with my Coach cupcake keychain).

  108. I would wear it… I goes perfectly with the miniature fortune cookie ring my fiancé gave me when he proposed!

  109. A-stinkin-dorable! I would so rock that as a necklace!

  110. I would definitely gift it to my daughter who would definitely wear it. She is a “foodie” and also studied culinary arts in college. She would LOVE IT!!


  111. I’d share it with my mom, she has a charm bracelet and my daughters would love for her to have this charm!

  112. Definitely share it with my sis, who’s the REAL baker in the family! (She makes all the family birthday cakes…and just because cakes.)

  113. Love it! my daughter has a birthday coming up on Halloween and she would go bonkers for this! its adorable!

  114. first i would stare at it in all it’s cuteness!!!

    then I will wear it a lot!!!!!!!!!

    and I will share it with my sister

  115. I would wear that thing all day long are you kidding me??? Its FAB-U-LOUS!!!

  116. That is so cute! I would definitely wear it AND stare at it in all its cuteness.


  118. I would definitely wear it and especially on the days when I deliver cupcakes to friends for their birthdays! Love, The Cupcake Fairy

  119. This is super CUTE! I would just have to keep it for myself! :)

  120. I love it! I would love to wear something like that! I love your taste in food and in jewelry!

  121. I would definetely give it to my best friend , who opened my eyes for the fantastic world of cakes and baking!!!

  122. Wow that is adorable and is the perfect lucky charm!

  123. OOOH! I don’t know! I just might wear it!

  124. I would so wear it. That is just too cute. I also have a neice that is really into cupcakes. I might share it!

  125. I wish I could say I would give it away, but I probably would keep it once I had it. I love it!!

  126. It would go to daughter’s charm collection:):)

  127. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would do with it, but it’s so darn cute I just have to have it!! I’m pretty sure I’d wear it, but then again I might just stare at it, or maybe I’d only wear it while I’m baking. It could be my signature look. I feel so overwhelmed at how cute it is! It is a must!

  128. i think i’d just have to look at it….and keep it up high so my girls don’t swipe it.

  129. Love it! I think I would give it to my almost 6-year old “little baker” daughter!

  130. I would SO add this to my charm bracelet and wear it with enthusiasm!

  131. I would definitely wear it! It is so incredibly adorable!!

  132. Omg adorable! I would definitely wear it and admire it constantly as a key chain, necklace or bracelet charm. Ohplease. Ohplease. Ohplease.

  133. Oh, I would wear it for sure!!!!!! Cupcakes plus cuteness on a charm!!! Sweet!!!

  134. Absolutely would wear it! Love it!

  135. Hello Cupcake!!! You are so cute…a little cake( bun) in the oven….so sweet……it is sweet art..

  136. Sweet! I’d totally wear it! I love the details! Question is if I don’t win – where can I order it?

  137. I would give it to a friend I am going to visit in a few weeks. She could use a pick me up and something to make her smile and she loves to bake!! Perfect!! And yes, soooo cute!!

  138. omg…This may be the epitome of adorable jewelry :O
    I would totally wear it!

  139. I would totally wear it! It’s so cute! I love itty bitty things like that!

  140. So cute!! I’d definitely wear it. It’d be great motivation for me to keep learning how to bake, haha.

  141. I would love to wear it!

  142. Wear it, wear it, WEAR IT! And when I’m not wearing it, I would simply stare at it. *sigh*

  143. I would stare, while think about sharing it… then give in and wear it myself.

  144. How could I NOT wear this??? It’s so cute, and all my girlfriends would laugh at how perfectly it suits my personality ;)

  145. Since this is my birthday month I would definitely keep it for ME!! And yes, I said “month.” I’m gonna be 46 at the end of this month, so I look for ways to celebrate all month long while I still can!

  146. Wear it, for sure – would go nicely with jeans and a bakerella shirt, of course!

  147. I would FIRST take a picture of it, to be framed later (um thats an epic amount of cute) then I would proudly wear it everyday… no joke. Its ridiculously adorable! :)

  148. LOVE IT!! First I’d stare at all that tiny cuteness, then I’d HAVE to wear it and show it off!!

  149. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE it!!! I would soooo wear it and then after just sit and stair at it all night hahaha! So cute!

