Mr. Sprinkles, why do you make me so sad?

Mr. Sprinkles

If you’re not familiar with this brand, these are the sprinkles I used for the pink cupcake pops when I was on the Martha Stewart Show. And as seen here…

Cupcake Pops

I love them. The colors are pretty and their petite size is perfect for my pops. Not to mention, they come in the super cutest container ever!

Just one problem. Right after the show, they changed the formula. Now, Mr. Sprinkles uses no-artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. BUMMER! Yeah, I said bummer. Because now they may be better, but they just aren’t as cute. Going all-natural caused the colors to go from lovely to shall I say a little drab. See…

Mr. Sprinkles

Okay, okay! I know, I’m the only one that will care about the color change. So, for everyone else, these are great. Anytime you can make a product better, it’s a good thing. Look for them in the ice cream condiment section of your grocery store or you can buy a whole bunch of Rainbow Mr. Sprinkles from Amazon. (These may be the original kind though. The picture doesn’t have the All-Natural Green label.)

And, If you care, I hear Mr. Sprinkles is looking in to ways to make the all-natural formula colors more fun. YAY! But, in the meantime I’m saving my last “regular” bottle of Mr. Sprinkles for a special occasion.

Keep scrolling to see what happens when sprinkles attack and how you can WIN your own set of All-Natural Mr. Sprinkles .

And the battle begins…

Mr. Sprinkles

It’s a fight to the finish.

Mr. Sprinkles

And the green corner wins in a sprinkles smackdown!

Mr. Sprinkles

Now for the good news…
It’s a super sprinkles giveaway!

Mr. Sprinkles sent me some samples for using their product on the Martha Stewart show and I can’t possibly make my way through them all, so I thought I would share them with you. I have three sets of All-Natural Rainbow and Chocolate Sprinkles to give away. Don’t worry I’m keeping some for myself.

Super Sprinkles Giveaway

Here’s how you can enter:

  1. Leave a comment. (Easy, huh!)
  2. Make sure you leave it in a way that I can contact you. (Either link back to your blog or leave your email address.)
  3. And if you want, let me know if you like your sprinkles good or good (for you).

Sprinkles, side by side

Three winners will be picked at random using integer generator. (Thanks, Mandy for turning me on to this site during the last giveaway. Sure makes things easier.)

The cutoff is Friday, July 25th at midnight. Winners will be announced sometime Saturday. Thanks for playing.

The giveaway is over. Here are the winners.

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924 comments on “Mr. Sprinkles, why do you make me so sad?”

  1. I love my sprinkles “good” although the “good for you” colors are cool so tough choice!!

  2. Good… good for you is probably a better choice, but the good ones are cuter! I guess you could go with a peach color scheme and the good for you ones would look great… but boys aren’t always into those colors! (Where’s the blue and green?)


  3. What a fun giveaway!

    I’ll take them anyway they come–good or good for me…


  4. just started looking on your site, loving all the things that you have made.getting some ideas for my childrens b’days


  5. GOOD. if your eating something with sprinkles, chances are its not very healthy anyway. so it might as well look good. and how bad can sprinkles really be for you. you eat like a half a tsp of then on one dessert! so i am going with GOOD.

    love your blog! so amazing!

  6. yummy! love your cupcake pops more every time i see them! i’m all about god when it comes to baking…i’ll save the good for you for vegetables.

  7. I like them good. they are clearly already a highly processed food, how much “better” can you make something fake? Please, I would LOVE to be a winner!

  8. I love the bright colors, but I also love the more muted shades. Reminds me of the desert southwest were I grew up.

  9. i would choose the good of coure. its SPRINKLES. you know you aren’t eating something healthy when you are using sprinkles…sprinkles on your vegtable platter anyone??

  10. still love the actual rainbow colors… :) Hugs,

  11. The Good ones are good for me…:)

    Love your blog!

  12. I like all sprinkles lol, but I love the colors of the good for you sprinkles the best .. they have purpley sprinkles in there!

