Nice Cream Giveaway


I’m giving away something nice today.

It’s silver and boxy. Short and sweet.



And it will help you make beautiful creamy creations right at home.

It’s the Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker.

Very Cool! Freezing, actually.

Want endless ice cream options? Sweet scoopable treats? Fun frozen flavors right at your fingertips?

I think yes. Because I know I totally want one, too. But first I’m giving away one. And to go along with it, a copy of Jeni’s Ice Creams at Home. I love this book and her ice cream, too! It’s soooo so good.

Here’s the scoop for a chance to win a Cuisinart 2-quart ice cream maker and the book, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home:

  • To enter leave a comment on this post and share something fun you’ve done this summer.
  • Deadline to enter is Wednesday, July 24th, 2013 at 8:00 pm ET. Sorry guys…Time’s Up. Winner announced below.
  • One winner will be chosen at random and announced sometime Wednesday evening.

Good luck!

Giveaway sponsored by me.

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And now we have a winner. Congratulations Princess! Looks like it’s party time for you guys.

P.S. Thank you all for entering and sharing your summer.  You guys are having way too much fun.  It makes me smile reading your responses. Hugs!


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4,508 comments on “Nice Cream Giveaway”

  1. In between working (love what I do), great times with my parents, hubby and my 4-legged kids! Lovin’ the rain as it makes everything green and in bloom.

  2. I’ve gone blueberry picking with my coworkers and then we made jam and pie!

  3. Àll seem to have done this entire month of July is celebrate birthdays! Starting on 1July with my mom, my brother in law a few days later, then my daughter, sister in law and hubby’s cousin on the same day, then my own yesterday! Im all partied out! But this cream machine would be a perfectly Cool belated birthday present *wink wink*

  4. Just returned from vaca in UT and rode the Alpine roller coaster they the mountains w my 2 grandchildren! So fun!!

  5. We bought 17 acres of property and we have been camping out and having bonfires every weekend. We also have the outdoor projector set up for outdoor movies!

  6. We took our kids to Six Flags over Georgia….as a reward from school for reading! :)

  7. I found me again! And lost 14 lbs and 7 inches in the process!

  8. Kept a nice balance – ran a few triathlons and baked lots of pie, macarons, and scones.

  9. My sister got engaged at the beginning of the summer, so it has just been fun to have the chance to go home and spend time with the my family. During the school year it’s harder to get away, so love and good food are welcome.

  10. A beach trip with our family and we are planning another one in September! :)

  11. The most fun thing this summer? Spending time with my kiddos, enjoying every second with them! And me & the hubby got to go out on a date, that was the most fun!

  12. This summer we took our boys to thier first MLB game! :)

  13. We went on a family vacation to Orlando! We went to Sea World and other water parks! But most of all, I practicing making Cake Pops! Thanks to Bakerella! :D

  14. Took a day trip to an Amish Restaurant we’d been wanting to try.

  15. I went to a few wine festivals with friends.

  16. I haven’t gone yet, but am preparing for an island vacation at the end of August.

  17. Homemade ice cream sounds wonderful!!! It is nice that you give us an opportunity to win amazing prizes.

  18. Well…I made cake pops for the first time ever last week, using your book! Except that I made mine alcoholic. I haven’t tackled anything but a simple pop yet, but I’m feeling more confident that I can now! It was fun to crumble up the cake, weirdly enough, and mix everything with my hands.

  19. I love ice cream and would love to win this. A couple fun things I have done this summer was going to two concerts.

  20. I went to Nick Hotel with my kids and had a blast!

  21. I’ve been swimming and boating and spent time with the family. It was a real fan jam!

  22. I just spend my time with friends and family taking pictures of them to look at again when it gets colder outside. :)

  23. Went to Boston to see Paul Mc Cartney!! awesome show.

  24. My husband and I took a month long road trip from Seattle to Atlanta. This country is beautiful!

  25. Took my kids fishing and enjoyed seeing them catch fish!!!

  26. We’ve been having a great time swimming every afternoon and grilling dinner in this Texas summer heat!

  27. The most fun thing we’ve done this summer is celebrate our baby boy’s first birthday!

  28. Hmm, we haven’t done anything too exciting yet. We’ve gone camping a couple of times and to the county fair. That’s about it so far.

