Christmas is over. But that doesn’t mean the giving is.

I did a little shopping yesterday… not to return anything, but to look around. It’s what I do after Christmas.

Shop. It’s much more fun to shop after Christmas than before. The stress is gone and the sales are still on.

And if something catches my eye like a towering stack of satin pink leopard print jewelry boxes…

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Box

… well, I’ll take a few extra minutes and look through all the designs.

And if there happens to be something like a super-cute cupcake necklace staring right back at me, then I guess you know what happens next.

Betsey Johnson Cupcake Necklace

Awwe…… How could I resist. It’s just the cutest little thing.

Betsey Johnson Jewelry Box

And it comes in the cutest little box.

Betsey Johnson Necklace

And then there’s all this cute dangly stuff to boot. Did I mention how cute this thing is?

But I didn’t get it for me. I thought I would give it to one of you. So who wants it?

Enter for a chance to win this cutie patootie
Betsey Johnson Cupcake Necklace

Just leave a comment on this post and finish the following sentence…

This New Year’s Eve, I …

Deadline to enter is Tuesday, December 29th at 5:00 p.m. ET. Time’s Up. Winner announced below.

One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Tuesday evening.

Good luck!

I didn’t expect to be so moved by the entries for this giveaway. These might just be some of my favorite ones to read to date. I usually don’t do anything on New Year’s Eve, so thank you for sharing a glimpse into your plans. The simple ones. The silly ones. The serious ones. You guys fill my heart with happiness.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And now for the winner…


Congrats anna p! It’s you!

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4,126 comments on “Gone.”

  1. …I will be up with my new baby! & looking forward to a yr full of 1st!

  2. this new year I will be spending it with my love. hopefully enjoying a nice night out on the town :)

  3. Will wish that I had a life as I’m falling asleep at 10 pm. :D

  4. This new year’s eve I will be spending the evening with my husband, best friend and mother in law watching and awesome pirate show!

  5. This NYE, I will probably be still revising for mock exams. Or maybe I’ll procrastinate and make some….chocolate truffles.

  6. This New Years Eve I…will spend the evening with my church family enjoying good food and a family friendly movie.

  7. This new years eve. I will be babysitting. I do it almost every year. A college gal’s got to make some money!

  8. This New Year’s Eve, I … am not even sure what I’ll be doing! Probably relax and watch stupid movies with my fiance and de-stress from all this house-buying stuff!

  9. This New Years’ Eve, I will be cooking up a family dinner for the first time…all by myself. I hope it won’t be too hard or stressful..time to go plan out the list of foods!

  10. This New Years Eve, I will…
    ring in the first year I’ve ever NOT set resolutions. Oh, yeeps! What will come of my goal-free self? Will I eat mountains of baked treats? Step nary a foot upon treadmill? Or…will I become ever more focused, with a mind full of imagination as my canvas?
    Whatever becomes of me, I think I shall enjoy a year open to all that shall come my way.
    Wishing a happy one to you and yours, too!

  11. This New Year’s Eve, I will probably join my sisters-in-law in tricking the kiddos into thinking 10pm is midnight. We do the sparklers and noisemakers, and then get them to bed! :o)

  12. This New Year’s Eve I hope to be with my family. We gather to eat, play games, and then have a waffle breakfast in the morning. This has been a VERY trying year and we need this time together!

  13. ….. I will be hanging out with my hubby and some close friends. We will have a fire out back and roast some marshmallows and make smores!

  14. This New Year’s Eve I.. I hope to be able to give this beauty to make cupcake making, sweets lovin’, best buddy!!!

  15. This New Year’s Eve, I will be curling up with my husband on the couch and watching some movies.

  16. I will make popcorn, rent movies and cuddle up with my husband and 2 young children and be so happy to have them beside me.

  17. New to your site. Just found it tonight and so far I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

    This New Years Eve I will be bringing in the new year with family and friends as we celebrate my first born son’s 9th birthday. He was born on 01-01-01. Happy Birthday Connor!!

  18. This new year’s eve I will be with the two men in my life: my husband and my son. We will fix a special dinner and enjoy being at home.

  19. This New Years Eve, I am hoping to stay awake so I can give my hubby a big ole smooch. He was in Iraq last year, so I am loving starting out the new year with him by my side. I am also hoping that if I stay awake past midnight that my girls (1 and 2) will sleep in!!!

