Easy as Pie

Pie Pops

I know. Genius, right. Perfectly-portioned, tiny pies … and on lollipop sticks, too. I can’t take the credit for this idea, although I would love to. The site Luxirare is responsible for this attack of cuteness. A friend at work sent the link to me last week and, the moment I saw them, I knew I would have to try them out. I just love to make things like this that are easy and say “Hi’ I’m the cutest thing on earth… now eat me.” I originally thought I would make some during the holidays and give them away as gifts, but they have been invading my thoughts all week. So this weekend they had to be made in an attempt to purge them from my mind.

Pie Pop

They really are easy. And if you have a little one around, you don’t even have to lift a finger. They can do all the work and tell you how to make them, too.

The following commentary is from my sweet “little miss bakerella.” She talked and I typed. So here goes… instructions in italics from an eight year old.

I’m getting ready to show you how to make your very own pie pops. They’re not made from candy, but they’re made out of dough. It’s gonna be a baketastic time!


Sprinkle a pinch of flour onto the dough.


Now we flop it onto the other side and do the cookie cutters.

ME: Dusting with a little bit of flour on both sides will make the dough easier to work with and move around.


Now we do the first cookie cutter. It feels great to do the first one.
There’s a lot more to be done, but still, it’s worth it.

Pie Dough

I’m trying to get close to the other hearts because it will give us more space for the cookie cutters.

ME: If you’re careful you can get enough for 8-9 pie pops from a 9-inch pie crust.


It’s time for the circles. Remember, I’m doing the same thing except it will be easier.

ME: The circle shapes are easier to assemble than the heart shapes because they give you more room in the center for the filling.

Circle cutouts

This is gonna be all circles here.


Time to get off the scraps. We don’t want those Nuh-uh! You can use the scraps for a different piece of dough.

ME: What she means is… you can save the dough scraps. Roll flat and re-use.


Now it’s time for pressing down the lollipop sticks.

Pie filling

Now, get only one cherry and a little bit of juice. Put it right in the center or it will squeeze out way too much.

ME: pie filling = juice :)


Ummm… as I said before, don’t put too much juice or it will squeeze out because you got to press down or it won’t bake very good in the oven.

ME: We used rolled pie crusts and canned cherry pie filling to play with these. Easy and fun for both of us.

Pie Pops, pre-baked

It’s time for sealing it. What you do is, you break a lollipop stick into a small piece and you press it down all around it. (But not too hard.)

ME: Using a short piece of lollipop stick helps you not to mess up the neighboring pie pops when you seal the two pieces of dough together.

Egg whites

Now you take a baking brush and you crack an egg. Don’t put the egg yolk in. Put the egg whites in a little bowl. Get the brush and put some of the egg whites on it. Now brush it onto the front of the dough.

ME: Brush the tops of the pies with egg whites.

Pecan pie filling

Now we got some pistachios and we put it onto the dough, instead of cherry. But I must say, it was mighty tasty.

ME: Ha! Guess you can tell she doesn’t eat too many pecans or … pistachios either for that matter. We did make a few pie pops using a pecan pie filling that I whipped together, but I still need to finesse the ingredients on that one before I post a recipe.

The pops baked in the oven on 375 for about 12-15 minutes or until the tops started to brown. Remove, cool and enjoy!

Pie Bite

I thought I would love these more than I did. But… (and I can’t believe I’m saying these words) … They needed more fruit! A little too much pastry to pie filling for me. But still good, still fun to do and still super-cute!

I heart pie pops

Don’t forget: Check out Luxirare’s ultra-stylish Pie Pop step-by-step. You’ll love the labeling system.

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402 comments on “Easy as Pie”

  1. great job!!!
    looks super yummy!!!

  2. just blown away by your execution here. I love that you figured out how to get the pie pops not to burn. I agree about the filling. What I ended up doing for the second round of pops was overfill the filling a bit. Because the pastry stretches, it can fit a lot.

    Also I'm wondering how thin I can get the pasty crust super thin without breaking….

