Pages and Post-Its


See all these pages?

I’ve been pouring over them this weekend trying to meet a deadline for a project I’ve been working on for more than a year now. It’s a book. Yeah, a book. Crazy, right?! Well, it’s written, designed and now it’s in the final stages of edits before it goes to press. Man, that’s weird to me. I’m soooo not someone who ever thought they would have a book. And, definitely not a book you could walk into a bookstore and find. I must be dreaming. Somebody pinch me.

Do you want to see some of it?


Sorry… I can’t show you the inside just yet. That would spoil all the fun.


I wish I could though. Really, I do.


For instance, I’d love to tell you what I did with these.

I think you’d smile.

But, I can’t

I can tell you this, though…

The book has everything to do with these…


At the end of 2008, I went cake pop crazy for a few weeks and made a gazillion pops in different designs. Many of them you haven’t seen yet. I decided back then not to show them all on the site… just in case I ever put a book together and tried to publish it on my own, I wanted to have some that were a surprise to make it more fun.

Try to publish on my own… hahahaha! I’m so glad I didn’t go that direction because I don’t think I would have ever finished it, let alone be able to stock and ship books from my pantry. I don’t picture that going well.

Luckily, I didn’t have to. The publisher I’m working with has kept me focused with deadlines. Deadlines, as much as they stress me out… deadlines help. I had no idea the amount of work that would be involved when I started this. From the hours and hours of writing, baking, dipping, decorating, photographing, and hair pulling for me … to all the time editing, typesetting, and designing on the publishers part. I have a huge respect for anyone who has ever written a book or been part of the process. It’s a monumental project.

I don’t have firm details yet, but it’s on target to come out later this year.

My biggest hope is that it answers your questions about cake pops and inspires you to create more fun designs of your own.

Thank you guys so much for loving these little cakes on a stick. I never would have thought I’d be here right now when I made these.

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523 comments on “Pages and Post-Its”

  1. cool when im older i want to have my own cook book

  2. I am in love with you and your creativity! You are an inspiration to me!
    Btw you make everything look so easy and I love this about you! :)

  3. I love cake pops! I’ve been having so much fun with these. Thank you! Can any tell me where I can find Black small round confetti? I can’t find them anywhere! I wanted them for one of my new projects and didn’t want to use editable ink. HELP!!!

  4. When does it come out???? I MUST HAVE IT!!

  5. wow. i am super super excited. I’ve been following you for like quite a while (not stalkerish lol) and i’ve actually made a few of your cake pops about every week for a month now and have also been dreaming about them in my sleep lol.
    do you know if you will be selling them at places like hobby lobby or books a million?
    looking forward to your new book!
    btw:my classmates all love your ideas.

  6. You are a true artist and a great inspiration!!! How do we order your book?

  7. oh wow! bakerella! finally you are publishing a book! i can’t wait to get it. so excited!!

    congratulations my dear!

  8. When you make cake pops, how long are they good for in the freezer? If you do freeze them, will the chocolate coating get “sweaty” when you thaw them?

    Love your site!!

  9. Just pre-ordered the book. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!
    Any idea when it’ll be ready to ship?

  10. Hi! Im new to the site and i am hooked! I have read every one of your recipes and love them all! My favorite is the cake pops! So creative and cute! I just wanted to say i cant wait till your book comes out bakerella! Ill buy a copy! Im telling my friends about your site and they are falling in love with it!

  11. awesome coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. That book looks like SOOOO much fun! I love making cookies and sometimes make fun/adventurous ones. I tried my hand at making an interesting cupcake this past St. Paddy’s day (Chocolate Guinness mini cupcakes with Irish Cream frosting). My co-workers thought they were strange but they were a big hit amongst my amigos and boyfriend. If I win the book I will bake/decorate one recipe each week and post it on my bloggie. <3 <3 <3

  13. Ohh I am gonna buy this one when it comes out!

  14. I’m so excited. You’re so creative and you’re my “go to” for every holiday I volunteer for at my kid’s schools. They will fly off the shelves!

  15. I’ve been following your site for some time. Never have made anything just admired at the beautiful work. I’d really like to make some pops for my husband in Afghanistan, but I’m not sure what will hold up in transit and not spoil for up to 4 weeks travel time.

    Are there cake/frosting/decoration recipes that I can combine together to make a super long lasting pop that wont spoil before they make it to him?

  16. I’m guessing your absence might be due to a CRAZY deadline for your book. So if it’s crunch time for you, GOOD LUCK in getting everything done!!!! We’re cheering you on from all over the world! YOU ROCK!!!

  17. Bakerella…so sorry I missed this post…but checked out your site today and am so excited for you….Congratulations! I will be so looking forward to your book.