  20. This new year’s eve I…will spend the evening with my favorite 3 people in the world, my wonderful husband, my 2 year old son and my 2 month old daughter! :)

  21. This New Years Eve I…Will finish up my sons Craft calendar..With the hopes of completing 90% or more of the daily crafts through out the year. And just hanging out with my family to ring in the NEW YEAR.

  22. This New Years Eve, I will be drinking sparkling cider…at 10:00, then going to bed hoping that my little girl sleeps through the night.

  23. This New Years Eve I will be hanging out with my husband and the kids at home.

  24. This New Years Eve I will probably be asleep by 10!

  25. This New Year’s Eve, I resolve to be the me I’ve always wanted to be :)

  26. will probably be stuffing my face w/ junk food and watching LMN.

  27. will be home with my two daughters (Katie & Ella) and my darling husband, Phil. Maybe I’ll whip up something fabulous from your site! If not – it’s ok. I’ll be with the ones I love and it truly can’t get any better than that! LOVE your site and LOVE the inspiration you give to so many! Happy New Year Bakerella!!!!

  28. This New Year’s Eve I will be heading to Seattle to spend 4 lovely days with wonderful friends in the Emerald City.

  29. This New Years Eve I will be joining 3 other couples and we will be going to Click’s in Pawnee for a wonderful meal, laughter and great fellowship as we ring in the new year!!!

  30. This New Year’s Eve, I…will be bringing in the new year with my wonderful co-workers who I’ve been very blessed with in 2009. Unfortunately we’ll actually have to work. Luckily, it’s not about where you are on New Years eve but what you do for the next 365 days to better yourself, and those you encounter along the way.

  31. …hope to be spending a quiet evening at home with my boyfriend and puppy!

  32. This New Years Eve, I will spending it with the people that kept me safe during the year of 2009.

  33. This New Year’s Eve, I… will be baking twelve different kinds of cupcakes.

    God help me :D

  34. … Will be trying to get my 3-month-old to sleep. (But I won’t mind it at all.)

  35. this new year’s eve I will be wearing frog pajamas and playing beatles rock band :p

  36. This New Year’s Eve, I will be spending time with Hubs far away from home, snow hiking and eating delicious meals. Vacation rules. :)

  37. This New Year’s Eve I will be going to the annual party my brother and sister-in-law have. A chance for the family to get together and eat all the leftover Christmas cookies!

  38. will ring in the new year with my favorite people in the world, my husband and our four daughters.

  39. This New Year’s Eve, I will be going to see an ’80’s cover band…. but wish i were going to be snuggling under a blanket and watching movies… falling asleep…

  40. This New Year’s Eve I will be traveling to my parents’ house to celebrate Christmas!

  41. ….. will be telling my coworker that I have worked with for 3 years that I want to be with him, and he is so amazing.

  42. will most likely be sleeping by 10:30.

  43. This New Year’s Eve, I… will be having an intimate party with my four sisters.

  44. don’t have any real plans.

  45. this nye i have no plans!

  46. This New Year’s Eve, I will be spending it with my husband and the rest of my family back in my hometown.

  47. This New Year’s Eve, I will be at a party with my brother’s friends (since mine are too lazy to throw their own party), even though I’d rather be snuggled up on my couch at home (possibly with a certain guy, though I’m not sure he’d want the same thing…)

  48. This New Year’s Eve I will be baking up a storm with family and friends!

  49. This New Year’s Eve, I’ll won’t be home, but I’ll have fun with my friends here, in Vancouver :)

  50. This New Years Eve I shall probably be at home making sure that all the fireworks and guns being shot off won’t wake my son. However, if I’m lucky, my mom will watch him and my husband and I will go party.

  51. …will eat my weight in nachos

  52. This New Years Eve I will stay up late making jewelry :)

  53. This New Year’s Eve, I …will spend a night at home with my hubby & our four little cupcake eaters.

  54. i am having people over and havent decided if it’ll be a black tie/sparkly dress affair or pajama party.

  55. This New Year’s Eve, I …will be in my pj’s by 8:30. :)

  56. This New Years Eve… I want nothing more than to play an extra long game of Risk (or Apples to Apples) while drinking bottles of wine and laughing my butt off. It is my daughters first NYE and I plan to put her to bed early.

