I scream, you scream, we all scream for…


Ice Cream!!!!!!!!! Sorta. Kinda. Okay, not so much. These are all cake and candy impersonating cute little ice cream cones. The cool part is they don’t drip. Their frozen parts are frozen. And unlike the Burgers and Bees Cake Pops from a couple of weeks ago… these ARE in the book. And they are one of my favorites. I think because they look so real. The dark chocolate candy melts as syrup really sell it don’t ya think?


See… it’s cake inside just in case you didn’t believe me.


The bottoms are sawed off waffle cones to make them extra tiny and the cherries are peanut M&M’s.


The best part about these cake pops is that you don’t have to be good at dipping. No need to try to get the coating smooth. The drips make them look better.

And if you really can’t get the dipping down, then you can try something like this. Dip the cake ball and place it on wax paper allowing the coating to pool at the bottom and then stick the cone on top at an angle. Add a little spoonful of coating over to the side and some sprinkles and you’ve just made a happy accident… on purpose.

The full instructions will be in the book, but here are the basic cake pop instructions.


If you’ve been reading the site for a while, you may remember first seeing them in March 2009 when I showed this one during The Pioneer Woman’s Cake Pop Party. I was just showing the concept to some of the guests so it was a little plain. But, a few minutes later, I turned around and PW’s girls had turned out these cuties and without any instruction. They are so sweet. The girls I mean. Well, the cake pops, too.


Their smiles still make me happy inside. I bet you’re smiling too, aren’t you. Double scoops with banana Twizzlers are hard to resist.

That’s one of the things I love about making cake pops. How much joy they bring to other people.

It’s fun to show an idea and then see what amazing things you guys all come up with.

Take a look at recently added Pop Star Aimee


She made these delicious looking ice cream cone cake pops… and I bet she probably didn’t even see any examples before she made them. And, they look fantastic. Great job Aimee!

The Pop Star section is growing and I still have lots of pops waiting in my inbox to be added. Lots of them. Be patient if you’ve already sent something in. I’m working my way through them all.

Now, can you help me out with something…

See these?


I recently visited General Mills and their test kitchens for a fun project (more about that in a few weeks). Anyway, they had these little guys in their stash of sweet stuff. Unfortunately, the packaging was long gone. Anyone know where to find these mini cones or their maker? They’re the perfect size for ice cream cone cake pops. For realz!

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327 comments on “I scream, you scream, we all scream for…”

  1. Please how do you keep them from becoming soggy if you want to make them ahead of time for a party.
    thank you

  2. I love this website ???????

  3. These ice cream cake pops look easy to make, I love it! I hope I can try to make these soon. A friend of mine I know made these before, and besides using any color coating & sprinkles to decorate the ice cream cake pop, she also used m&m’s of any color as the topping.

  4. I have a party coming up that Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops would be perfect for! Do you do orders? My party is on Nov 10, 2015. Email me and I can give you more details.

  5. Wow! These ice cream cones look like art!

  6. thank you for this idea! It’s my bday in a week and I’m searching for some type of cake pop to make for myself. This seems perfect for a cake pop newbi while still being able to show off my artsy skills. The real point- to make the hubby cake pops for his bday in 2 months. Practice never looked so good!!

  7. Where I live, In Malaysia, you can easily find mini wafer cones at local supermarkets for less than $1 for 20! And they’re the perfect size! Except that they go stale very easily because it’s very humid here :/

  8. These cake pops are sooooooooooooooo cool ill force my mom to mak these thangs soo cool can u make them with real ice cream ?????????????

  9. If your in Canada they have them in NoFrills!
    Two different types cone like the photo here and a mimi reg cone shape. good luck

  10. wow so cute cant wait to try it! yummy:)

  11. ilovethese one.
    the look so jummie :)
    is it easy ?
    i dont fink so.
    ik hat to make 30.
    aii .
    love you x

  12. Hi I found the web site for the Dinky Dipper Ice Cream Cones.
    I lists all of the stores that you can buy them.

  13. i am going to have that at my birthday party!!!

  14. Cutting the cones was the toughest part.

  15. WOW,cake pops are so great they tasts so good i know that because im eating one right now and its awesom suase and im making one right now

  16. Hi,
    I’ve made them for my girl’s birthday : wonderful !
    Funny, beautiful, and good, everybody was amazed :-)
    (you can see my ice cream on my blog ;-) )
    Thanks for all Bakarella, tu es géniale !!

  17. wow these are awesome so awesome

  18. just had to say, I couldn’t find those mini cones anywhere- but finally remembered that’s what they sell at McDonalds when you buy the kid’s ice cream cone for 25 cents. They looked at me funny in the drive through, but sold me 24 cones for $1.00!

  19. these are fantastic!!!!
    you should try and make and angry birds cake pop!!!
    that would be amazing!