  13. i’m a sprinkles lover, but haven’t yet found any in Zurich, whether good or good for you! i’d love either for sure. i suppose i’ll try the latter, support their healthy decision! thanks !!

  14. I made your pops for a shower and they went over so well. I would love to use some of your super cute sprinkles for the next batch! Thanks for the chance to ‘win’ them.

  15. WOW! I see what you mean?! uh! I wonder if they will ever go back to the orginal?! What a great giveaway! Fun! Fun!

  16. I’m on the ‘good’ side, especially when it comes to treats! Stumbled upon your blog recently, and am so glad I did!

  17. I would love, love, love these for my mint oreo balls!!! I like the good for you kind! You killed it on Martha! I love that lady divas are taking over primetime!!! Congrats on all you’ve done to revolutionize with your darling POPS!!!

    To your success!!!


  18. I just found these again…a friend had linked your site and I finally got back around to it. They are just like the cake balls I make only much much cuter! I can’t wait to try these and I will be in need of some cute sprinkles, hint, hint. 8)
    BTW I agree, I like the cute ones. They are only a few sprinkles how bad can they be? ;)

  19. Sprinkles aren’t supposed to be good for you!

  20. I love sprinkles any type of way! (

  21. As far as I am concerned, if I am eating sprinkles, I want the kind that are pretty and make my treat look better!!

  22. definetly the “good”, I would love to win some good sprinkles.

  23. I love the fun packaging! I have never seen this brand before! I will for sure try and find them. I am all for the “Good for you” kind!

  24. I’m all about the bad ones! You can make something look even better with those colors.

  25. I’m a fan of any kind of sprinkle, be it good or good for you. (Is there really such a thing as a good for you sprinkle, though?!?!?)

  26. MMMM sprinkles.

    I like good for you,just for the color.

  27. Hi! I love Good sprinkles. ;)

  28. Good—forget the “good for you”
    I would love some sprinkles!

  29. Love your blog! You are so creative. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!

  30. I stumbled upon your blog months ago and have been admiring your creativity since. I’ve never commented until now. What a great insentive to let you know how creative I think you are. Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

  31. Love your blog! Had such a nice time reading, and smiling the whole time! I love to bake, but since hubby had his heart attack a year ago…I have to find good for you ways to bake and cook. (YIKES!) My choice for me would be good…but if cooking for hubby would HAVE to be good for you! And I do alot more cooking for him…since he eats everything…good or bad!! (I TRY to be good for him…I like having my sweetie around!!)

    Thanks for all the fun. Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  32. I am for the good not good for you. They look so much better. What’s a little artifical flavoring right? he,he!

    Pick me :)


  33. I’d have to say good for me sprinkles. And I love those cute containers!

  34. We love the Mr. Spinkles sprinkles, too. Haven’t noticed the change yet. My boys love sprinkles on their ice cream, in fact, I think they love the sprinkles more than the ice cream! Oh and who cares about the nutrition, is it really going to make a difference if you are just “sprinkling” them on something. Usually whatever you’re eating with them on it, is the more unhealthy “treat”. That’s my two cents worth. We can never have too many sprinkles in our house.

  35. Just plain ol’ good is the only way to go. Asthetics are everything!

  36. Oooo I want Mr Sprinkles!! I would probably have to pick good sprinkles because the colors are pretty and fun. Good for you, while the obvious, the color is just boring!!!

  37. I love the good ones…. they are prettier.

  38. After attempting your cupcake pops for my daughters 2nd birthday today, I think I deserve a few sprinkles! :)

  39. good NOT good for you

  40. Is it odd that the sprinkles would go all natural when more than likely they are going to top some that is anything but natural?

    Kind of like, “Now you can have your partially-hydrogenized trans-fat laden ice cream and non-dairy topped dessert sprinkled with ALL NATURAL goodness!” It’s that whole burger and diet coke thing!

  41. Oh, little Bakerella you make me laugh! I love that you not only made Mr. Sprinkles fight himself but documented it in pictures and then posted it on the web. You are a gem. By the way, I like my sprinkles any way I can get ’em.

