Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell …


Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell POP!

It’s the right time to dip the night away don’t you think.

Cake Pops Holidays Cover

It’s here! It’s here! And I’m super excited Cake Pops Holidays is available online and in stores and even at scholastic book fairs, too I hear.… just in time for some fun holiday cake popping!

And I know you guys are gonna bring some serious cuteness this Christmas. I’m constantly blown away by the cake pops you all share on the Bakerella Facebook page. I mean super, super, super stuff. I often find my jaw dropping.

I hope the book continues to inspire you to make lots of people happy this holiday season. Lots of sweet smiles.

Christmas Cake Pops

The book is full of cute winter holiday cake pop projects just like these.

Elves, Santas, stockings, presents … and  gingerbread houses, Christmas lights, dreidels, wreaths and more.

Cake Pops Holidays

It has a wiro-binding like the first book.

Cake Pops Holidays

So you can lay it flat while you dip.

And to celebrate I’m giving away five (5) copies of the book.… Signed if you’d like.

(The book is available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and Target, too.)

But that’s not all.

Each of the five winners will also be getting something else.

Something fun!

And something to have fun with!

The Cake Pops Toy that’s available at Toys R US…

Cake Pops by Bakerella Toy

Cake Pops Toy

It comes with all this cute stuff to play with. And help little ones make real cake pops with.

Cake Pops Toy

A toy for tiny treats.


Enter for a chance to win Cake Pops Holidays and the Cake Pops Toy

  • To enter the giveaway, just answer one of the following questions.
  • How do you usually spend Christmas Eve? Or What’s your favorite part of the holiday season?
  • The deadline to enter is Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. ET. Sorry, Time’s up! Winners announced below.
  • Five (5) winners will be picked at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Please note: The toy manufacturer is currently only shipping to the US and Canada. If a winner is chosen outside those countries, the winner will receive two signed Cake Pops Holidays books instead.

Good Luck!

P.S. I had my first book signing earlier today in King of Prussia and I want to thank all of you that came out to say hi. It was so much fun and I hope you enjoy your books. The first two signings were supposed to be in New York and New Jersey, but with the devastation from Sandy, we are going to try and reschedule. I hope all of you in those areas affected are safe.

Here’s the remaining Cake Pops Holidays Book Signing Dates. I’d love to see you.

P.P.S. I know there’s been a lot of cake pops on the site lately, but I’ll be back to regular baking too soon. I need a brownie or a cookie or 12.


It’s time to pick winners from all the comments? These were some of the best, feel good responses and oh my goodness can I come over on Christmas Eve? So many wonderful memories are going to be happening this year too. Hope you all have happy holidays!

And now for the winners…

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3,590 comments on “Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell …”

  1. Christmas Eve morning when I meet my best friends for breakfast while it’s still dark. Cozy and special. We’ve done it for years.

  2. Favorite thing about the holidays has to be all the time with family!

  3. we make cut out cookies for santa, go to church and have dinner, sprinkle reindeer food and read twas the night before christmas

  4. Christmas Eve is usually spent wrapping up the last of the presents and enjoying some cookies and milk! My little ones would love to make some Christmas cake pops with your incredible book and cute set!

  5. Christmas eve is spent eating yummy food and listening to music. We let kids open one small gift then once they go to bed we bring out Santa’s gifts or put together big gifts

  6. My favorite part of the holidays is the Christmas decorations. Christmas Eve dinner with the family and open presents at midnight!

  7. We always get together at my brother-in-laws and sister-in-laws for tons of appetizers, almost a tapas style meal with presents afterwards.

  8. Xmas eve had been spent the same way since I remember… Well, now we don’t have an adult dressed as Santa Claus as when I was a child. But my family is little and grandparents and my aunt/godmother always come to my parent’s home to have dinner: codfish and cabbage since I’m portuguese. Then we try to wait for midnight to open the presents. When everyone is already in bed, me and my sister always make films marathons!! I love Xmas!! Merry Xmas to everyone!!

  9. I love the old Christmas music. Love baking cookies. Celebrating the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ. And I love giving gifts. My sister’s birthday is on Christmas day so I try to make that extra special for her.

  10. I spend Christmas Eve with the family, lately we have made Gingerbread houses. Fun times!

  11. On Christmas Eve we always fix a bunch of finger foods and decorate sugar cookies and play cards most of the night at my parents house!

  12. Christmas Eve means home and a beef tenderloin and indulgent souffles, salads, and desserts galore which, in recent history, have included a hilarious display of cake pops. We eat, drink, and open gifts before falling into bed and waking up the next morning to head to the mountains to see the extended family for a party. My favorite part, though? Probably shopping for the xmas tree on a chilly night and drinking mulled wine while we put it up and decorate it…

  13. We spend Christmas Eve with my Mom. We eat delicious, unhealthy snacks all day, play cards and watch Christmas movies!!

  14. On Christmas Eve, we go to church to celebrate Jesus’ birth. After, we have a light meal and the kids open their new pajamas and one other gift. I can hardly wait to celebrate this year!

  15. On Christmas Eve we go to church…and then to bed!

  16. We spend Christmas Eve making the rounds at homes of friends. It’s always loads of fun to see everyone and to see their holiday decorations!