  29. There isn’t much better in the summer than homemade ice cream!! I finally opened an Etsy shop this summer!!

  30. went to the beach with friends!

  31. We didn’t do anything exciting for the summer yet, but we are planning on a get away at the end of August for our 5th anniversary.

  32. My husband and I took a 3000 mile road trip from the North East to South West United States!

  33. The best thing I’ve done this summer was watch in amazement as my 5 month old discovers the world. Seeing the excitement in her eyes as she sees trees and grass for the first time reminds me of how short life is and how we all need to slow down.

  34. made smore’s over a fire in our own back yard!

  35. Drove 2200 miles round trip for my brother’s wedding with a 5 year old, a 2 year old, and a six month old!!!

  36. Something fun….I’ve spent time with my boys, enjoyed ice cream for breakfast with them, baked with them and enjoyed our time off from school! Not looking forward to starting back to school in a month, but a new ice cream maker sure would make it better!

  37. We just got back from taking my kids to Shedd aquarium in Chigcago and spending the night there. They had the most amazing time petting sting rays and my future ocean biologist (age 5) was thrilled. :) Would love to win this ice cream maker, so we can make some oreo cookie sandwiches from the earlier post! :) Have a great summer!

  38. We’ve been scalloping/snorkeling every weekend. Fun in the sun!

  39. I’ve spent several evenings at our community pool, swimming and also relaxing and reading.

  40. Our family has spent most evenings swimming and grilling dinner in this Texas summer heat!

  41. Nothing exciting, I went down to Florida to visit my Uncles!

  42. We went to Illinois to visit family and spent a couple of days in Chicago. Even though my husband and I were born there and spent the majority of our lives there, we had never gone up in the Sears (Willis) Tower before. So we took the kids and stood in the glass skyboxes! It was very cool! Thank you for the giveaway!

  43. Even though I’m 23, this summer I’ve been to see Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, and My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. I can’t wait for Pixar’s Planes to come out in three weeks!

  44. I went on a cruise in Southeast Alaska! Thank you!

  45. We have soaked up summer through late night bonfires with friends, camping and a trip home to Lake Superior to relax on the beach!

  46. We have been to SeaWorld San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and to Galveston, TX so far this summer! I have one more trip to Corpus with my mom and sister, and another trip to Galveston with the in-laws still to come! I’m one lucky girl this summer! <3

  47. Our extended famly time in Ocean City MD was the best part of our summer fun so far! And we treated ourselves to ice cream, gelati, and Rita’s Italian ice several times during the trip!

  48. I found a snow cone shop in my town!

  49. Love taking my grandchildren to the lake. Thank you for the giveaway:)

  50. I got pregnant- that’s fun!!

  51. I learned how to stand up paddleboard this summer. I made it around the lake without falling in. So fun!

  52. We moved in to our new house. Finally!

  53. Last week, when a storm blew threw, I took my boys (2 + 4.5 yrs) outside on the driveway to splash in the downpour of a warm summer rain. It was wonderful, delightful and full of unabated joy. :)

  54. I went on a cruise! I want to go back!

  55. My daughter and I bought our first house together! I would love to win this book thxs!

  56. I started my furlough from my job with the Army, so I’ve been working with my husband at his store once a week. It’s great to spend the extra time with him. :)

  57. I spent two weeks in Florida with my husband and a dear friend who will turn 90 in a couple of weeks.

  58. We went on a cruise to Alaska. Went hiking in the mountains and through the rain forest, ate some amazing halibut fish & chips & spent time with family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. We drove half way across the country to meet my sister and her family for a few days of togetherness and fun.