  57. will be most likely snuggling my almost 2 and almost 4 year old girls and thanking God for all the blessings we have in our lives after a rough 2009

  58. This New Year’s Eve, I… will have the perfect evening at home to renew myself for the challenges ahead (punctuated with some amazing food).

  59. …can’t wait to stay in, finally !!

  60. This New Year’s Eve, I … will make silly hats, play games, plod about in the frosty air and ring in the “new year” at 9:30 with my husband and our 4 year old on the Madison capitol square with fireworks and fake champagne.

  61. This New Years Eve I will be sitting happily at home with my husband and my 13 year old brother. This has been the first holiday season that I have had with my brother in six years, and it has been amazing. We may play a little Rockband.. but I don’t need a party :)

  62. This new years eve I will be at home with my kiddies…. This is the first year I am going to keep my older kids up (7yrs and 5yrs) and we are going to watch movies, dance to our favourite songs, pop popcorn and have a grand old time.

  63. I will be spending it with my husband and son. I wouldn’t have it any other way than to be with the people I love the most.

  64. This New years eve I ….will love a little more, live a little more and laugh a whole lot! I will be surrounded by family and friends. :0)

  65. wow, you are an amazing baker. i am impressed by your creativity.
    addison illinois

  66. I will be eating yummy appetizers, cuddling with my honey on the couch and watching a movie. Can’t wait!

  67. This New Years Eve…I will be in New Orleans for the sugar bowl! Go Bearcats!!!

  68. This New Year’s Eve… I am spending a lovely evening with my favorite man in the whole world, just being us :)

  69. I know you only have one, and if I am not the lucky one (fingers crossed) could you please tell me where you found it? It would be the BEST gift for a friend of mine.

  70. This new years eve I will…be making a bucket list with my husband and some realistic goals for the new year :)

    and maybe maybe go to the pier and see some fireworks!

  71. will be hanging out with friends and family.

  72. …am going to bed before the clock strikes 12. My young girls won’t be so kind as to sleep in the next morning :o)

  73. This New Years Eve I will look back on 2009 and dream about what’s to come in 2010!

  74. This New Year’s Eve, I will be celebrating with family and friends at our house! Can’t wait!

  75. …will most likely be asleep by 10. I’m pregnant and cranky and see no reason to stay up until midnight. I miss my early 20s.

  76. This New Year’s Eve I was hoping to be in Utah with my parents and sibling, but it didn’t work out. So I’ll be spending a nice quiet evening with my cutie patootie kids and my husband.

  77. This New Year’s Eve I…..plan on enjoying the last night of a great decade. Reminisce on special memories, like we all should. The past ten years has had many bumps in the road, many changes in life, but who would we all be without those upsets, downfalls, and of course the small joys… here’s to a new time, a new start, and of course; A new year!

  78. This New Year’s Eve, I hope that me and my husband will not fall asleep to early after putting all the kids to bed. This hasn’t been the case for the last five years.

    Happy New Year’s Bakerella!

  79. This New Years Eve, I……am babysitting 2 super cute kids so there parents can go out and have fun!

  80. will be spending it in good ole’ Edmond, OK with my wonderful family…Can’t wait!!!

  81. will work until 10 and then go back to work at 10 on New Years Day. Am planning to see the New Year in but it will be low key and then off to bed.

  82. …will have a quiet night at home with my awesome husband and my sweet baby girl!

  83. i will be watching a movie and probably falling asleep early :)

  84. Will be totally boring and watch movies with my girls and snuggle and love every minute of it!!!

  85. …I’ll celebrate New Year’s Day at noon vs. midnight so that I can go to bed early!

  86. This New Year’s Eve, I will . . . spend it with family and friends ringing in the New Year!!! :)

  87. …will be at my sister’s house for a family oriented NYE party. It will be the first time that we have gone out since having our girls. Of course, they’ll be with us but it’s still strange!

  88. … am going to be at home with my darling 6 month and 3 year old, watching the ball drop on TV, toasting the new year with 2% milk.

  89. This New Years Eve I…will be ringing in the New Year with good friends, great kiddos and gorgeous cupcakes (hopefully)!

  90. This New Years Eve I… will be eating chinese food, spending the evening with my family and getting ready to begin my new traditions the next day! Thanks for the chance to win this cute necklace!!! :)

  91. Spending time with family & friends.

  92. …could totally wear that necklace with the outfit I have for the ’80s-themed NYE concert I’m going to.