  17. We love spending the holidays with family with a visit from “Santa” so he can read twas the night before Christmas!

  18. Christmas Eve is often spent partly at church, then overnight with whichever family we will be with on Christmas. The kids love waking up at their grandma and grandpa’s houses Christmas morning! If my husband is at the fire station Christmas Eve, of course we visit him there :)

  19. My favorite part of the holidays is baking with my mom! This year we will be able to include my son! Can’t wait to pass on the traditional of holiday baking to him!

  20. Christmas Eve is usually spent with family. It’s exciting because Santa comes to our house (Grammy and Papa) early and leaves gifts for out Grandchildren! Our Grandchildren have to be my favorite part of the season. They love to decorate shop for gifts for others and make bake!

  21. We usually spend Christmas Eve in front of the fire relaxing together. We will read the Christmas story to the kids. Then send them to bed in anticipation of Christmas morning.

  22. Christmas Eve is an open house at my parents’s house. Lots of friends & family dropping in for munchies and a desserts (of course!)

  23. My family usually spends Christmas Eve playing a “Christmas Swap” game, with presents bought specifically for that night. Once the kids go to bed, we also try to get some last minute present wrapping and food prepping for the next day.

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  25. My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with friends and family.

  26. On Christmas Eve, our family cuts out and decorates sugar cookies for Santa in the morning or early afternoon. Later that afternoon, we go to the early Mass and then come home and eat lasagna for dinner. Then we open all our family gifts. We enjoy some hot chocolate and sugar cookies for dessert as the kids play with their gifts. The kids get to bed so Santa can come and then my husband and I relax together!

  27. The new book looks great, Congratulations! I have a small family. On Christmas eve we go to midnight mass. And then act like crazy elf’s to make the morning special. Happy Holidays to you and your love ones.

  28. We spend Christmas Eve with my Husband’s family. So nice to have all the little one’s running around and watch the excitement in their faces. Family is so special!!

  29. We spend Christmas Eve celebrating my niece’s birthday.

  30. We spend Christmas Eve at church singing and worshipping by candlelight!

  31. Christmas Eve I am preparing for Christmas day, mostly baking; it is the one day of the year that all my children are together; something I look forward to all year! I also have friends that join us and it is a day filled with love, laughter and delicious food and desserts.

  32. In my family, we usually have a light dinner at my mom or aunts house and we just play games, and talk about those who have passed and what plans we want to make as a family as we prepare to move into the new year.

  33. We give our pets their presents on Christmas Eve!

  34. My favorite part of the holidays is the Christmas Eve birthday party we have for the Christ Child.

  35. Christmas Eve is a great day. Its actually the night my family celebrates Christmas! We start off with the final wrapping of the presents, while my parents whip up a fantastic dinner. My sisters and I argue with our auntie about how we should watch something other then Candles by Candlelight ;) We finish the night with Christmas presents and bad bon-bon jokes.

  36. The best part of Christmas for me is spending a day at my moms baking Christmas cookies! She does all the rolling and cutting and I decorate for her… With a glass or two of spiced nog in between ! :)

  37. i usually spend christmas time with my mom or my husband’s family and the things i love the most about this holiday are the time we get to spend together as a family and the food of course!!

  38. Christmas Eve is time to relax! Mostly it’s just close family hanging out in sweats having snacks and doing a few last minute preparations for Christmas day.

  39. My favorite Christmas tradition is going to the Christmas flower dispaly with my family at Krohn Conservatory. I’ve gone since I was a child and now get to share that with my son too.

  40. I usually spend it singing carols at church.

  41. The best part of Christmas would definitely be spending time with the whole family, and the festive food!

  42. SNOW! The best part of the holidays is snow! It makes the world look like such a nicer place until you run out into it to make a snowballs……and snowmen!

  43. Christmas Eve is when we have our big dinner. It is a Cuban tradition. We gather with the family and open our gifts at midnight.

  44. Christmas Eve for my family is all about the food and cookies! We’re Italian so we spend the day going smelting and then cooking seafood and homemade pasta! We have a huge 6 course meal and after dinner the rest of our family comes over for my Mom’s famous Italian cookies! My two sisters and I then exchange presents with each other! Its the only presents were allowed to open on Christmas Eve. We end the night with a prayer. It is my favorite nigh of the year!! :-)

  45. Hello,

    my favourite part of Christmas is being with my family, remember those who are not with us and feel they close, prepare gifts with grat care and enjoy the happy faces of those around us.

  46. My favorite part of the season is all the lights, decorations and bake cookies for Santa!

  47. My favorite part of the holiday season is when my Dad randomly decides to make hot chocolate. It happens maybe two or three times a month from late November to February, but it’s always the best hot chocolate.

  48. My favorite part if the holiday season is making my Christmas cookies, I go all out and make 6 different kinds to gift.

  49. My husband and I relocated to Labrador in the north of Canada recently. The past few years that we have been here we go to the special church service then get together with our “family” for lots of yummy treats, homemade eggnog, games and lots of love and laughs!

  50. For the last several years we have spent ChristmasEve at my daughter’s house. This year will be thier first Christmas with a baby son. It will be so much fun! We have Christmas with the rest of the family on New Year’s Eve. I love Christmas!

  51. Hi Angie :) I’m so excited for this giveaway! I am dying to get my hands on a copy of your book, and my little sister (age 10) would love your new toy. I usually spend Christmas at my mom’s house. We always order chinese food for supper and then sit by the fireplace and talk until late in the evening. I can’t wait for this holiday season!