  20. Although these small cones are pricey, they look delicious and are lined in chocolate.

  21. These are so adorable! Your ideas are so creative, they really get me thinking about all the cute different ways to do cake balls

  22. Great tutorial! i love it, thanks for sharing

  23. I am responding to your question without reading the many posts before mine. I have seem in the grocery store kids size cones. They are small almost like a sample size cone. They are sugar cones, but I think would work just as well They come in a box and because they are samll would hold a cake ball perfectly.

  24. where do u get your candy melts from

  25. Bakerella, I am amazed by the work you do. This was an easy cake pop to do, but your work always looks so much better. Is it the camera? Lol, kidding.
    Thank you for sharing all your secrets ;) I wish to own your book and all the other books you’ve recommended, one day :/

  26. I think I’ll try my waffle cone maker to make mini cones.

  27. So cute all the nice little reception. To make the best frosting you can mix water and powdered sugar.

  28. I found mini waffle cones vs the sugar ones at which is closer to the ones you made. so adorable

  29. Just made these and they are ADORABLE!!! Cant wait for the kids to dive into them tonight at my daughter’s slumber party!

  30. those are so cute!!!!i need to get me some!!!

  31. I have a question about how to store these if I need to make them a couple days before the party – I do not want the cones to get soft in the refrigerator any suggestions?

  32. Bakerella, you are so awesome! I look at examples that you have and *TRY* to replicate them. Mine never turn out as pretty as yours. I, however, managed to get my ice cream cone cake pops on a stick so that I could make an arrangement. They turned out super cute. A picture of them are on my website. Thanks for the ideas!

  33. I found Joy Mini cups(42 in pack). Got them at Publix.


  35. “Oh my! So cute.

  36. How did you manage to stand the cone up in the oven since it doesn’t have a flat bottom?

  37. I think these cute little cake pops are fantastic for little parties and also maybey one day I could try making some myself!

  38. I want to make these tomorrow for my friend’s baby shower, but I’m wondering how you get the cake ball to stay on the cone when you dip it into the chocolate? Anyone know? I haven’t started yet but I can foresee that being a problem.

    Also, what method did you use for adding the dark chocolate on top?

    I made the cupcake pops a couple weeks ago and they turned out amazing! Cutest!

  39. can’t wait to get the book

  40. Where can I find the “holder” seen in the pic??

  41. Hi Bakerella
    How do you keep the cones from getting soggy? Does it have to be done the same day as the party or event? Do you have any suggestions on storage if it is made a couple days in advance?

  42. Hi,

    I am from Australia and was wondering if I could make my own icing and I need to do lots and the icing here in australia is very expensive.


  43. I made these last night bakarella for a work bake-a-thon fundraiser, I had to use the double boiler technique to melt the candy melts & the mixture was way too thick what did I do wrong? I have your book & noticed your step by step photos look so much thinner & easier to coat the balls, I probably would have won if i didnt mess this part for next time please…

  44. You are so talented!! I am so going to try and make these. Thank you for sharing your work.

  45. I have to make these! They are just adorable!

  46. hi bakerella do u know where I can ice crem cons?

  47. You might want to try to find the cones on
    Yohay mini cones-220 for $28.95(they are 2.5″ long and 1/.5″ diameter) or 2.6″ x 1.4″ Mini cones Netural-900 per case for $79.50

  48. I love them!!!!

  49. Oh I dare say I do scream for ice cream!!!! These oh so cute cake pops are just to die for. I am a 28 year old mom and wife from the Emirates, and let me just tell you.. the kids (and the husband) just went crazy for these cuties!! Definitely a must have on the menu for the next kiddie party!

  50. I love how you do does CAKE POPS …

  51. I made these for a family gathering today. They were ADORABLE. I’ll try to submit a photo! the report was that they were very “RICH”, so i am actually thinking of doing them again because of their cuteness…with brownies that are a little fudgey–that will allow me to eliminate the frosting to mix with it and hopefully be easier to indulge! :) Thanks so much for the idea….I’m stunned at how easy this project was!

  52. I work at Joy Cone and they have small pointed ones and small flat ones. They are not waffle though, they are regular cake cones. i am looking for different things to make using cones. I handle enough of them in a day, i might as well have some fun with them.

  53. Made these today for my son’s birthday. Very cute!


  55. yuuuuuuuuuuum!

  56. Would it work if I used flourless chocolate cake instead of normal chocolate cake oh yeah the flour sub is Mitzi meal

  57. I’d love to share this idea on ice cream party post! While I’m suggesting ice cream for dessert…these would make a fabulous party favor to take home! ~Kit

  58. found the cones at our Wal-Mart in the ice cream toppings section…not sure if anyone ele posted that..