  60. Ended several evenings with a dip at our local spring fed, super cold pool. One of my favorite things. Keeping life simple…

  61. I’ve made s’mores with my nieces a few times this summer. That’s always fun.
    I really want to have an ice cream maker so I can make some good treats in the summer

  62. This summer I went to Ecuador :) I’ve wanted to go to south america for years so I took five weeks to spend there. Came back with no money but it’s one of the best things I’ve done :)

  63. My mom and I went to Hawaii for a week for her birthday!

  64. Currently I am on Isle of Palm with my family for a week. This is my 11 month old’s first time here! We are having a blast swimming in the ocean, building sand castles and eating lots of good food.

  65. I would love to have the Cuisineart yogurt, sorbet & ice cream maker, especially when the picture of the ice cream it makes look as yummy as the one posted! I plan a weekend of fun for my family during the entire summer, some of which included bike rentals, cooking and baking classes as well as amusement parks and visits to historical sites. However, we anticipate the most fun coming from our upcoming trip to California where we plan on going to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry farm and the San Diego Zoo – all while hoping to catch the views driving along the coast!

  66. My husband and I took our 9 & 6 yr old nieces berry picking on Saturday. Definitely one of the highlights of summer so far!

  67. I spent the first day of summer hiking with my three grandchildren in Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia. We saw 16 of the wild ponies that the park is known for.

  68. I went to the beach for a girls weekend with four friends I hadn’t seen in years. It was really a relaxing weekend.

  69. I took my birthday off from work and spent the entire day shopping with a friend. We didn’t buy much, but spent the whole day hanging out. :-)

  70. I was able to visit with my sister twice. She lives a little bit away and it has been truly a bonus for me. :)

  71. I attended my cousin’s wedding. she had a bridesmaid tea, where everyone attending was asked to wear either a bridesmaid dress or wedding dress. we all came in splendid style and had a blast with the bride.

  72. Our favorite thing this summer has been fishing! The whole family has enjoyed it!

  73. Something fun we did this summer was a snow ball fight using flour and some pantyhose. The kids had a blast!

  74. We spent the weekend at the beach which was very relaxing considering the craziness of summer swim team! :)

  75. We live in south Georgia where the humidity is only out done by the bugs…Would LOVE some sweet relief.

  76. So far, I visited Myrtle Beach, picked out my wedding dress, hung out in Nashville, and will be putting my house on the market. :)

  77. I’ve taken a few classes that involve: dreamweaver, HTML, php, WordPress, MySQL and photoshop! Fun! :)

  78. I went home to visit my family after moving to Kansas last year. I loved seeing my family and friends again and spending time with everyone!

  79. Vacationed in Pa. and next stop is Hilton Head:)

  80. I went to Hawaii with my husband and son. It was amazing!

  81. I went waterskiing for the first time, and it was so hard!

  82. We went to Pigeon Forge TN!!! Great fun place!!!. The ice cream maker would be wonderful on these hot humid Georgia days :)……..

  83. Oh! We have been talking about this ice cream maker for weeks…..homemade ice cream is a summer tradition at our home. Our maker is not working properly, so this cuisine art would freeze our tummies and warm our hearts!!:))

  84. Took a trip to Dallas for some GREAT food, shopping, and most importantly, a visit with our daughter and son-in-law. LOVE Dallas!

  85. We took a trip to Cape May, NJ and loved it! So much fun!

  86. took a cake decorating class

  87. we moved across the country and are spending the summer exploring things around our new home! i’ve had my eye on this ice cream maker for a while and wondered how well it worked. my kids would love it!

  88. I moved into a new apartment with a friend

  89. We feed 200 people every day for a week at vacation Bible school. We had a great time again this year.

  90. This summer I went to Cancun, and visited one of the new 7 wonders of the world: Chichen-Itza!

  91. Went camping in Vermont! Went kayaking and canoeing and had a great time.

  92. My daughter and I made a Summer Fun list and it has been so much fun to go through it and do all the different things on it and then cross them off. One is make ice cream so this would definitely be helpful!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  93. Travelled with my family

  94. This summer I got engaged! We’ve included some of your sweet recipes in our upcoming engagement party!

  95. I made my mum a pink ombre cake for her 50th birthday followed by a girly weekend in London! Would love to have a dabble at ice cream making! x

  96. I have been perfectly lazy. Going to work, doing the household work and then enjoying being outdoors without an ounce of guilt! Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. I went berry picking in the biggest perry patch I’ve ever seen!