  52. We spend Christmas Eve at my sisters house (since my parents are no longer around) with a bunch of my other siblings and their family. We have a wonderful time visiting and playing games.

  53. We switch off Christmas Eve between my family and my husband’s family. With my family we eat a dinner of funeral potatoes, ham and green beans. After dinner we open a new set of pajamas. My husband’s family has a raclette dinner with a huge wheel of the slightly stinky but delicious cheese cooked in raclette ovens.

  54. This year Christmas will be celebrated with my husbands family. Their Christmas Eve is spent feasting away! We will eat a huge meal and settle in to watch Its a Wonderful Life.

  55. I plan for months what dessert theme I am doing for the holdiays. And then watch everyone enjoy them.

  56. OMG love the book any way I spend the holidays working at starbucks so the Kids can go home for xmas

  57. My fav part of the holidays is definitely time with family and friends, all the feelings brought on by lights, music, shopping, and food!

  58. My favorite part of the holiday season is all the seasonal baking, all the cookies, cupcakes, cakepops, truffles and brownies :D All so festive!

  59. Christmas Eve I spend it with my family cooking a big meal. My favorite part of the holidays is baking different cookies and treats. I love watching the joy it brings my family and friends :)

  60. My favorite part is the gift giving.=)

  61. I spend it with family and just enjoying each others company. My favourite part of the holidays is definitely the food! All the baking and decorating that can be done. Love it!

  62. My favorite part of the holiday season is absolutely the love and spirit and joy that just seems to be everywhere and in everyone! There’s a warmth in everything that exists during the holiday season. =D

  63. My new favorite thing about the season is our little Christmas elf. I don’t care for the “Elf on the Shelf” he’s a little creepy if you ask me. Up there on that shelf watching you. However our elf is magical! He brings the spirit of Christmas into our home for the week before Christmas and is delightful! My kids love to hold him and to let him sleep by them only to discover he did some sort of mischief in the night like putting the cheese grater away in the fridge and leaving cookies out with footprints in the flour.

  64. The best part is seeing family and friends that I’ve not seen in some time and watching the kids open their gifts.

  65. Favorite part of the holiday season is fun family traditions.

  66. We usually get Chinese take-out and watch movies – very relaxed.

  67. We always celebrated Christmas Eve with my husbands side of the family doing the Italian tradition of the fish dinner. Then on Christmas day we celebrated with my side of the family. Each year we would rotate to a different family members house to celebrate Christmas. It was fun because you got to experience Christmas through their eyes. Now my in-laws have past and all my family members have moved away. I miss those days.

  68. Christmas Eve is spent with family (which is what I love most about the holidays) and we end the night with midnight mass and come home to opening presents right after. At 31 years old, I still look forward to it just as much as when I was 4. P.S. I really don’t mind all of your cake pop posts lately. Love ’em.

  69. Our Christmas Eve tradition is taken from my childhood. We have a nice dinner at home then take a drive around town looking at Christmas lights. When we get home, we open one present, yes, it;s always PJs then the kids and I make Monkey bread for Christmas breakfast.

  70. My favorite part of the Xmas season is going to see snow, outdoor ice skating (favorite dating memory with my husband and has now become an annual tradition), time with family, trying new recipes, and seeing people’s happy faces when I give a gift they enjoy!

  71. My favourite part of Christmas is Christmas breakfast. Being summer here in Australia we always hope for a lovely sunny morning so we can sit out on the deck and have buttermilk pancakes with our children happily playing with their new toys. Can’t wait.

  72. Our Christmas Eve Tradition starts with 4:00 Christmas Eve Mass (Children’s Mass) and then dinner with the family. After that we put together Santa’s cookie plate, carrots for the reindeer, mix up the magical reindeer food for outside, plant peppermints that turn into candy canes when Santa comes, read the Night Before Christmas and FINALLY go to bed! The adults cap off the night with a nice glass of wine. :-) It is perfect!

  73. Adorable cake pops and congratulations on your book!
    We spend Christmas Eve with my parents and then attend church at midnight. These two things usually keep me in bed until around 6 am on Christmas morning. Otherwise, I’d be checking to see if I had anything in my stocking around 4 am!

  74. Where I am from we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve, so I usually spend it with family, grandparents, cousins etc. We have a nice traditional Danish Christmas dinner and then the man of the house lights the candels on the christmas tree. Then we all joing hands and walk around the christmas tree singing carrols and christmas songs. After that it’s presents – one at a time, so it usually takes hours and we’re not done untill 11 or 12 at night.

  75. My family usually spends Christmas Eve singing Spanish & English Christmas Carols and then we start opening some gifts at 12 midnight.

  76. On Christmas Eve we have an open house. It’s an open invitation to all friends and family. We have people coming in and out all night long. Some come before going somewhere else and some come before returning home for the night. There are a bunch who stay the whole night. I always cook WAY too much food! It’s always a great night filled with lots of laughs and lasting memories.

  77. Christmas Eve I spend it with my family cooking a big meal. My favorite part of the holidays is baking. I enjoy baking different cookies and treats and seeing the joy it brings my family and friends.

  78. i absolutely love when the holidays roll around the corner. people are generous, the town is brighter and everything is magical. i love the holidays because of of that warm feeling you get inside from everyone else despite the weather outside.