    I had a family baby shower for my daughter and made your cake pops to decorate her cake and they were darling! A big hit with everyone!

    Keep up the good work…

  18. Ohhhh, I can’t wait for the unveiling! I know it’ll be delicious! Congratulations!!!

  19. YAY!!! that is so awesome!!!! I cake wait to get a copy!!

  20. Congrats! I hope you do plenty of book signings around town! I’d love to see you at Cake Art except their parking lot is so tiny!

  21. We all knew you were ambitious! Naturally the book is the perfect complement to this addictive blog of yours!!! Hope you sell your first printing to all of your loyal followers right here first!!! That’s right, we already know there will be more than one!


  22. I can’t wait for your book – thank you so much for all of your ideas – love your website!!!

  23. I stumbled upon your site a couple of days ago and since then I’ve read every single post right from the 1st one … U’r work is absolutely fabulous. I can’t wait for the book. I live in India so I don’t know when I will see a copy in a bookstore but I’m hoping I will be available for purchase online.

    Congratulations and wish u good luck !!!

  24. Coming from somebody who collects cooking and entertaining books, I am SO happy you are going with Chronicle! My friends think I’m crazy, but if it’s done by them, I have to buy it because I know it’s a good book!

  25. Congratulations Bakerella.
    You inspire me every day and I can’t wait to see your book. Hopefully it too can inspire other people who may not know about your blog/website. (I doubt there’s many people left who don’t know who you are!) I wish you all the best.
    It’s sure to be on the best seller list!
    P.S You should do a book tour in Australia!!

  26. i cant wait.. i will buy it !!

  27. I can’t wait to have it!!
    When is it going to be available?
    Thanks for all the inspiration, motivational pics and yummy ideas!! Because of you I just bought all the starter’s kit to be a baker!

  28. That is awesome Bakerella! I just *knew* something had to be in the works – you’ve got the skillz to pay the billz, and it couldn’t go unnoticed :) Congratulations!!!!

  29. You’ll never regret taking on this challenge!! Good for you!!!

  30. Just reading through your posts only shows that you are not only an inspiration to me, but hundreds and hundreds of women! And men! And those are only those who leave comments.

    I hope the book also entails a book tour! We’d love to see you in San Diego!

  31. I can’t wait!!! Blessings to you as all the details come together!

  32. CONGRATULATIONS. you don’t know how I was hoping you would do a book. I look forward to going to the bookstore and seeing your book there. it’ll be right next to my PW cookbook.

  33. cant wait to buy it!

  34. well I for one can not wait to get your book in hand! thanks for all the inspiration through your blog!

  35. Yay! how exciting!! Can’t wait– it’s going to be a beautiful book, i just know it. I love your photos here on the blog, they are just so colorful!

  36. I am so excited to read your book! I just love all of your fun, creative ideas that you come up with when it comes to cooking. Good luck!

  37. Yepeeeeeee!!!! Don’t forget your spanish fans. I wanna be one of the first buying your cake pop book. I’m so happy… I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!

  38. *flops

    a Bakerella cookbook?


    you live around atlanta right? me too! please have a huge awesome release party!!

  39. How Exciting! I can’t wait to see your book!

  40. YAY! I cannot wait! Seriously. Hurry up!!! :)

  41. That is great, congradulations! You need a book. Your ideas are fantastic! Love em!

    PS – Did you get what I sent ya?

  42. Another book to add to the trillion already out there . . . yawn, move on, nothing to see here.

  43. Yippee, I can’t wait! This is SO great…congratulations!

  44. congrats! I can’t wait to buy it! You’re pictures, recipes, and designs are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  45. Yaaaaaaaay!!!!! So awesome! I will surely be in line waiting to meet you in SF on your book tour!

  46. First of all, I will be marching my butt to the store to buy your book when it is available. I love your site, love your ideas and basically just love YOU. Part of the reason I adore you so much is because you and your cupcake pops have helped me to raise bunches of money for our local Relay For Life.

    I started making the pops after your Relay For Life post and I haven’t stopped. I sold about 400 last season and just started up again a month ago and have already sold about 200 more. People ask for them, beg for them… they order them by the dozen and flock to my office when I have them available. THANK YOU for making a difference. You have helped in the fight more than you know. I Relay in memory of my dad and your pops have helped me to share the Relay message and share my dad with hundreds of people.

    You rock, Bakerella!

  47. I just found this blog today and I LOVE IT! Thank you!!!

  48. That is so exciting! I always look forward to your blog posts so I can’t wait for your book. I hope you’ll do a book tour!

  49. What a teaser. I can’t wait for it to hit the book store. Congrats!!

  50. WOW, what an accomplishment!

  51. I knew it!!!! A cookbook or baker’sbook!!! I would love to see it when it is done. I want to learn how to make these cute little things.