  93. will make wise choices with my friends while ringing in the new year.

  94. This New Year’s Eve, I …will be laughing and enjoying the company of my family.

  95. …will be setting off fireworks with friends and family!!!

  96. …….will get in shape so that I can be a good example to my daughter.

  97. This New Year’s Eve I will be eating a belated Christmas dinner with friends that were in Hawaii (poor them) during their families’ festivities.

  98. will be celebrating my wedding anniversary…4 years of happiness! And, the next day…my daughter’s FIRST birthday!

  99. This New Year’s Eve, I … have no idea what I’m doing because everyone canceled on me =( I think I’ll just make crafts and eat cake!

  100. This New Year’s Eve, I …

    will be stuffing myself with chicken balls and shrimp surrounded by my family and hopefully some vodka punch!

    How about you?

  101. I will share champagne with friends!

  102. This New Years Eve I have no plans yet! I think that this may be the first year since…?…. that we haven’t had plans. Having a two year old will do that to you. And I’m perfectly happy to stay in with my husband and favorite little man!

  103. This New Year’s Eve, I … will be attending a Murder Mystery! Good food, good alcohol and good company. What could be better?

  104. This New Years Eve I will be at a Texas holdem’ tournament at a freinds home. You gotta know when to holdem’, know when to foldem’…..I love that song!

  105. am so excited to spend a quiet night with my hubby and our new baby!

  106. … am saying goodbye to a good year and looking forward to an even better one. Even if I do have to do it while at work.

  107. will be preparing for my first New Year’s Day open house

  108. This New Years Eve I… will be spending with my brand new husband! :)

  109. will be freezing up in PA while my husband enjoys the sun in FL for the bowl game.

  110. This New Year’s Eve I am excited to start a new year with lots of opportunities!

  111. I am ringing in the new year with friends and family!

  112. This New Year’s Eve, I will spend the night with my fiancee and friends celebrating!

  113. Hopefully spending a quiet evening at home. Last year we barely stayed out of the emergency room after our daughter got hurt playing with one of her friends. So this year we had better just stay at home safe and sound.

  114. This New Year’s Eve, I …will spend time with my family !
    Im from Argentina!

  115. … I will drink champagne and kiss my sweet husband at midnight. The resolutions will come after that. :)

  116. This New Year’s Eve, I will be eating red velvet cake balls :] yummy!

  117. This New Year’s Eve, I will be with my hubby and kids at my mother’s house enjoying a movie and appetizers, and will have everyone home for a decent bedtime.

  118. … want to make some super sparkle cake balls!

    Addicted to your domesticity!

  119. …will be working doing hair until about 6pm and then coming home to crash early after i celebrate @ east coast time.

  120. This New Years Eve I plan to spend it the same way I have the last 7 years…. with my family, putting my kids to bed a little bit later and spending the rest of the evening with my husband, listening to the retirees in the village across the street partying the night away!

  121. I am going to celebrate with friends at an Irish pub!

  122. This New Year’s Eve, I … will be in bed at 10 because my kids get up to darn early to stay up any later!

  123. This New Years Eve I…..will be up late watching tv and doing homework.

  124. be home baking, of course!

  125. This New Year’s Eve I am hosting a family-friendly gathering with kid-friendly food and everyone is wearing pajamas!

  126. This New Year’s Eve I will probably be at home with my 2yo since my hubby has to work late. Don’t feel too sorry for me though, I have lots of new movies and will make popcorn on the stove!

  127. This New Year’s Eve, I . . . will be spending it with my girl friends, playing games, eating, and soaking in a hot tub.

  128. was planning on having a few of my friends, and my childrens friends over for a NY eve party, but instead will be out of town attending the funeral of my dear Aunt who sadly passed away yesterday. On the upside though, I will be with many family members, some of them I have not seen (except on facebook) for many years.

    Every cloud …

  129. This New Year’s Eve, my husband and I are going to try to stay up until Midnight!! My 2 year old is finally sleeping through the night and we aren’t exhausted all the time. We usually CURSE our neighbors who are setting off fireworks/noise makers, but now that we have a toddler and not a baby — we are going to try to enjoy it. Maybe I will even have a glass of wine …… :)

  130. This new year’s eve I… will be celebrating MY 24th birthday and I am also DUE to have my 2nd baby!!!!! :) How fun!!!