  42. Would love to try these, I haven’t seen them in my area. I would have to choose Good over Good for me any day, makes the baking much more fun.

  43. I want them GOOD! I cook alot and cater, so I go for what works best, looks best, and tastes best!! And ALL sprinkles are good for you… that make you SMILE :-)

    Lisa Q

  44. Totally love Mr. Sprinkles!!! But, he’s not in the supermarkets here in Ohio.
    The kids and I voted for Good rather than Good for you. If you are eating something as delicious as cake, cookies or cupcakes you need the real thing!!

  45. Good for you! Love your blog!!!

  46. wow you have a lot of comments here! i prefer the sprinkles not good for me but any sprinkles are cute !lol

  47. I like Sprinkles that are GOOD!!

  48. I have never been a good for you type person. I just want the GOOD! Why else would you eat sweets?

  49. Definitely GOOD on this one … I can’t believe the major change in color! That just won’t do!

    Love your blog!

  50. Oh no, no more happy colors???? So sad. :(
    I like my sprinkles to be good… and pretty.

    But I’d love to enter the contest :)

  51. this is a fun give away-
    I vote for the good-for-you sprinkles, mostly because I’ve got a child that’s sensitive to artificial dyes.
    bonnie76 at yahoo dot com

  52. I eat “good for you stuff” all the time…I say the cuter the better when baking cute stuff…. so I like the original! :-)

  53. I am with you! I like the colors of the “good” sprinkles. Hey – you only live once! Eat the fun colorful ones.

  54. The Sprinkles fight cracked me up! That’s an easy one, I like my sprinkles “good”.:)

  55. I have never seen these adorable little sprinkles before!! And, of course, Good is best!

  56. I like them good (ie. colourful!) It’s the only way, right? :D

  57. Your blog inspires me to try and think of fun things to bake! :] I really like the colors of the Good sprinkles. The others aren’t bad, but they just look like autumn colors.

  58. I heart cupcakes!!!

    the sprinkles look fun!

  59. ooooh, LOVE to get my hands on those Mr. Sprinkles!! I’d prefer GOOD. It’s sprinkles, they shouldn’t be “good for you”! Thanks!

  60. I would choose the good !!

  61. You’ve won a Brillian Blog Award! Check it out on!

  62. I think the new ones will look really cute on Halloween stuff! They are just the right colors for that!


  63. I like my sprinkles good. It’s not like there are so many that they *have* to be good for you.

  64. Personally I like the Good (for you), but that could be because I am going through a Brown/Purple/Pink phase, and I love the color combo. But any kinda sprinkles is a friend of mine :D

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  65. I want the ones that are GOOD–who wants a cupcake that is good for you? :) Thanks for the give away!

  66. I just LOVE the cupcake pops everytime I see them on your blog…so of course I would have to pick the *Good* sprinkles!! :0)

  67. I would love some Mr Sprinkles! That is a totally cute container too! Frankly, I am about what tastes good, not always what is good for me. Haha.


  68. I love your site!! Your cupcake pops are awesome!! I would have to say the “Good” sprinkles would go over better in my household. My son has a birthday coming up soon and I would love to be able to use them for his birthday cupcake pops!! Here’s to winning!!

  69. Bright and colorful puts a smile on my face. A smile is good for you.

  70. I love your blog!!! Such fun ideas! I think I’d like my sprinkles any way I can get em!

  71. I would love to try these.. I don’t believe I can get them in Canada.

  72. oooh I love sprinkles, any kind of sprinkles! I’ve even bribed my kids by putting sprinkles on food so they’d eat it, seriously!!

  73. Just by their colorful nature, I’m going to have to go with ‘Good.’ Of course, if something makes you smile, it’s automatically good for you. It’s a proven fact there are less calories… ;-)

    I LOVE your blog. My new favorite.

  74. Hi,
    GOOD for me!!! You are very talented!!!


  75. Thank you for your inspiration, I like the sprinkles in good for you. I have never used this brand and would like to enter the giveaway.