  79. The holidays have changed so much throughout the years as I’ve gone from single to marrying someone who’s family lives 2 hours away from mine.. but Christmas Eve always includes, church, a delicious dinner, and times filled with love, laughter, and wrapping paper everywhere!

  80. My husband and I channel our inner kid and watch Nightmare Before Christmas

  81. Christmas Eve is spent with my parents having an Italian meal and drinking hot cocoa. We also bake cookies for Christmas Day.

  82. On Christmas Eve I go to my boyfriends family’s home and we have a big dinner together, we sing Christmas Carols, play board games, and have a Yankee swap. Then at 11pm or so our secret Santa gives us our gifts one at a time and we watch each person open their special gifts. There is always laughter in the air. It’s so fun.

  83. We don’t do Christmas but for Chanukah I make baked mini doughnuts – churning out at least 400 a year! – and choose all kind of toppings, sprinkles, sparkles etc.

  84. We go to my moms and spend the evening with family. The kids track Santa online and have a great time.

  85. Ever since I’ve been married, we spend Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and ftiends. We go to the Putes’s house for a potluck dinner. Since they are originally from the East coast we have an Italian dinner as the main event. Everyone else brings other local foods (we live in Hawaii), but we all crave the homemade pizza and meatballs and eggplant parmiagian. Delicious!! We also walk the neighborhood to see all the Christmas lights. When we go home the girls put out the cookies and milk for Santa and spread reindeer food in the yard. Then its off to bed before santa comes. That’s our tradition on Christmas Eve.

  86. My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with all the family that travel from long distances. It’s always so nice to see them and spend time with the ones we love.

  87. Christmas Eve is all about family and friends. My favorite part is cinnamon and vanilla scent all over :-)

  88. For as long as I can remember, I have baked holiday cookies with my mom and friends. I used to be able to invite just one friend to the house, and we’d spend the day baking. Now, as a grown woman, I have hosted this cookie bake (which still includes my mom), but one friend has turned to many. I love the time with everyone, the delicious fun and can’t wait for my daughter to carry on this tradition.

  89. My favorite part is time with my family, giving to others, and remembering what Christmas is really all about – the birth if my Saviour.

  90. My favorite part of the holiday season is just the feeling of relaxation and the ability to spend time with the family.

  91. Until this year my christmas eve was always spent babysitting my sister so my parent could go to church, but this year I’m finally going to an awesome party and dance christmas eve away! My favourite part of the holiday is definately the 2nd day of christmas (don’t know why the Dutch have two days, but fine by me!) which I will spend with my close friends, having a nice christmas dinner, some presents under the tree and loads of fun.

  92. The past few Christmas eves, my new husband and I (we got married a month ago) will sit down and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    While we watch the movie, the rest of my family board themselves up in their bedrooms wrapping presents so no one can see what they got each other for Christmas.

  93. I spend my Christmas Eve wrapping last minute presents, and then going to church with my family. Last, but not least, we read ‘The Night Before Christmas’!

  94. We usually snuggle up near the fire with freh baked goodie in front of a Xmas film like Home Alone or the Snowman :)

    I’m so bummed that Cake Pops haven’t hit France yet !! :(

  95. My parents are divorced so every Christmas is different. With my dad it could be with family, just us or skiing over Christmas. With my mom it could be family, just us or just the nearest family (grandparents). So every year it’s different. And I kinda like it that way.

  96. A day in December my kids and nephews come over and we make cut-out cookies and decorate. Then the kids exchange gifts. The kids have lots of fun.

  97. We usually go to my mother in laws around 8 pm to open gifts.  My favorite time would be .Christmas morning.  It has become our family tradition  to do our family (husband & our 2 sons ) Christmas opening then.  So we do stockings from Santa & everything.  (sons are 20 & 15 now). I still have a vivid picture in my head where it was snowing lightly one christmas morning & I am standing outside looking in the window & I see my husband & oldest son (h was about 7 & youngest about 2 ) sitting by the Christmas tree with the presents & it still just dark enough outside you can see the lights blinking on the Christmas tree.  It was like looking at a hallmark card.  I will forever hold that picture in my memory & heart!

  98. We spend Christmas Eve by going to mass, then we come home and have a dinner of appetizers and dessert! We usually watch Elf with the kids, 15 and 13 and then it’s off to bed so Santa will make an appearance! Nothing fancy but I love it! Our family usually arrives on Christmas Day, which we spend visiting, eating and watching TV! I love that too!
    I love this giveaway! Hope I win!

  99. In Brazil, normally, Christmas Eve is more celebrated than Christmas day. So we have a special dinner, and at midnight we open our presents.

  100. Christmas Eve is spent usually with our extended families in our home town! :)

  101. My family and I usually spend Christmas Eve with my mother-in-law for her birthday. Then, later on that night we begin celebrating with the opening of one Christmas present.

    I absolutely LOVE the holidays….everything from the.decor.and.baking,.to the time spent

  102. We spend Christmas Eve making a family favorite meal and having time together just the four of us. Thanks for the great giveaway! So excited for the all of the new products!

  103. We go to church, and then drive around looking at Christmas lights with a cup of hot cocoa

  104. On Christmas Eve, we drive around to look at lights and then go home and start our 24-hour ‘A Christmas Story’ marathon.