    It was wonderful to read this and thank you so much for linking me on your wildly popular blog…

  3. oh my! These are just fantastic! Sooo creative, and they look ta die for dah-ling!

  4. Very cute, as is everything on your site. I like my pie with more filling too, but the heart-shaped pops would be so adorable for a teacher's gift for Valentine's Day in a little arrangement. Love it!

  5. Once again, you topped yourself. You really do just keep raising the bar.

    I'm not a pie person but if I was, I'd make these. Super cute.

  6. These look amazing. I did a post about your site yesterday.

    Check it out if you have the time… http://nicnacmaniac-nicnacmaniac.blogspot.com/2009/07/happy-pink-saturday.html#comments

    Love Love all of your yummy treats!!
    Have a fabulous evening!!
    xOxO, Nerina :)

  7. omagoodness that could possibly be the sweetest thing eva!

    Can't wait to try these!

  8. Oh my goodness gracious..these look so yummy! :)~

  9. Such a clever idea! Looks like a tasty bitefull! Great helper!!

  10. They look delicious! How fun it must've been to cook with your daughter (^^ )

  11. these are so cute!

  12. what an adorable dessert!! Thanks for the great idea!!

  13. I can't wait to make these. They are too cute. And I have to admit I like pie more than cake, so I'm super excited about these.

  14. Thank you for sharing this great idea! The girls and I will give this a try before we are back to school. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  15. I am always way too late to post a comment..Just want too say again..another totally delightful inspiring post.
    Thanks for all the sweet ideas you give us to spoil the ones we love~
    With appreciation~

  16. how adorable!

  17. These look sooo cute….I am suprised that you didn't sprink;e them with sparkling sugar. It would have added sweetness and sparkle!

  18. i've been seeing these all over this past week and want to try them for sure! i'm a huge crust fan, so hopefully i will like crust/filling ratio a little better…maybe some cinnamon sugar on the top….hmm.

  19. These are adorable.
    I'm thinking these would be wonderful with a Hershey's kiss in the middle… for a little chocolate ;)

  20. I tried my own version of these today, sans sticks. My crust to fruit ratio was way to far in the crust category. I made my crust from scratch and didn't roll it thin enough. If I do it again I'm definitely going the remade crust route.

    Yours came much more beautiful than mine, although I got aggravated rolling the crust (um, without a rolling pin) and by the time I was assembling them I rushed the whole thing. Still tasty and I'll definitely try again.

  21. (shoot not sure if my othe rocmment went through) LOVE THESE, soo super cute and i love how you show me these ah-ha things, no matter you didnt originate them (all), i see them from you. love too how honest you were about them not being fruity enough, as i think i would too. LOVE THESE. thanks,

    -your biggest fan, see john schneider post, kim :)

  22. I saw these and thought they were brilliant! Yours look stunning, too.

  23. these pictures make me salivate!

  24. These look cute!

  25. I'm tingly all over. We did the same project this weekend. I feel special…tee-hee!!

  26. Mincemeat would probably make a great filling, because it's so sweet and so rich that a little goes a long way.

    Inspired! (And thanks for the link to the original. What a cool blog!)

  27. do you think you could spare your recipe for pie crust?! my grandma gave me one years ago, it was right before she died and i think some thing got lost in translation and i cant ever get it to come out right! thanks for any help!

  28. Oh wow these really are too cute! I'm a new visitor of your blog and I must say it's gonna be my frequent go-to blog for baking from now on. :)

  29. "baketastic" – that saying had to be my favorite moment in this posting

  30. oops i also ment to ask in my comment…what do you think about doing a chocolate pie version of this? i know the chocolate pie i make doesnt require any baking. any opinions on that? thanks

  31. I just discovered your blog and my mouth is watering like crazy!Can't wait to read more! These pie pops look adorable!

  32. When I make them they will be called lollypies.

  33. LuxiRare – I would have tried that too, but the filling I was using wasn't thick like yours. Glad you liked my attempt.

    NicNacManiac – thanks!