    Enjoy your day,


  76. mwwbLove this! GOOD.

  77. good for you sprinkles would be great :)

    love your blog!!

  78. OOHHH, I would love these the good ones! I love the rich vibrant colors!

  79. i’m all about the lookin good sprinkles!! brighter sprinkles are prettier.
    yay for giveaways!! too bad i never win anything.
    oh, and your pops are the bomb!

  80. I want some ‘good!’

  81. They are sprinkles for goodness sakes–to be atop cupcakes and icecream. Give me the GOOD ones. Save the good for you stuff for veggies!

  82. sprinkles make the world go round!

  83. The Good, The Bad or The Ugly? Seriously! Good works everytime for me!
    My daughters and I love your blog! I lost it for awhile since I purchased a new computer! Thankfully one of my daughters has your link on her blog! We love your stuff!

  84. I would go with good anyday. They make me happy.

  85. I just love your blog. Great ideas and you are super talented. I tried the cake pops and they flopped. So kudos on how great yours always turn out!! I would have to choose the good. I’m all for the good stuff.

  86. I like mine GOOD! :)

  87. Well I have to say that this is the most creative contest announcement I’ve ever seen!

    I actually think I like the Good for You option better as I seem to be in a low key, happy pastel sort of place right now. :)

  88. I have to go with Good! I will miss the wonderful vibrant colors. Perhaps they will begin to market both kinds. Afterall, you have to have decadent sprinkles on a decadent dessert!

  89. Oh – I like them GOOD! I don’t live close enough to Boulder to go with the “good for you” – nothing against all you granola girl bakers!!! I just like my sugar…

  90. I think I would just love if I got some Good for me sprinkles! thanks for the chance! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  91. i love sprinkles. and i like them better if they’re good FOR YOU.

  92. Wht cute sprinkles! I have never seen those before.

    I prefer mine GOOD FOR YOU! My child has food coloring allergies so these would be perfect.

  93. I love your blog! I love the french fries cake you made for your mother! I would love some sprinkles! I would have to go with the good kind, not the good for you! Thanks! You can email me at

  94. You know, I usually don’t like clowns, but these guys are really cute! Or maybe I’m just focusing on the “good” sprinkles (my personal pref – you’re not eating the whole can of them, so even if they’re not “good for you”, they shouldn’t kill you, right?). I’m just sayin’…

  95. I like jimmies (that’s what we call them when you are from the north) bright and colorful. And I use ice cream as a side when I cannot justify eating the jimmies right from the container.

  96. I love those sprinkles and I like them the good way. I don’t really like the new colors.

  97. How fun. Sprinkles make everything better. I’d go with the Good ones. I figure I’m already eating a cupcake so I must not be too worried about what good (for me). ha

  98. tucker1
    I love sprinkles!!! They make me happy, happy.

  99. Oh wow, that’s a lot of sprinkles! And I would certainly love the infamous sprinkles used in your gorgeous cupcake ball pops. I would choose Good For You. The colors for Good are just lovely, but despite the drab colors on Good For You, I can’t pass up a healthier version if it’s offered. :D

  100. Since the odds are that whatever I am putting the sprinkles on is not good for me, but rather juts good, I would go for th good. A couple “good for me” sprinkles aren’t going to make a difference.

  101. I like the Good sprinkles. The colors just look better on frosting!

  102. I love the bright colors! I would have to choose good, not good for you ^_^

  103. I love sprinkles although we call them jimmies in my part of the country. I love any and all kinds so either works for me. I like the colors of the new ones too.

  104. yay! let’s try natural, although i do agree i like th old colors!

  105. Definitely have to use the GOOD ones (not the good for you!). My husband loves sprinkles and we like to say he has a little ice cream with his sprinkles. the ratio is typically 1:5,ice cream to sprinkles. btw, i made the cupecake pops and have a pic of them on my blog. brought them to work today and they were a huge hit! i think they are better if you eat them a day after you make them! (

  106. I like the good sprinkles! :)

  107. Your stuff is amazing. My husband tells me I am making him fatter, I blame it on you :)

  108. I would have to go with “good” for sure! I prefer pretty to sensible!

  109. i like my sprinkles good and BAAADDD! i’ve have never seen mr. sprinkles until today but i think he is a friend of mr. bill’s. love you bakerella!! june

  110. I would love to have a shot at winning these, they are great. I did those adorable cupcake pops but only found the small sprinkles. Everyone loved them , thanks for sharing your recipe!