  59. I tried these for the first time today! I posted a picture on my FB page and will be posting them to my blog. I will references you because I read your instructions to help me with it!

  60. I love, love, love these. I’m going to make them for a Spring Break party. Just wondered how long they last?? Can I make these a week in advance and they still be fresh and yummy?

  61. C’est magnifique!! J’adore!!! So cute!!! Thank you!!!

  62. I get my mini cones from target..they are a brand called “jolly”, best part..they are the flat bottom kind, so easy to set on a cookie sheet to set after dipping…and so stinking cute..I have pics..

  63. I just discovered the cake pops and wow how much fun are they! I went a little over board and three classes were really lucky this Valentine’s day with the owls and cup cake pops.
    I’m gonna be doing the cones for a party next week and the little cones I am able to get in our Local No Frills. So exciting! I’m also from Canada.

  64. These are soooooo cute!! There is going to be a dessert auction at my church and I was wondering what to do, I have your book and I was looking through it and I saw these and well now I know what I’m doing for the dessert auction! And these are perfect for me because I have trouble when it comes to dipping……

  65. I love this site!!! Have not made anything from it yet, but I really want to. Just need an excuse, can not eat it all myself:-P

  66. I loved making these. On thing I did was turn an egg carton upside down and poke holes in the bottoms (of where the eggs would sit) and it holds the cones just great! No need to buy anything special and I can recycle them when I am done. The next time I am making these, I just save the egg cartons again!

  67. Bakerella! i did these the other day for my little cousins 9th birthday party and he loved them! my boyfriend bought me your book and we love it also! :) i hope to send u a picture of my ice cream cake pops but i dont know how.

  68. OMP !!!!
    and with the cookie wafle kinda thing is cruncy + the lovely sweet taste of choclat cake inside and the softnes = delicious ! ;)
    wel i never eated them but i guess its yumiyous ! :D

  69. Do not put the waffle cones in the refrigerator! They will be a soggy mess in as little as 12 hours.

  70. Looking for the mini-cones for an arts and crafts project with my kindergarten class here in Ansonia, Connecticut. Help. I need to find these.

  71. i am just wondering how did you get to the general mills test kitchen. my husband is the plant manager for general mills in Ohio…love your blog too!

  72. I live in Canada and I buy the mini cones at our local Superstore (in different parts of the country you might find Dominion, Lablaws, Fortinos, Real Canadian Wholesale Club) and they are a part of the No Name brand. I use them for all kinds of treats!

  73. I HATE PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi i wonder were you can buy mini spoons

  75. I think i’m in love with your site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. these were not as hard to make as they look. everyone went crazy for them! here is my blog post which shows pictures of how mine turned out.

  77. These cones are sold in Canada at Superstore (PC brand) in a yellow box. There are 72 cones in each box, and they are around $2.00. I made these for my son’s first birthday party and they were really cute!

  78. I loved your idea on ice cream pops! I thought what a wonderful idea to make them at a baby shower and put pickles next to them….so that is what I did! check out my site and leave a comment please.

  79. I’m hoping to make these this week for my baby’s 1st b-day party — what do you have them sitting in for the picture? Spray painted styrofoam? They are cutest when they are standing up and this part is perplexing me. Please help!

  80. Honestly, marry me.

  81. I love your site! So inspiring for us “wannabe” Bakerellas!

    I made cake pops for the first for Halloween, and they turned out great, but the lollipop sticks kept slipping out or poking thru the cake balls as I was dipping. Also are there any dipping techniques you could give?

    You rock Bakerella!

  82. If you come to Jersey theres a sweet place called Chocolate Treasures located at 90 Mountain View Blvd. Wayne, NJ (973) 694-4729 it’s mom and daughter and they r so wonderful and always have great ideas! They sell those mini cones.

  83. hi i know where to get mini cones from go to
    they also make loads of other great bits let me know if you use them.

  84. This photo is the reason I ran out and got your cookbook. I am going to make a trial run of them tomorrow. If all goes well I will make them for my two granddaughters’ birthday party the following weekend.

  85. i am wanting to make these for my daughter’s ice cream birthday party on saturday. i bought vanilla cake but i can’t find cream cheese frosting that is NOT whipped. will it be bad if i used ‘whipped’ cream cheese frosting?
    i hope these turn out because they are adorable!

  86. I am in the middle of making these right now! Well, the cake is in the oven and all of my supplies are laid out! I am wondering if anyone has some ideas on what I could do with the othere half of the sawed off cone. I don’t want to waste them! And since I only bought a 12 pack of cones I will have TONS of extra cake and chocolate melts left over to make another fun creation! Just having trouble coming up with something…

  87. You can buy the mini cones at Safeway

  88. Ciao :-)
    I have tryed to do your ice cream cake pop.. in a blue way.. for my little nephew Tommy, this is the link ( if you like to see the result!! THANK you for the inspiration!!

