Fun with Films


You may remember these cookies. I did them a few weeks ago when the Oscar nominees were announced and to kick off a series of movie award season recipes sponsored by Hyundai that have been featured for the last few weeks on the site. This one was in the main section and the others have been linked from a graphic in the sidebar. But I wanted to put the links to all of them here so you can get to them easily now that they’re done. So here goes…

Awards Night Sugar Cookies
Statues in sugar.

Marshmallow popcorn

Movie Popcorn Brownies
Mini marshmallows make me smile. These were made with movies in mind, and before the actual nominees were announced.


Ribbits & Royalty
Okay, lollipop sticks usually mean cake pops around here, so click through if you want to see some frogs.


Coraline Cookies
Peanut butter button cookies. Cute as a …… okay I won’t say it… I won’t s-… button … I said it. And I also dipped them in chocolate… yum.


Upcake Decorating 101
Hmmm… what’s up with all the sprinkles?


Movie Marquis Cookies
Sugar pearls and frosting sheets help make these.


Lobster Toppers
Fun, but definitely not french.

The above titles are links so you can take a look at the full projects if you like.

Now, all the movie award recipes are sponsored by Hyundai, but I thought I would sponsor a little giveaway myself for more film fun.

Okay, here’s how it’s gonna go. Below are five award categories for the Oscars that air Sunday, March 7th.

To play, just choose who you think will win from each category below and list your guesses in the comments section of this post.


You can copy the categories below and paste into your comment with your choices:

Best Picture:
Best Actor:
Best Actress:
Animated Feature Film:

On Saturday, March 6th – the day before the Oscars, I’ll pick one (1) person’s comment at random and post it here on the site.

Then on Sunday, while I’m watching the Oscars, I’ll keep score. For each of the above categories that person gets right, I’ll pony up a $50 gift card. Visa or Mastercard most likely.

5 correct = $250 gift card
4 correct = $200 gift card
3 correct = $150 gift card
2 correct = $100 gift card
1 correct = $50 gift card
0 correct = a virtual pat on the back

Sound fun? Good. Okay, let’s see how good you are at predicting. I’m officially scared.

Deadline to enter is Friday, March 5th at 8:00 pm ET. TIME’S UP! Winner Below.One entry per person please. Good luck!


Okay, MarianaB! This is gonna be fun. I can’t wait to see how good your guesses are tomorrow night. Hope you’re excited.

YAY! MarianaB – You got 2 out of 5 right. A $100 gift card isn’t too shabby. Congrats!!!