  111. Good for you would be my choice, but I wouldn’t turn away the others if I win!

  112. Good is best when it comes to sprinkles. It’s not like you’re going to eat enough of them to necessitate the “good for you” factor.

  113. I’d love the sprinkles – I’ve made your cute little cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday – so cute!

  114. Oh… I’d have to go with the “good” sprinkles. :)

  115. GOOD sprinkles! There’s a debate going on in my house right now, is it sprinkles or jimmies? I just wikipedia’ed it… no clear answer, but did you know that in the Netherlands and Belgium chocolate sprinkles are commonly used as a sandwich topping! I’m gonna have to try this!

  116. oops my link didn’t come up!! sorry

  117. I would love to try these sprinkles!! can’t get these in canada, i don’t believe!

  118. Yummy sprinkles!!

  119. Sprinkles are always GOOD, not good for you. My granddaughter also said GOOD, she loves sprinkles and cupcakes.

  120. I like my sprinkles good, not good for me :).

  121. I think I like the colors of the “good” sprinkles better than the “good for you” ones. I don’t want my cake to be good for me ;-)

  122. I really don’t think an all natural sprinkle is really going to make that much of a difference..just my opinion, but whatever I might be topping them with probably won’t be all natural, so who cares? They are still cute though!

  123. I would say good rather than good for you because i am all about cute and tasty. :)

  124. SPRINKLES!!!! We love some sprinkles, but would love even win so GOOD Mr. Sprinkles!!

  125. Giveaways, I love giveaways! Almost as much as I love sprinkles. :) I’ve never tried the good for you sprinkles, so I don’t know. I like the good colors better, but the good for you could be useful with certain color schemes.
    Oh, and I’m pretty sure this links back to me, but just in case, you can find me at

  126. Good or Good for me! Either way sprinkles are fun! Please enter me into your wonderful contest.

  127. I agree with you – i go for the good ones. they are sprinkles for goodness sakes! do they have to be all natural? it isn’t like you are consuming mass quantities on a daily basis. my goodness.

    well besides that though, i would like to win some. can never have too many sprinkles! :)

  128. I would love to win these sprinkles. We always have sprinkles on our cupcakes.

  129. I like my sprinkles GOOD! :-)


  130. Hmmm. I don’t really care one way or the other, but if I had to choose, I think I would pick the cuter ones.
    The brightly coloured sprinkles look a lot more fun!

  131. GOOD!…cupcakes may not be good for you waistline but they are good for your soul! Bring on the artifical preservative filled happy snappy Mr. Sprinkles!

  132. Yay for MR. SPRINKLES!
    I love your blog and this post was hilarious. I know you are sad about the new colors, but I like them. :)

  133. Definitely the “good” sprinkles for every day use. I have a wonderful daughter who would love to add “sprinkles” to her daily food groups. LOL. I think the “good for you” sprinkles would be good for fall. That’s what those colors remind me of. My email address is

  134. Good all the way! :)

  135. Ahh those are great! But I understand why they cahnge is not the best for decorating.

  136. They’re sprinkles for goodness sake! They aren’t supposed to be good for you! The original are WAY cuter.


  137. these are hilarious! and sprinkles are meant to be “not good for you” so I want the colorful ones!!

  138. I *love* sprinkles! And I would be honored to have some of the infamous sprinkles that are good for you. Although, when it comes to baked goods I never use sound judgement! Good for me typically doesnt cross my mind, its only ‘when can I go up and get a 2nd one w/o people thinking I eat too much?’

  139. Maybe now I could justify my love for sprinkles with the good for you option! I love all your ideas!!

  140. i would love some sprinkles! you take such awesome photographs!!!