  131. will have a fun time and not be hung over the next day!

  132. …will be recovering from having my wisdom teeth taken out this Tuesday. : /

  133. will be spending it with my boyfriend and daughter, just like any other night :) Happily.

  134. This New Year’s Eve I will be visiting with family and probably falling asleep on their couch around 10 pm!

  135. This New Years Eve I … am going to make and decorate the sugar cookies that I ran out of time to do before Christmas!

  136. ….will kiss my baby girl and my hubby before laying my head on my pillow – an hour or so before the ball drops!

  137. … am going to catch up on some much needed sleep!

  138. This New Years Eve I…….will be hosting a New Years Eve party at my house with lots of friends, food, games, drinks and fun. Oh and I will also be wearing my new Betsey Johnson watch :) I love her stuff!!!

  139. This New Year’s Eve, I’ll probably be playing Nancy Drew, and though I’ll probably have the option of drinking champagne, I’ll turn it down for sparkling apple juice. Because it tastes better.

  140. This New Year’s Eve, I work. :( Hopefully I will get off in time to do some celebrating.

  141. This New Year’s Eve, I will be in warm, sunny Florida :)

  142. This New Year’s Eve, I will be baking all day! :)

  143. This New Year’s Eve I will be attending Montclair’s NJ’s First Night Events and having a fabulous time, even if it snows!

  144. I will be celebrating with my dearest hubby and 3 darling baby girls!

  145. Hi Bakerella!
    You’re sight is amazing! I just attempted your red velvet cake bites AGAIN (third time); they finally worked out! They were the holiday hit! Thanks for the inspiration. This New Year’s Eve I … will be spending it with my husband and children and extendend family. I’ll be making dessert! Keep up the fabulous work.

  146. This new year I still don’t have anything planned!!!

  147. This NewYear’s Eve will be spent with my hubby; a quiet night in with some yummy foods and celebrating the welcome of 2010 while I take some time to reflect on the past year of 2009; raise a glass of wine and toast a kiss to the heavens and to my best friend Di who I lost to the ugly cancer monster this year. She was the “cupcake” of my life and of so many others. I miss her everyday.
    To those of you with “girls” who you love, the ones who we’ve know forever or felt like we’ve known forever, the ones that really know our deepest secrets, can answer our questions with just a look, that are the only ones who know us inside and out —– make sure you take advantage and revel in the moments you spend with them. You never know how much time there really is and time is just time without moments and memories.
    Love those deeply that love you in the coming year and you will have no regrets.
    I wish you all enough of everything you for the coming year.

  148. This new years eve, I will probably spend it the same way i’ve spent every past new years eve – with family, watching movies, drinking spritzers, eating brie and waiting for the ball to drop. :)

  149. This NYE I will be kicking 2009 out the door with high expectations for 2010.

  150. will be going to bed on time so I can wake up early with the kiddo!

  151. …will thank Bakerella for her awesome new necklace! ;)

  152. will end the year on a good note knowing that i have done good for myself in 2009

  153. …will eat some yummy food!

  154. will be home celebrating with my husband and kids!

  155. will celebrate on a budget–no babysitter, but the babies are going to bed at their usual time and I will watch movies with my husband hopefully until midnight!

  156. …plan to spend time with friends and enjoy seeing 2009 go into the past!!

  157. This new years eve I will be watching my husband eat lobster and be happy I’m not :)

  158. This New Years Eve I… am going to let my 5 kids stay up as late as they can make it, while hanging with the husband, family and friends! Bring on 2010! The necklace is SUPER cute… love it!

  159. will be out at a wedding with my family.

  160. …will be celebrating the fact that she won an awesome necklace! Tee hee :)

  161. will be celebrating the new year and being done with school!!

  162. want to eat whatever I want…for the next day I diet….again.

  163. ……will be celebrating with my hubby, cousin and her fiance at an event downtown. It should be fun!

  164. will be eating dinner and playing cards with my family!

  165. This New Year’s Eve I will remember the wonderful memories I made with my husband and son and think of all the new ones I’ll make in 2010!

  166. This New Years Eve I will be WORKING to earn extra money!!!

  167. This New Year’s Eve I will be attending a Birthday/New Year’s Party at my sister-in-law’s house. It has been a tradition in my hubby’s family for the past 30 years! We all have a BALL!