  98. My family and I went to visit my best friend from college and went to Ikea for the first time!

  99. We won tickets to a Trenton Thunder baseball game on the 4th of July and after the game, we got to sit on the field to watch the fireworks. That was a great night!

  100. I am just back from France and over there, I ate a ton of sorbet! What a great giveaway!

  101. I work two jobs and i have had a little time off so i can go amd watch my daughter play baseball.

  102. Making ice cream would be fun!

  103. I’ve gone to King’s Dominion and Busch Gardens—roller coaster fun!

  104. Taught my 4 yr. old grandson to swim underwater. Now he thinks he’s king of the world!

  105. My girls and I have been busy with our new family addition – a baby boy born in April!- and helping my mom move – Grandma is moving from 10 hours away to just across the street! My girls couldn’t be more excited!

  106. We went on a family trip to Cedar Point, my son got to ride his first coaster, which was my first coaster when I was his age, so that was a lot of fun!

  107. I’m currently vacationing in NYC – a perfect summer trip!

  108. We will be heading to Alabama next week to visit our daughter who just moved there and see her new house. Looking forward to exploring the area. Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. So far, since summer started, I have had lazy fun weekends with my hubby and family. Next weekend, we head to the beach for a fun weekend with great friends too =D Ice cream sure would be fun to plan down there too! Thanks, Angie!

  110. We were able to spend a few days at the beach with our extended family. What a great time we had!

  111. So far, since summer started, I have had lazy fun weekends with my hubby and family. Next weekend, we head to the beach for a fun weekend with great friends too =D Ice cream sure would be fun to plan down there too! Thanks, Angie!

  112. I went on a girlfriend trip to Disney! I traveled all over for work this summer, and that can be fun, but not like girlfriend time. Sometimes we girls can really help each other recharge just by hanging out together and acting silly.

  113. We went to see Train in concert!!!

  114. We are going to disney

  115. We just go back from a short trip to a waterpark and adventure centre. It was fantastic, the kids loved it. They would love the ice cream maker much more!! :))) They wanted to get me an ice cream maker for my birthday!! Great giveaway!

  116. I just got back from the gulf coast. I wish I was still there.

  117. Enjoying having no schedule and just hanging with the kids :) They would love to make ice cream with this!

  118. We took a canoeing trip into the boundary waters.

  119. One adventure we had was playing at the beach in the rain!!! Both were so warm!!! Thanks!!!!!

  120. I hosted an all day party and 5k at our house on the 4th of July. Lots of people. Lots of fun.

  121. Actually the best thing i have done this summer i am doing today! I am heading to london for the week!! Super excited!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  122. It’s been a summer at home (cruise planned for the first of September). We packed up and sent our daughter to China to teach for a year, which was a hard thing to do. Ice Cream always makes things like that better!! :) Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  123. Loving on my new granddaughter, tending my garden, training for the Komen 3Day —enjoying life and trying to make a difference (oh and working every day). Would love to make ice cream with this Cuisinart. Thanks for the opportunity.

  124. We went to Rhode Island for the first time with our little man Henry! It was his first time at the beach and although, of course, we managed to pick the one week in July when it was thunder storming, we made the most of it.

  125. The most fun I have had this summer was taking my new great-niece to the beach for the first time. She had a blast and I had so much fun watching her enjoy herself. We then went out and ate some of the best homemade ice cream the state of Maine has to offer.

  126. Great summer so far – we saw Jason Aldean last weekend at Fenway, had a blast!

  127. Spent much of the summer having fun with my daughter — we’re planning her Bat Mitzvah together! Big day for her in September . . . important religious milestone, plus a fun party after . . . and we’re serving gourmet ICE CREAM sandwiches for dessert!