  105. My fave is on Xmas eve after dinner we put on Xmas cartoons and all four of us snuggle on the lounge with us adults having a glass or two of wine and the kids hot choc until its time for bed and they go to sleep listening to Xmas songs. (last year my daughter was loving Justin Berbers Xmas album) lol

  106. My part of the holidays is the night before Christmas when the family gets together and we feast on goodies. Then we open a single present and read christmas stories, it reminds me of home (where I used to live) I live far from my other family so we skype them and have Christmas story time with them in our PJ’s then we sing Christmas songs! That is my favorite part of the Holidays!

  107. Celebrating JESUS’s birth, seeing family, and all the yummy food!!!

  108. I write from Catalonia and would love to have your book signed. On Christmas Eve we pass us by my husband’s family, and the day after that holiday with my family, eating a lot.

  109. First church then chinese food and relaxing and waiting for santa

  110. Growing up, Christmas Eve was spent at my Grandma’s. This year, I will work during the day and spend the evening with my little family (15 month old!!) at my in-laws.

  111. I usually spend Christmas Eve with my family: my husband and son, my mother and my in-laws. I just LOVE Christmas and I couldn’t tell you what my favorite part of the holidays is because I adore it all! Especially with my 3-year-old boy now just old enough to start helping me with all the holiday sweets! :-)

  112. My favorite part of the holiday season is definitely staying home, baking cookies and watching all the Christmas movies! Or going to stores to see all the pretty Christmas decorations :)

  113. On Christmas Eve, my family gets together for a delicious meal. After the meal we enjoy each other’s company and talk about the TRUE reason of CHRISTmas! We also gather goodies that we have made and deliver them to our friends!

  114. Favorite parts are spending time with family and baking. :)

  115. I like the quiet moments of enjoying the tree, Christmas music on, something yummy in the oven and a nice fire in the wood stove:@)

  116. Christmas Eve is the best part of the holidays: Everything’s done and it’s time to relax and enjoy the anticipation!

  117. Christmas Eve is the traditional Italian Feast of the Seven Fishes for dinner!

  118. Our family usually spends Christmas Eve at home, next to the tree reflecting about the year and the special memories that were made. It’s a nice time when all the stores close and the hustle and bustle stops. It’s my favourite time of the whole year.

  119. Woooow the Christmas book looks amazinggg! I would love to win a signed copy! On Christmas Eve, we usually have a big family dinner which is so much fun and really cozy :D this year however, we will be skiing so no baking for me with Christmas… But I’ll make it up by baking even more before AND after Christmas, ’cause I can’t stay away from the kitchen! Also, in Holland, on the 31st of december, we make these delicious… uhm.. donuts you call them? But they’re not really donuts because they don’t have a hole in the middle. They’re way better than donuts too, by the way! We sometimes put apple in it, or raisins but I like them best just normal or with apple. And a lot of sugar on top! Anyway, you should try them if you’re ever in Holland, the “oliebollen”! Have nice holidays everyone!

  120. Spend Christmas Eve with a big party at my daughters.

    My favorite holiday(s) start with October 31 and run all the way to January 1…Love that time of year

  121. My favorite part of the holidays is coming up with homemade gifts for all 45 people in my hubby’s and my imediate family. Having a tight budget makes it a hoot of a challenge but totally worth it. My family has started a new tradition of carolling through the streets of a nearby neighborhood that is all decked out with lights and decor. last year we had a couple cars actually stop and video tape us! Lots of fun!

  122. In Denmark, Christmas is on 24 December. In the morning, we relax and enjoy a nice breakfast/brunch, and we usually go to church in the afternoon. At night, we are at my parents’ house. We start by having a fabulous Christmas dinner (duck and pork roast with potatoes, candied potatoes, red cabbage and lots and lots of gravy). For dessert, we have “risalamande” (similar to rice pudding). After the dinner, we dance around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and then we open presents.
    When all the presents have been opened, we have coffee and cookies, chocolates and marzipan. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  123. We clean our best shoes to leave out for Santa who puts our gift on them.It is amazing to see the shoe sizes gettrow eachrow

  124. Christmas Eve is my mom’s birthday, so we celebrate that with a steak and shrimp dinner followed by birthday cake. Then before bed, the kids get new Christmas pajamas and to open one present from under the tree. Last year, we even made cake pops with the left over birthday cake.

  125. the shopping,all the gift wrap & the beautiful lights all over!

  126. My favorite part of the holiday season is family being together and baking!

  127. Most Christmas eve we go to church, come home to a prime ribs dinner, then wait for midnight tp open our presents.

    Congratulation on your new book!

  128. We always spend it at my in laws having dinner & a program & games. Then we open one present which is always matching pajamas that we all change in to & take lots of cute & silly pics around the tree.

  129. My fav part of the holidays is spending Christmas day at home with my family enjoying each other.

  130. To my family Christmas Eve is almost as important as Christmas Day. We all spend the evening together at home and have a meal. We then sit down and each pick one present to open. When we were younger my mum would read us a Christmas story and we would lay out some treats for Santa and Rudolph but now we tend to watch a Christmas movie and eat the treats ourselves! And of course Christmas music is playing throughout the evening!

  131. We spend Christmas Eve at my in-laws. We have yummy food, a nice program, play games & then we open one present which is always matching pajamas & we take lots of pictures (some silly ones too of course) in our matching jammies. :)

  132. Christmas Eve starts with a very early morning Christmas supermarket shop, then home, unpack, breakfast, shower, work, evening meal, prep the Christmas dinner, set the table, do any baking I haven’t yet done, open a bottle of wine, and only then can I relax before bed. Hubby & daughter do the housework and any deliveries to friends & family we won’t see tomorrow.