    Knitnut,Karen – she really is

    Anonymous – dang… next time.

    vertigoxcured – Pilsbury rolled pie crust.

    Lady P – yeah… I wish you could have heard her say it.

    vertigoxcured – well you will need to bake it because of the crust. And chocolate would be great. Just make sure your mixture is thick. Or just melt a hershey's kiss like the suggestion above.

    Jessica – or lollipies!

  34. Do you suppose you could deep fry them?

  35. Oh no you didn't! So cute! I love the idea, and I was thinking, what if you used perserves? Maybe there would be more filling with less bulk and it would balance out the crust. Love your helper too! How fun.

  36. WOW these are over the top!!! First the cake pops were amazing and now pie!! I will be trying these. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  37. Soooo cute! They made me smile:)

  38. the best idea EVER

  39. When do you sleep? These are so cute!!! I will try them when it gets a little cooler in the desert.

  40. what a brilliant idea!

  41. I did the same thing today and came to the same conclusion. They are as cute as anything, but the crust to fruit ratio is way off.

  42. I sense potential… pumpkin… pecan… ohhhh my…. thanks for sharing!

  43. omg those are so cute! i'm going to have to try to make those!

  44. this is SO f-ing CUTE!!!

  45. Can you help us? We have tried to make cakepops 3 times with no success. We have problems with the cake falling off the stick when we dip them. We've tried moister cake, drier cake and that hasn't changed anything. I've been using homemade icing. Do you have a recipe for icing that isn't heavy? I hate to use canned icing, it never tastes as good. We also would like to know if there is a trick to make the candy bark smooth? The few cakes that stayed on the stick that we dipped were not very pretty. Thank you so much! My 10 year old daughter, Annie, is determined to make these. Thank you so much! Denise

    i know you used ready made pie dough, but do you happen to have a good recipe for pie dough anyway?


  47. I agree…more fruit the better! These look so tasty! I can't wait to try making them.

  48. I CANNOT wait to try these. I just LOVE your blog and am addicted to cooking since I've been married and your blog just adds to my addiction. I get tons of ideas. Thank you for sharing your talents. I re-post me cooking some of your ideas and lead people to your blog. Can't wait to try this.

  49. these might be the cutest darn thing i've ever seen. i also really love your photography skills. nice!

  50. I always find your blog so enjoyable and inspiring, and such a delight to the senses! I'm looking forward to watching my Miss13's reaction when I show her your post.

  51. you sure come up with the best ideas!!

  52. Hi,

    I have never used the lollipop sticks .. just wanted to know dont these sticks melt or are they oven safe.

  53. those look so cute! what about glazing them?

  54. I'm not a fan of pie but those are super cute!

  55. Lordy Lou… I must make these.

  56. Wow. Well, I went to that website with the pie pops, and I was just amazed by her/his photos and technique. Wow!

    I also love what you two did. i especially loved your little helper's commentaries and instructions. Too cute!

  57. Wow!
    These are so cute !!!
    I'm gonna try them this week =D

  58. Proving yet again, food on a stick is adorable.

    Perhaps, for my daughter's sake, Bakerella could figure out how to put broccoli on a stick?

  59. Pies are not so well known here but I think that a salty version could be a real hit.

    Thank you for sharing this great ideas with us.

  60. Easy it's a beautiful idea! I love all yuor posts! I see you again! By

  61. Is there anything you can't turn into a pop :) LOVE IT and I just happen to have crust in my fridge :)

  62. I love it when you feature ideas that I can teach my kids. They are on fire in the kitchen right now, and I know they are going to love making these!!!

  63. So glad to see a little more specific instruction for making these. I saw the originals and links all over the web, but didn't feel comfortable attempting them until now.

    Do you think these would work with pumpkin pie filling for Thanksgiving?

  64. oh sooo clever!!! looks yum too!!!

  65. Wow these are too cool. I still want to try and make cake pops when I get a chance now these are on the list too! You are great!