  128. I’ve been spending lots of time with my friends before we all go on to the next step of our education! Definitely bittersweet!

  129. Something fun I’ve done this summer was a girlfriend get away to Geneva, New York for shopping and wine tasting. Lots of fun and lots of laughs!
    Hope you’re having great health and good fun too!
    Lori from Port Perry!

  130. Is this the Jeni’s from Nashville? If so, they have good ice cream, it would be neat to make it at home.

  131. I have spent a lot of time at the beach. I hope I win. :-)

  132. I have spent a few hours every day with my 92 year old grandpa and 86 year old grandmother. Their ages make them sound really old, but our days have been spent cooking, working in Papa’s acre+vegetable garden, and working at our greenhouses…….they are still kickin” strong!!

  133. My daughter came home for a three week vacation this summer. We shopped, crafted, sewed, cooked, swam, and watched movies together. I wish she lived closer, but sure am glad she came home for her vacation, it was great!

  134. Summers are usually spent mostly outdoors, but this summer has been too hot for me, so we’ve gone to the indoor water park and several indoor arcades to have fun and stay cool!

  135. I witnessed my daughter’s friend and her uncle get baptized in a lake. For sure the highlight of the summer! :)

  136. Took my kids to universal studios, and for my 2yr old it was his first time.

  137. Best of this summer was yesterday, watching my husband out the sailboat he built into the water for the first time.

  138. Travelled to Australia for my brothers wedding. Spending the rest of the summer enjoying the sun before my little ones (not so little anymore) starts kindergarten and the other preschool!

  139. My friend and I create a weeklong “camp” every summer at our lakehouse. We have 7 kids among us. This year we taught them all to sew by making quilts, to cook by making campfire pizzas, to bake by creating brownie sundaes…we didn’t make our own ice cream though….maybe next summer?

  140. Lots of friends getting married this summer so I’ve been busy with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and weddings! Lots of fun.

  141. I haven’t done anything fun this summer yet but I’m looking forward to a ballet play held in the open space this weekend!

  142. We made a huge water hose fight – and guess what was missing afterwards?! selfmade (N) ICE-CREAM! ;)

  143. I adopted a dog!

  144. My husband and I are pregnant!! Discovering lots of new things with the excitement of baby coming! Also got to enjoy lots of family and friends!

  145. I went to my first festival ever with my best friend and it was one of the most awesome experiences in my life, I went on a boat trip with a friend and I went a day to Paris with my best friend!

  146. Our summer fun has been time spent with our boys at swim meets all over Illinois. Might not sound riveting, but that time spent together has been a blast!

  147. Perfect for this heat! Would love one.

  148. My son is allergic to dairy.. So we went to Rita’s Ice.

  149. My daughter would love this for us as she is the ice cream monster!!

  150. I have read 9 books!

  151. I just got back from a girls’ trip to Hawaii with my sister-in-law. It was amazing! :)

  152. I haven’t really done anything exciting this summer yet but I’m looking forward to a ballet play in a open space this weekend!

  153. Had a ice cream party at work. Boy this would have been great to have for that. And today is my birthday. Maybe I’ll be lucky this time!

  154. This is such a nice giveaway!! July 24 is my birthday and it would be such a nice gift!!!!

    Something fun. We are on family mini vacation at a resort in Atlantic city, NJ right now, celebrating my birthday. ! ;)

    Thank you for the chance to win Bakerella.

    Catarina aka docerela

  155. I went to North Carolina and drove through the mountains on the Blueridge Parkway.

  156. I’ve enjoyed having my grandson in from Texas for the whole summer!!…………I am POOPED!! :>)

  157. Took my 2 kids to universal studios. It was the first time for my 2yr old. He loved it.

  158. Swimming, painting toe-nails, and reading books with my girls.

  159. We’ve finally built a swingset in our backyard for our oldest daughter! Lots of fun to be had outside, now!

  160. We had a great BBQ on the 4th of July. Now we’re preparing to visit my dad in St Croix next month…super excited!

  161. I gave out water to homeless people, and told them about Christ. It was awesome :)

  162. We went on vacation with my grandchildren. What an experience!! Fun, fun, fun!!
    An ice cream maker would be the hit of the summer too. Thanks for the chance to win.