  168. Ohmygosh, YOU are too cute!

    This New Years Eve, I will be okay with the fact that I have no idea where my life will go from here.

  169. will be in San Francisco, on the Embarcadero, watching the fireworks.

  170. This New Year’s Eve, I hope my honey stays up to kiss me at midnight instead of falling asleep again.

  171. This New Years Eve I will take my son to First Night in Alexandria VA. We are staying in a hotel so we don’t have to drive even 20 minutes with all the drinkers without designated drivers!

  172. This New Year’s Eve, I … will be watching many korean dramas, eating a lot of cakes and will be warm and cozy next to my new heater.

  173. This New Years Eve I will play karaoke!!!

  174. This New Year’s Eve, I am going to the movies and to dinner…and home to celebrate with family.

  175. This New Years Eve, I will be making my first ever Bakerella recipe!!!…with my dad and my new hubby…out in California…and I’m leaning towards the hamburger and fries :)

    P.S. I just stumbled upon your site through friends of friends of friends blogs and I AM IN LOVE! Can’t wait to see what 2010 has in store for Bakerella!

  176. This New Years Eve, I am not really sure what I will be doing. Hopefully my husband and I can go out for dinner with no kid.

    P.S. I LOVE your site. I make a few of the desserts you posted all the time. Thanks for sharing with all of us!!

  177. This New Years eve I will be at the in-laws and hopefully dreaming of a cupcake necklace!

  178. will say goodbye to a year that had some wonderful highs and some really crappy lows, and wish for a happy and healthy 2010.

  179. …will give my sweetie a kiss at midnight!

  180. ….will say hello to 2010 with good friends and the new hubs!

  181. This New Years Ever, Im going to party like a rockstar! I will b baking for a party.. then its a night full of laughter and dancing! whohooo!!! Happy New Years everyone!

  182. This New Years Eve I will be working on my winter wonderland cake entry for the NY Cake Convention!

  183. This New Year’s Eve I will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the first date my beloved and I ever went on together and eating these special Almond Champagne Cupcakes.

  184. This New Year’s Eve, I … will be consuming copious amounts of alcohol hopefully with my boyfriend and best friend. =D

  185. I will be dreaming about my adventures to come in 2010!

  186. This New Year’s I am being taken to New York City. It’s my graduation gift for me getting my Masters.

  187. This New Years Eve I’ll be kickin it with some Chinese takeout, sparkling cider, my new baby boy, and a phone by my side hoping for a call from my hubby in Afghanistan!

  188. will have dear friends and close family over and eat and laugh and play to our heart’s content!

  189. This New Year’s Eve, I …will be spending in my new condo, with my new car, waiting to hear about my application for my new job and thinking about finally finding the new “man of my dreams” this year. It has been a loooong 16 years since my divorce-this is gonna be MY year! And I would certainly love to have-my new cupcake necklace :o) You are SO nice to give such a CUTE find away!

  190. will be playing games with family and friends, eating yummy snacks – cake balls anyone? – and kissing my hubby at midnight!

  191. This New Years Eve, I’ll be spending time with my hubby and 3 kids playing board games and eating snacky foods :) The next day is my mom’s 67 birthday :) We will be making cabbage rolls, an old croation family tradition for New Years.

  192. This New Year’s Eve, I will hopefully NOT be working for once and enjoying an evening with my sisters-in-law!

  193. This New Years Eve i will celebrating with friends at a beach house in a hot tub, enjoying the years end!

  194. This New Years Eve, I Will be spending my first new years eve away from Las Vegas, and be on the nice warm beaches of Southern Cali. [ I Can’t Wait!!!]

  195. …I will spend the night at home with my husband, we will fall asleep at 12:01.

  196. this new year’ eve i… will be with my family

  197. This New Year’s Eve, I…will do the same thing I did last New Year’s Eve, which is fall asleep watching the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve before the ball drops in Times Square.

    Pathetic, I know.

  198. This New Year’s Eve, I … will try not to spend much money!

  199. This New Year’s Eve I plan to stay home and celebrate the return of my daughter and husband from their vacation in Indiana. ( I had to work) But that is probably what I would have done anyway, don’t like to be out with all the crazies!

  200. This New Years Eve I am having dinner with my whole family and going to bed!!! (I am pregnant and tired!!) Bakerella, I love Betsey and cupcakes! That is too cute!

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