  141. I LOVE these pops, and I LOVE your different variations! Count my vote for the good, vibrant sprinkles ; )! Keep up the great blog!

  142. The new formula does not look very rainbow-y at all! They look more like Halloween sprinkles.

  143. I would choose GOOD. Treats should look fun and inviting to eat. Who wants to eat something that looks like it has been in the sun too long. Plus, the original formula never killed any one so it sure wasn’t bad!

  144. I do like them both, but I would have to pick the Godd sprinkles.

  145. I love all sprinkles- I don’t discriminate! It’s even in my “about me” that I love sprinkles!

  146. i love the bright colors of sprinkles, the good for you ones are a lil bland. thanks for sharing with us

  147. How fun! I would love the good for you version of the sprinkles.

  148. Sprinkles make me happy! I would so love to use some of these for my girls b-days that are coming up next month. and while I should go for the “good for you” ones, I have to say I LOVE the “good” ones that are just the perfect color!!

  149. How fun! If I win, you choose for me :)

    Love your blog!

  150. i like the regular sparkly ones but the healthier ones would be good for kids or ppl who don’t know when to stop (ie my husband)

  151. The packaging is way cute, I think I need some sprinkles also! Is there a difference in taste between the “goods”? I guess I’ll go the either.

  152. Oh please!
    Im all for healthy eating but we are talking SPRINKLES here!
    I’ll take the GOOD (and colorful) sprinkles please!

  153. Doesn’t matter to me – all forms of sugar are welcomed :) Thanks for sharing and for such an awesome blog – I love all the ideas.

  154. Ooh! I’d love to try these! I’d have to go with the good… though I know the good for you is the correct answer. ;)

  155. Sprinkles that have color are the only way to go. I definately would eat the better looking one more than the “natual” not so great. After all, would you eat a healthy item in the shape of a dog treat?

  156. I completely love the *good sprinkles* because the colors make me completely happy and I cannot wait to try them out on some delicious little treat!

  157. I so would choose the good ones! I agree the good for you just aren’t the same:(. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  158. I have never seen the ‘Mr. Sprinkles’ brand in the grocery stores where I live. I would love to win some “good for you” sprinkles. I don’t believe I’ve had had sprinkles that were considered “good for me”. Your blog is the best. Made the teddy graham beach cake over the weekend – big hit. THANKS!

  159. I’d love me some sprinkles to put on my birthday cake this week! I am in the “good for you” camp…sorry!

  160. I have to admit I’d choose good for you over good. The colors might be a bit more dull but they’re still plenty cute :o)

    Especially loved the fight scene. You’ve got such a great blog!

  161. Wow what a difference in color!! I hope they develop a more pink sprinkle and quick!

  162. I would choose the good looking ones. Watched the show. You were cool. Jancd

  163. i love both good and good for you…but think I’d prefer Good! IT’s all about the presentation and I love the colors in the old style!

  164. To sprinkle or not to sprinkle is not the question. GOOD (looking) or GOOD (for you) is the question. Now what is the answer? Who cares! We love sprinkles and Bakerella!!!!!

  165. Your posts are always fun. Since I don’t eat sprinkles often, good tasting is better than good for

  166. I love your cupcake pops! I get rave reviews when ever I make them. I would choose good – i like the colors better!

  167. I love the Good sprinkles….because they are gooder for me. hehe. I prefer the original cause they just look prettier!!!! My Supermarket has been out of these for a couple months, I ask EVERY time I go when they will be getting more in. I get hmmmmm I just don’t know!?!?!
    WHAT IS THAT !!!! lol
    Thanks, Mary (

  168. Bright is better when it comes to cupcakes….if you’re already being “bad” by eating them are natural sprinkles make that big of a difference??

  169. Wow…over 400 comments!! I would love the ‘Good’ sprinkles!

  170. If it was good for you, it wouldn’t really be a treat. “Good” is definitely the winner! By the way, I made my parents the Nutter Butter truffles and they LOVED them! Thanks!