  163. I’d LOVE to be chosen for this prize! This summer I went to Chicago for a get together with friends, and boy would I have killed for some good ice cream. The heat was almost suffocating! Next week I’ll be going to Lexington, KY to enjoy their Beyond Grits event, eating at various local restaurants in the area.

  164. Went to Disney!

  165. We bought a house!!

  166. We took our young son to the big Taste of Chicago street festival for the first time. It’s a yearly tradition for my hubby and me do it was exciting to share it with him.

  167. I just got home from a young womens camp, where there was 125 12-18 year old girls running around and I was their camp director. What a fun way to spend 5 days of summer.

  168. Visited the wine country (Seneca Lake) at the Finger Lakes, NY. Beautiful scenery, many wine tastings and food places owned by locals were wonderful.

  169. We spent a week in St. Augustine. Weather, food and family – all were perfect!! :)

  170. I have been having fun de-cluttering our apt. Found many pictures that brought back memories that I liked a lot.

  171. Took my kids to the Okefenokee Swamp. They love all the critters and had a blast. Still have a couple more trips up my sleeve before school starts back.

  172. Something fun…. we visited every water park in our county and had a blast!

  173. We went to Disney World for a week!

  174. I GOT ENGAGED!!!!

    And also we hiked Mount Greylock, which is the highest natural peak in MA.

  175. I’m GOING to one of my best friend’s weddings soon! Does that count?

  176. We took the kids to the Outer Banks in NC. It was so much fun!

  177. I travelled through Asia eating ridiculous amounts of ice-cream all along the way and finally ended my trip at a cooking school in Hoi An (Vietnam) with the best lemongrass ice-cream ever!

  178. Camping in Acadia National Park in Maine and we had FABULOUS weather. I love being able to vacation in my own state!

  179. Took my 2 kids to universal studios. It was the first time for my 2yr old. He loved it.

  180. My husband and I got a puppy this summer! And of course the standard week at the beach!!

  181. Spent 2 weeks in Disney World

  182. I traveled across the country to the golden state (LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas) and had a blast!

  183. I got married this summer, and we bought a house!! It’s been a pretty awesome summer :-)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!!

  184. I have spent the summer with my new baby! He’s 5 months old!

  185. Went to Chicago!

  186. Lots of trips to Cape Cod to hang out with friends.

  187. Just went to the National Gallery of Art in D.C. for the ‘Edvard Munch: A 150th Anniversary Tribute’. He’s the Norwegian artist most famous for his portrait “The Scream”.

    I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!!!

  188. My kids would be so thrilled to make their own ice cream.. beats the crank when we were kids. LOVE!

  189. Just doing lots of fun things with friends…kinda a lazy summer this year

  190. i made some really incredible buckeyes!!

  191. I stayed over at my Aunt’s place and helped her take care of her seven-months baby girl!! Soooo adorable!

  192. Took my daughters to the local Community College for a cupcake making/decorating class…all from scratch! Also celebrated year 3 anniversary of me becoming a living-kidney donor for my brother-in-law!

  193. It hasn’t happened yet, but my best friend’s wedding is in a few weeks and I’m so excited!!

  194. I spent time with my preschoolers, exploring, reading, crafting, baking, etc.

  195. We have been tied up with swim team all summer. It has been wonderful to see our children reaching for and meeting personal goals. Homemade ice cream would be a wonderful celebration for all their hard work! Thank you!

  196. I learned the metro and bus system in DC- and found that 100% of the people you ask for directions are friendly and helpful! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  197. Helped my baby sister move into her first house. #proud

  198. Great giveaway and LOVE your blog!! I went to the New Kids on the Block concert with two of my girlfriends from highschool and had a blast (from the past)!!!

  199. I’ve been spending some quality pool time, soaking up some sun and cocktails!

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