  89. Hi I’ m from Argentina, I would like to know how you make the Candy Coating, because we couldn’t get it here. Is with chocolate?? Thanks.

  90. I found the mini cones at Food Basics in kitchener ontario canada.

  91. you can get them at amazon 220 cones for $27.95 + $15 shipping.
    I just ordered them!


  92. @Francesca- Maybe you could melt white baking chocolate and throw in a little food coloring to make it pink? Usually when i do any kinds of coating or dipping I use regular baking chocolate in the double boiler and it works fine.

  93. My husband and I just recently became fans. We just made some for my great-nephews 2nd b-day. You are amazing and I am buying your book.

  94. Hi, all these cake pops look amazing! But does anyone know if there is a possible alternative to candy melts? To be honest im not 100% sure what they are but i’m guessing they’re an american thing…*jealous* ^.^ Can you make them yourself? Because i just know that if i find them in France or england they will cost a fortune :( Thank youuuu!

  95. They can be brought on Amazon for $26.95 for a count of 220 or check out the company that make them Yohay Baking Co.

  96. hi!
    i think your blog is just art !!! you’r so so so good!
    i’m from isreal and trust me your blog is just Sensation here!!!
    keep going with your beautiful posts and with the amizing pictures…


  97. You could also make your own cones, Amazon also sells a mini cone maker

    My grand daughter will love these for that matter so do I , your talent is amazing and I am so grateful you share your talent with us

  98. very nice overview here

  99. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!! They are perfect for my ice cream cone themed birthday party that I am throwing for my preschool class this year!!

    And I have boughtthe mini cones at the grocery store here. Just in the cone section with the rest of the cones. I got mine at Safeway, if you have that there??!! Im from Canada!

    You are amazing!

  100. adorable….I don’t understand how you bake them, if your using a pointed cone. How would travel with them??

  101. I FINALLY FOUND THEM! had to go to Elgin Ill. to my favorite store . WOODMANS MARKET,they are also in Wis. They are “Dinky Dippers” , distributed by / Craigador Corp. 1 800 531 4933. They were only $2.50! Love that store.

  102. Hi,
    Just a short note to let you know that I featured your ice cream pops as “This week featured article” on my side bar (a thumbnail and a link to your post). I hope you don’t mind.
    I love all your creations! :)

  103. To be fair- we sell about 15-20 cases of mini cones a week on Amazon, and a lot more wholesale to caterers and ice cream shops. One bad review out of all that isn’t really a big indicator.


    The one reveiw they have is terrible. Says they come dumped in large platic bag dumped in one box. Many around tops sides etc. arrived broken— Shipping $15. At least read reveiw before buying here so your not disappointed.
    I think I will try elsewhere

  105. Joy brand makes mini cones and I got some at a Super Target two months ago. Bake On!

  106. They have those mini cones at my local grocery store (part of the Loblaws chain)…even in the no-name brand! They come in a package of 72 for about $3.

  107. They look so delicious!

  108. Those are the cutest cake ball cones I have ever seen!!!! Thanks for giving us all your wonderful ideas.

  109. i scream for your cake :) i share on my blog, and i hope i can make it one too…

  110. I found mini sugar cones! They’re at this website: Just have to shoot them an e-mail to purchase them. They’re much stabler then wafer cones so I’m trusting these the most. :) The mini sugar flat top cones are about 2 inches so I recommend those. :)

  111. My mom made these tonight! They’re going to be for a Baptism party we’re having.

    You can see them here!

  112. Bruesters has mini sugar cones that would be perfect. no sawing needed.

  113. I buy “mini” cones at Walmart. They are called “kiddie” cones! They are like an inch and a half tall, and really cute.

  114. I spent HOURS last night going through almost every post on your website. I love it!!!!!! Am going to try these ice creams for my next girls’ night in baking night next week :)

  115. ingles’s has 5 oz waffle cones.

  116. Hi Bakerella!!
    Beautiful creations!!

    Wondering how did you display the cones on the table, so they can stand – on Amies’ looks like a cardboard with little cuts. Is this how you do it? I want to do it for my sister in law’s baby shower :)

    Thanks a lot & congrats!!

  117. Bakerella, these are AbFAB! Think I’ll make these and pipe something sinful into the cone first, just to add a few more calories. Thanks for the great photos, too….not sure I can make the “mistake” cone, ’cause I usually eat all my mistakes.

  118. Looks great and such beautiful pictures. So cute! This will be great for a kid’s party. Thanks for the inspiration.

  119. These are just pure awesomeness!!

  120. mmm….I want some!

  121. What an adorable dessert! My daughter’s third birthday is quickly approaching, and this might be just the recipe for the festive occasion. Great idea.

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