  171. I just love your blog. I like my Sprinkles good and vibrant.

  172. Sprinkles? Count me in! :)

  173. I would love to get either one! I will be leaving to go camping, so I won’t be able to write back right away if I win. You can still pick me though. We got our last sprinkles at Big Lots, and they’re pretty bad. They’re hard! I like soft sprinkles!


  174. I’d like them good for me!


    kenzkween at hotmail dot com

  175. hUnfortunately, I’m all about looks! LOL! BUT, I think you could still make some pretty things with the all-natural colors too.

  176. GO for the good! They make everything better! (

  177. Oh my….432 comments??? I read your great blog all the time. I don’t really bake but might venture out try some of your cupcake ideas! Check out my blog:

  178. Most definitely the “good” mr. sprinkles for me;)

  179. Sprinkle some goodness on me, the “Good” kind that is. Love your blog!! I’m going to try your cupcake lollipops this weekend for my son’s first birthday! Can’t wait to try them out!!
    You can get in touch with me at also check out (when you can) my creations at ( – and then click on Cakes by Angela) I’m working on my own little “sweet” business at home. Thanks!
    Angela Barton

  180. Hi Bakerella, I can’t find Mr Sprinkles anywhere so I would really love it if that random number generator chose me!

    Personally, I like the good-for-you sprinkles and I like the color combination of them too, BUT I do agree that the original Mr Sprinkles looks much better on your cupcake pops!

    seanik AT

  181. I’m going to say good for you, because I think I could like the milder colors. Plus my kids will eat them like candy! :) Love the blog!

  182. Honestly, I think that I would prefer the Good for You sprinkles….I know that my 3 1/2 yo dd would love the Good for You sprinkles for her cookies, cupcakes, etc.

  183. I think the question is good or good for me…
    My answer is usually good for me, but when it comes to desserts my answer is always just plain GOOD !!! no matter at what cost (or calorie count) GOOD !!!

  184. To tell you the truth…I love colors on sprinkles cause they make all goodies cute and lively…so If I had to choose …I’d choose good, even though good for you is ok but it takes the liveliness and cuteness away!!!

  185. I like the good for you. I think the colors are pretty.

  186. Omg these are so cute! To bad they don’t sell this in The Netherlands (i’m from the Netherlands) America has way better baking stuff. We don’t have al those cool things. Those sprinkles are realy amazing.

  187. So glad I found your blog! Can’t wait to try these out! I likes sprinkles that are good! Can’t wait to look at your blog site more!

  188. I have no chance, I’m comment 421. But here goes…Hello! Sprinkles good for you is like Diet Coke with your greasy burger. It’s special occasions that you have sprinkles on your cupcakes, not an everyday occurance duh! I say show me why this natural sprinkle is better for you! I never heard anybody say on their death bed –gosh, if only those sprinkles weren’t artificially sweetened I’d still have few years left in me.

  189. i like sprinkles,its make a diffrent..its leave a smile on your face!=) i love that bottle!!

  190. i vote for “either”! both are good :) i’m at

    love your blog so much!

  191. I wish they could be good and good for you at the same time! But for sprinkles I’d probably go for Good cuz the colors are prettier!

  192. I would love to win some sprinkles. I think I would choose the “good.” I mean if you are eating a sweet you might as well go all out and be bad. I say who cares about making a sprinkle better for you. :)

  193. I actually kind of like the Good for you ones better. I love the light purple sprinkles in it. I bet the good ones taste better though :)

  194. agh, these sprinkles are SO cute!! are any sprinkles really good for you, by the way? ;)

  195. i love good for you sprinkles!!!

  196. It’s kind of a toss-up, but good (original) wins for me b/c in such small amounts, artificial ingredients don’t worry me much. Kudos to Mr. Sprinkles, though, for going all natural! I can’t find either at our grocer, so I hope I win! :)

  197. Sprinkles without artificial color – yippee!! My son loved the cupcake pops I made for his birthday.

  198. I love sprinkles either way!

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