  133. Favourite thing about the holidays is to be able to bake tons of goodies for everybody I know, making crafts and just being with my family.

  134. my favourite part of the holiday season is baking and making homemade eggnog! My friend and I made the reindeer cakepops last year and they were such a hit!

  135. Our family goes to my son’s home and eat a traditional dinner. We go to midnight mass together. (Well actually it is at 10 o’clock.) After mass we return to the house and open presents from my son while sipping eggnog. The next day everyone comes to our house tor the big Christmas dinner and MORE presents. Then we enjoy the day with family. Christmas is my favorite holiday!!!!!

  136. My fave part of the holidays is getting all the family together and enjoying the sunshine (Australia) and eating great food and sharing many treats and new things we have discovered during the year! I can’t wait to have my first Xmas with my new baby boy. I also have a dream to one day experience a white Christmas.

  137. Traditionally we always went to my dads moms house for Christmas eve now that I’m an adult and living in a different country far far away we have a curry with my father in law!

    I live in the uk but my family live in the states if I win I hope to be able to send it to my nieces!!

  138. Christmas Day is family and friends dropping by an open house all day long. Catching up. Eating lots of homemade goodies.

  139. We celebrate Christmas with my family on Christmas, a traditional meal followed by presents and church. I woud love to win one of your new books!

  140. Christmas Eve for the past several years has been spent with my husbands family gathering together for dinner made by his grandmother and celebrating Christmas Eve with all of his aunts, uncles, cousins and immdeiate family. My favorite part of the night however is when we get home and the kids sprinkle “reindeer food” outside for Santa. Just this one single act I think is my favorite because I see in my childrens faces their belief that there is a Santa Claus. The moment only lasts for a moment or two while the children toss the food outside and ask the all important question about how will Santa actually get into our house when we dont have a fireplace. We only have maybe a few more years with my two oldest- they are turning 8 years old soon, before they actually realize, but I get to look forward in creating this holiday tradition in the years to come with our youngest son that was born this year. I just love to see their hopes and dreams and their true belief in Santa in their eyes.

  141. We end up traveling from my inlaws to our house on Christmas eve. We’ve had some interesting gas staion dinners! Then we read the Christmas story and set cookies and carrots out.

  142. I can’t name a favourite part of the holidays because i just love everything about it. The shopping, the baking, the eating, the decorating . . . love, love, love!

    Christmas Eve we always enjoy a fancy cheese platter while watching carols and being santa’s little helpers :)

    Eek I can not wait!!!!

  143. Favorite part of the holidays – family time and lots of baking :)

  144. My favourite part of the holidays is baking cookies! I usually spend Christmas Eve with my family. Unfortunatey I have to work this year (I’m a nurse)… Thank you for the giveaway!

  145. We always spend christmas eve with the whole family and everyone brings food. I always have to take care of the desserts because i’m doing an eduaction to become a pastry maker. Christmas is like the best holiday of the year all because it is so early dark there’s snow and in the house it is always very cosy with al the candles and the christmas lights. The next day we do the same thing but than with my dad because my parents are nog longer together, But we have 2 Christmas days in The Netherlands. And because we are Christians we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  146. In Hungary, in the morning of Xmas Eve my mom start to cook the holy dinner, me and my lil brother and my father decorate the tree that we picked out together. We listen to beautiful christmas songs all day, then waiting for lil Jesus, we take a leisurely stroll in the nearby forest. In the evening we put the presents under the tree and celebrate, sing, and eat a lot :) At midnight we go together to the church. The best part of chirstmas holiday is when my whole family is together and we don’t care about problems, but just be happy. and of course i love to see faces when i hand over my self-made gifts :)

  147. My favorite part of the holidays is to hanging out to see the lights and the parades with my family and my son and making lots of things with him like deco our christmas tree or baking cookies and cake pops

  148. Wow can’t wait to read the book and toy looks amazing. My favourite part of the holidays is having my husband at home and the children off school so we can have lazy days in front of the fire.

  149. I usually spend Christmas Eve with my family eating a great Christmas dinner, unpacking our gifts and eating lots and lots of christmas cookies made by my mom :-)

  150. My favourite part of the holidays is baking cookies, decorate the tree while listening to christmas songs and going to christmas markets.

  151. My favorite part of the holidays is wrapping gifts. (I know, I’m a weirdo.) I find it very calming, and I love all the pretty wrapping paper.

  152. In Finland we have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and we also open our presents then. We stay up late and talk and eat ’til we can’t just eat no more.

  153. Christmas Eve is usually spent with my side of the family. When I was little my dad used to dress up and play Santa. He would go to people’s (friends) houses and give out presents and then he would get home late and we would still be up and then get to open presents with him still dressed as Santa. My dad is gone now, but we still open presents late on Christmas Eve and share memories of him.

  154. WOW! There are so many comments. :) I like to spend Christmas Eve going to friends’ and families’ houses passing out the gifts we made them. These “gifts” usually consist of fudge, cookies, reese cups, chocolates….all hand made and boxed. Then, when we get home, we sip on tea, cider and hot chocolate while reading the Christmas story from the Bible and placing the Adornaments on our tree. Would love to hear how you celebrate Christmas Eve.