  150. I LOVE IT!! I’d SO wear it and add it to my charm bracelet…this would be great to give to my daughter when she grows up and pass on the love of baking!

  151. I think I would have to buy a charm bracelet just to put this on it!

  152. It would be such a sweet little keychain, but I’d rather wear it as a necklace so I can show everyone how adorable it is!

  153. It’s so cute, I’d share it!

  154. Love Love Love this! I would wear this ALL the time!

  155. OMG! I love it! I would totally wear it! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

  156. I would be selfish and keep it for myself. And I would wear it – just so I could show it off! x

  157. R u kidding? My middle name is “Cupcake”!!! ;-D

  158. Too cute!!! It reminds me of an easy bake oven! I would totally wear it myself, but I could also see giving it as a “hostess” gift for the right person.

  159. I would give this to my daughter – she would love it!!!

  160. WEAR IT! Something that cute needs to be shared.

  161. Its too cute not to wear!!! Love it!!!!!!

  162. Easy squeezy, lemon peasy! Wear it :)

  163. oh WOW WOW WOW! This is sooooo cute!
    I’d love to wear it! AND stare at it! :)

  164. I would so wear it! To share it’s CUTENESS with the world! I’d have to keep a close eye on it though, My 4 year old daughter will want to “hold” it and “look” at it all day long! Her birthday is this week…awww she would so love it! (So would her Mama! )

  165. I would share it. My daughter totally loves cute little things like this.

  166. So cute. Will give it to my daughter. She LOVES cupcakes.

  167. Cute charm….grandkids love cupcakes.

  168. I’d probably put it on my desk at work so I could look at it and everyone else could too!!

  169. Wear it! It is very cute.

  170. I think I would stare at it’s cuteness for awhile, then wear it!

  171. Oh my goodness, how could you not say cute?! I would definitely put this some where that I could just stare at its’ “cuteness.” I love everything cupcake!


  172. I would do all of the above!! So precious. It’d go great with my Betsy Johnson cupcake earrings!

  173. I would wear on days I have foods labs with my Home and Career Skills students!!

  174. This is so cute. I would wear it on a necklace with some pink and clear beads to accent it.

  175. LOVE it!!! I don’t know how you do it, but you always find the most adorable cupcake related couture. :)

  176. Wear it!

    I love pretty things!


  178. Oh, I would wear that forever :D

  179. I would so wear it! To share it’s CUTENESS with the world! I’d have to keep a close eye on it though, My 4 year old daughter will want to “hold” it and “look” at it all day long! Her birthday is this week…awww she would so love it! (So would her Mama! )

  180. I’m all for any thing mini.

  181. I would wear it, no question!

  182. OMG that is adorable!!! I would totally wear it. Too cute.

  183. I would wear it for sure! LUV it! so CUTE.

  184. Wear it!! I’d never take it off, too cute jewelry combine with baking my two true loves!!!

  185. I would probably stare at it…admirin it before wearing it out for the whole world to see! It’s simple adorable!

  186. Totally wear and save it for my daughter! Sooo cute!!

  187. Soooo cute. I would wear it so I could share it and stare at it.

  188. As much as I would want to keep it for myself, I have a friend who is going through a really tough time right now and one of her main loves is cupcakes. So I think I would have to pass it on to her because it might help lift her spirits!

  189. I would totally wear this! It’s too adorable NOT to wear! :)

  190. Oh my goodness it is fab! I would def wear it but only on special occasions so as not to ruin it :)

  191. It is so cute! I would definitely wear it everyday!!!!

  192. It’s so cute! I would definitely wear it on a necklace :)

  193. LOVE! I would turn it into a purse clip or add it to my charm bracelet!

  194. I would wear it! I love it!

  195. SO CUTE! I’d put it on my charm bracelet ASAP.

  196. Love it! its so darn cute! Ofcourse I’ll wear it !!

  197. Definitely share it with my cousin…she said it’s absolute cuteness! :-)

  198. AHH! this reminds me of my easy bake oven days : ] it’s so precious, i think i wouldn’t even take it off to sleep!

    also, bakerella, i’ve been following your blog for years, and i loveee it! so excited to meet you when you come to nashville in a few months!


  199. Omgomgomgomgomg did I say OMG?

    I love it…. Its very me! I would wear it with the scarf I made in the shape of cupcakes. Yes wear it, with the intent of sharing its beauty with world…

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