  66. Awesome! And what an instructor!

  67. That's Awesome!! I would have NEVER thought of that!! How unique, thank you for sharing

  68. I saw these too and have been wanting to make them. They are geniuses. :)

  69. Awesome idea! I may have to do this soon. My kids love cherry pie and cake pops. This would be the best of both worlds for them!

  70. I made these last week, but used chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle, I agree with the amount of pie crust to filling, but I drizzled chocolate all over the top of mine and they were yummy!! I posted mine on my site ~ hope you check them out!

  71. These are fantastic!!!!!!!

  72. HOW, how, HOW with all of the cake pops I've done from your inspiration, did it never occur to me to do pie? That's brilliant!!!

  73. WOW! What will you come up with next! I love all these creative ideas!!

  74. Looks fantastic! I can "hear" some of her mama in the comments she made :) Isn't it cute how kids pick up on our sayings that we use?! My 5 year old and I will be trying these. Keep up the wonderful work you two!

  75. Bakerella…you just made my morning. And thank you too, LuxiRare! I can picture them now for dessert with a Thanksgiving Feast, with cute leaf and pumpkin shapes on top of the pie dough for extra flare…

  76. I think youve found my weak spot! Pie and anything to do with cakepops!!ie lolly pop sticks!! I will def. be trying these!

  77. MMMMMMmmmmmmm….these look amazing!

  78. I thought about you when I saw these on the net! I'm glad you two posted the tutorial. Thanks :)

  79. wow! What a way to start my Monday!First, I think your little helper is adorable !
    Second, I am going to be making these for my little one's birthday celebration. I just hope I succeed!
    Thanks for sharing these with us :-)

  80. I thought of you the instant I saw these. It's probably safe to assume you're going to find a way around the dough-to-filling conundrum!

  81. Your pops really are the cutest ever. All of them!

  82. So cute! Where did you get that little mini circle cutter I see you using a lot? I need one!

  83. These are so darling! I'm already thinking of where I could take them…hmm…

  84. What a lovely idea, Just received my order of lillipop sticks,
    I can't wait to try them!!

  85. OMG Bakerella! Those are baketastically cute! I can make almost any kind of cake, but alas, I seem to be pie-challenged. I may give these a try though!

    One technical question: how do you make your posts have a pink background? It makes it SO much easier to follow up on comments and I would love to incorporate that into my own blog. Thanks!


  86. These are so cute! Personal Pie Pops…I love it!

  87. So Funny! You and I must have thought the exact same thing when we saw Cakespy's post regarding Luxirare's blog. I ran right out and bought all the items needed. I knew I had to do these. I agree with you, not enough filling. The second round I put more in but then had trouble getting the crust to stay sealed during baking. I also filled mine with chopped up Milky Way bars and Key Lie Pie filling. They were my favs. I love that you made heart ones. fantastic as always!!

  88. This does it. I want to marry you…or at least your pies.

    I'm a pie person and this made my day!!!

  89. I'm sitting here at work just thinking about running one of these through some soft-serve ice cream… yum yum!

  90. These are super cute! I'm not a big pie fan though, so I'll just stick to cake pops. :)

  91. O dear, you have now added to my do to list: laundry, dust, wash front window, make pie pops. Wish me luck todnaay!

  92. They look positively wonderful!!!

  93. These are so cute…."POP-PIES" …
    LOL..I'm going to have to try this.


  94. WOW. WOW. WOW. I have never seen these any place but here. Gorgeous and extremely creative.

  95. These are just the cutest for a party! I have a 1st birthday party next week-end, and if I have time, I will definitely make those, thank you for the idea!!

  96. I saw these last week and thought "I should send this link to Bakerella!". Guess someone beat me to it! I made these this weekend and brought them to the office, everyone went absolutely MAD for them!!

  97. These are fantastic! I love how neat and delicious they look. Great idea!

  98. I love this idea. What a great idea. This would be perfect for a baby shower!

  99. WOW, trying to bite through the computer screen right now! YUM!!!

  100. Pop pie! Super cute.

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