  155. every christmas eve, I spend it with my family at my grandma’s house. We usually have a big feast and once it hits midnight, we get to open one present :)

  156. Christmas eve is usually spent cuddled up in front of the fire with my significant other, but this year will be different. For the first time in ten years, my big brother will be coming home for Christmas. I cannot wait!

  157. Congratulations on your new book Bakerella! We always watch the film ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on Christmas Eve, it has been our tradition for ages. My favourite part of the holiday is choosing presents for my family.

  158. I usually spent my christmas eve eating with my whole family at a family restorant!

  159. christmas eve is spent going to look at christmas lights eating ice cream!

  160. On Christmas Eve, our friends call round to ours. We have a glass (or 2!) of mulled wine before we all head to Church together. My family and I then head home to put the food out for the reindeers, check where santa is on the website, then head up to bed ready for Christmas Day! X

  161. My favourite part of the holidays is probably picking presents for my friends and family, and then to get together and see what everyone has come up with!

  162. My family celebrates Christmas Eve like Christmas morning. A big dinner and open all of the presents. It didn’t used to be like that, but I suspect my mom became more antsy about opening presents than I did and that’s why it changed. :p

  163. I love the cold weather coupled with a roaring fire and no need to go anywhere!

  164. My children and I usually spend Christmas Eve baking sweets for our friends, family and neighbours. Last year, my children and I made Bakerella’ reindeer cake pops, which they devoured before we had a chance to give them away! Happy holidays!

  165. Hi! I actually have to work, dog gone it. I work in the grocery industry and we are BUSY! Hopefully I will win one of your books, signed of course! The cake pop kit looks fun and I could do it with grandkid children (we have 17)
    Hope you are doing well and the numbers are good too!

  166. if we pay for the extra postage, would we be able to get the cake pop kit as well???? I would love the kit! I don’t think you can get candy coatings here in Australia!

  167. Decorating gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve with my kids, and and my fave part of the holidays sharing baked goodies with my family and friends!

  168. I live in Sweden and Christmas Eve is the BIG day here, full of celebrations, gifts, yummy food and homemade candy and chocolate. We lit candles, listen to Christmas music and play games with our kids while enjoying the wintery, wonderful smell of the Christmas tree. Even the doggy get presents. ;)
    My favorite part of Christmas is all the preparations before – making and buying gifts, crafting with the kids, making homemade candy, baking, decorating – best time of the year!

  169. My favourite part of the holidays is baking a gingerbread house together with my brother and my lovely mum. We used to do this when we were little and decided to resume this good old tradition. Although we’re in our twenties now, there is still nothing better than decorating the little house with loads and loads of sweets and stuff.

  170. My favourite part of the season has got to be the cheery christmas songs playing in all the stores! Just looking at the glittery cute santa faces, or shopping for grocery to christmas tunes just makes my day!

    This year I’m thinking of baking christmas cookies just to give them away to my friends and family…

  171. I’m SO excited! I got my copy of Cake Pops Holidays in the mail from Amazon Canada TODAY! EEEEEEP! I’m absolutely beside-myself excited and busting to try some of the new designs this festive season! I usually spend the first part of Christmas Eve working, then I have family get-togethers in the afternoon/evening – an opportunity to relax and kick back before the really busy time kicks in! I just love spending time with all of my nearest and dearest, and I adore making yummy treats like Christmassy cake pops as gifts and yummy treats! Thank you Bakerella! xo

  172. My favorite part of the season is baking and wrapping gifts, which usually happens Christmas Eve.

  173. Christmas is always spent with my family.We are all awake on christmas eve to celebrate with lots of food and gift. we open the presents right after “noche buena”. Favourite part of the holiday is preparing food and giving presents to my love ones.

  174. Hello !

    I usually spend Xmas Eve with my family, around a nice meal (I love seafood !) and a decorated Xmas tree :)

  175. My favourite part of the holidays is having time off work to spend with the family. usually we bake up a storm and it is the time of the year I have plenty of time to spend with the kids teaching them the baking skills that my mum passed onto me!

  176. The best part of Christmas is the babies and their eyes on Christmas morning. I also make lots of cookies and love decorating them with the kids.

  177. This is going to be my first holiday as a married women. So I still dont have a special tradition. On Christmasgiving eve we are planning on giving each other new pjs and drinking hot chocolate with marshmellows before going to bed early because the nxt day we have to visit a lot of family

  178. Oh wow, I would love a copy of this book!! So many awesome ideas!!! Love the cake pops kit too.. Am hoping they will make there way to Australia very soon!! I spend Christmas Eve with my extended family every year and this year we will all be there so it will be extra special!!! Thanks for a chance to win! Hugsxx

  179. For the last few years I have held a bake a thon over a long weekend, I draft a couple friends and as many spare kids as we can gather and we bake, wrap and decorate baskets of goodies, lap robes and cloth bags for walkers and wheelchairs and we take the stuff to the nursing homes…the folks love seeing the kids, and they appreciate the homemade goodies, many say it reminds them of their Holidays at home, and the laprobes and personal care items are put away as gifts for those that may not get gifts from home, its wonderful to see the pleasure it brings and its great for the kids to learn early, the importance of doing for others…and they have gotten so they all look forward to it as much as the lovely people at the nursing home!!!!..and me!

  180. I spend Christmas Eve around the tree, baking and wrapping presents, then head over for a candlelight service at church where we light the candles at midnight and sign “Silent Night”…it’s beautiful.

  181. we celebrate chanukah – spending time with the family near the candles – I love to bake and try new things – I love your 1st book – so I always bake and share with family and friends

  182. My favorite part of the season is baking with my kids. Keep the cake pop ideas coming! Can you do a Grinch?

  183. Christmas Eve IS my favorite part of the season! My mom throws a big party for all of the family, close and extended, and we eat and drink and are merry all night long! And the FOOD–holy cow, she makes an endless buffet of delicious meats and cheeses and sandwiches and appetizers and bites and dips and COOKIES like you can’t imagine!!

    This year, however, is the first year for my husband and me with our baby girl…and also the first year we won’t be home for Christmas. So we’ll be spending our first Christmas Eve as a family making our own new traditions.

  184. We spend Christmas Eve at home watching movies and having Christmas dinner. And then opening the presents (as we do in Norway). My fave part of the holidays are the days before Christmas, with the different smells, baking, crafting and all that IS Christmas :D

  185. My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family and friends. Being surrounded by the ones you love is a wonderful feeling.

    PS. Your cake balls amaze me! You’re so talented!

  186. Christmas Eve is the time of presents for us. The whole day is spent decorating the Christmas tree and cooking dinner (family tradition is vegetable soup with mushrooms and buckwheat, breaded fried fish, potato salad and an assortment of Christmas cookies) and in the evening we eat it all and unpack the presents. However, my favourite part comes after that because there is no more stressing about how the presents are received or how the dinner turns out or whether I am able to make this special evening “perfect”. Usually, I am happiest when it’s all over :-X

  187. My favourite part of the holiday season is christmas night, when we have dinner with the whole family. And this year with a newborn nephew!

  188. As a child I spent Christmas eve with mom and dad and my brother, we all take turns with my dad’s sibling to host Christmas, my cousins and all the uncles, aunts and gramps.
    Then after I went to college, grew up and 10,000 miles away from my family, Christmas eve was pretty much missing my family despite the festivities with friends and boyfriend.
    Finally, after getting married, having settled down with kids, Christmas eve is revving up again. We take turns to host Christmas with our really close friends(all our families are thousands of miles away). Potluck dinner, games like bingo and white elephant(gift stealing etc..), Christmas trees, gifts for kids and treats and cheers for all.
    My kids love holidays ESP Christmas, the tree, the letter to Santa, being good so Santa knows, Christmas carols all day on the radio, presents and mostly all the love in the air. I m so happy they still believe in Santa and all the Christmas magic. I do till now.
    I still miss my mom, dad, brother and the rest of my christmasy stuff when I was little, but I m so happy I have my own family now and get to start new traditions with my kids.
    Thank you for letting my share this. Thanks for your awesome site that has inspired me to bake.
    May your holidays be magical.

  189. My favourite part of the holidays it’s buying and preparing gifts to everyone…family, friends. And I like spirit of holidays..sparking lights, decorations and beautiful christmas trees everywhere…it’s like.. you’re
    in dream.

  190. We spend Christmas Eve with family and friends and celebrate the holiday season with lots of food and friendship.

  191. My favorite part of the holiday season is buying presents and seeing the smile on people’s faces when they open them :) the holidays are so stressful but just experiencing the joy that comes from blessing someone makes it all worth it! And all the baking is great too! Pumpkin pie, chocolate pie, toffee bars my oh my!

  192. Christmas Eve for the pasts 25 years always was celebrated at our house with a huge open house for friends and family to drop in for a yummy bowl of local award winning chili and tables full of appetizers and desserts. I always make home made Irish Creme Liquor and everyone goes home with a bottle of it in a special hand sewn decorated treat bag.

  193. I love baking things for all my friends and family to try!

  194. Living in New Zealand its summer at christmas so i go camping with my family at the beach. We spend christmas eve outdoors decorating our ‘christmas tree’ which is actually a tree that hangs over our campsite.

  195. Wow! I’m so excited! Christmas is already so near!!!
    The favorite part of it for me is preparing and giving the sweet and unusual gifts for all our friends – I looovvvee cooking and baking! And I love my friends too!!!
    And Christmas Eve, of course, is calmly celebrated at home with my dearest family, with some old Lithuanian native meals from really old old times, with some prayers and silence…

  196. Definitely the baking. Love baking cookies, cupcakes, Christmas pudding and now Cake Pops for family, friends and colleagues. Love the books.

    PS – You should do some signings in Regional Australia.

  197. Since we stay in South Africa, it’s usually very hot over Christmas period, so my favorite time is Christmas day, we usually have a barbecue next to the pool, swim all day, laugh and joke around, I make lots of salads and all kinds of sweet goodies. It’s the best time just to reconnect, be festive, eat without making any excuses….I just love it.

  198. I love packing up the kids in the car, driving around the neighborhood while listening to Christmas songs and enjoying the Christmas lights & decorations! I just love Christmas & all of the family traditions!

  199. I usually spend christmas eve at my parents’ house, where we eat christmas dinner (pork, duck, potatoes, red cabbage and rice pudding for dessert, very danish), then walk around the christmas tree singing (and scaring the cats by doing so), before opening the presents :) my favorite part of christmas is the lights everywhere :)

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