  52. Congratulations! I can’t wait till it comes out to go buy one! Maybe you will do a book signing in Augusta! I love all of your ideas and hope to be as big as you are one day!

  53. Congrats! I can’t wait.

  54. OMG i want it so bad! in fact, i need it. But i know, i will have to buy it on line, i dont think it would have it in my country, im from chile.
    But i’ll buy it, whenever it comes to sale!

  55. Good for you. You have made me VERY happy. I have always said you should make a book with all your great ideas. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  56. OH MY GOSH!!!! I can’t wait for this!!!! I hope it will help my cakepops look and taste as good as yours!! Congratulations!! I will be first on the list to pre-order it!

  57. Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy your book…

  58. I’m so excited that you have a book! I hope you have a book tour! I hope I get to meet you!

  59. Can’t wait to buy it! I make so many of your cake pops!

  60. Cannot wait to buy your book!!! Congrats!!
    Just found your website a couple weeks and I tried my first cake pop last week! A bit difficult at first, but I got the hang of it =)

  61. Yay! Can’t wait to see the book. Your blog has brightened my grey winter here in England.

    Well done!

  62. When I make cake pops, everyone wants to know my secret. Of course I send them to Bakerella! Now I’ll be able to stockpile your book to have on hand for pretty much every gift I’ll ever have to give from now until the end of time. This rules.

  63. Omg… omg omg omg. I’m so excited for you… and me! I want to buy this already. Haha. I hope it’s available online because I am sooooo going to get this. Congrats btw! :)

  64. Congratulations !! First time I leaved a comment but I daily read your website. You’re so creative ! I hoped a book one day and those news are great ! Now I hope i could buy it on amazon from France <3

  65. Can’t wait to own a copy! God Bless!

  66. Wow, that’ll be fun to read…my daughter and niece are former pastry chefs…now they’re stay at home moms….they’ll love your book….you are so clever….loved the popcorn bags brownies….so adorable.

  67. Please, please, please have a book tour and come to New Orleans or anywhere near by :-)

    You just made my year by saying that you are publishing a book!

  68. Question! How do you prevent the center of a banana/zuchinni/ or other sweet bread from falling in the middle???

  69. Wow, that’s awesome news! Good for you! Love this site, and can’t wait to see the book.

  70. How exciting! Good luck!

  71. Really? Are you kidding me? I will buy a gazillion of them and send one to everyone I know. I absolutely cannot wait! I love everything you make and you have inspired me to make delicious recipes of my own! I can’t wait to get a copy! Congrats!!!

  72. Good for you! Can’t wait!

  73. This is a book I will definitly be buying….can’t wait!

  74. I cannot believe how creative you are! I wish I could ever come up with a smidgen of the originality you create!

    Can’t wait for the book~~

  75. woooo hoo Im so buying it!!!

  76. This is th best thing I’ve heard all day :D

    Can’t wait!!! I hope it will be available in the UK? Or trusty amazon? Gifts for friends (and myself! Yay) So glad you’re doing this! Good luck with it all, hope the publishing process goes smoothly for you xxxx

  77. Soooo Exciting!! Make sure your book tour stops in Houston….better yet come to Seabrook! Can’t wait!

  78. Can’t wait for your book! We just discovered your blog in December and are crazy about Cake Pops! You have the best ideas!

  79. I don’t know who will be more excited to see your new book – me or you!!! Absolutely love the website and am glad that you will be sharing even more pops for us to try!!!!

  80. This is wonderful news! Congratulations Bakerella!

  81. congratulations! i can’t wait to add a new book to my shelf!

  82. Huzzah! Keep up the great work! A book for Bakeralla? Yes, please! Congrats; books are hard work! :)

  83. I can’t wait to get your book!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your site, and I am sure I will be begging hubby to buy me your book as soon as it’s available!! :)

  84. Sooo excited that you have a book coming out! I’ll be buying one for every one of my girlfriends, cause we all love you so much!

  85. Congratulations!! your blog inspired me to start baking, and now im going CRAZY, buying baking pans and cookie cutters lol, i cant wait to look in the bookstore for your new book! =D

  86. This is wonderful news! A book!! Bet you end up doing a book tour also! YEA!!!! Bakerella Travels the Countryside — cake pops for everyone!

  87. Congrats on all you do! Your such an inspiration to me!

  88. CONGRATS! I can’t wait to buy one…or four :-)

  89. Ooh, I’m so excited! Congratulations! And one of my best friends is a copy editor at Chronicle Books!

  90. How Exciting! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to buy it. :)

    Good for you.

    x Emily

  91. Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the finished product on the shelves of my local Barnes and Nobel!

  92. You have no idea how much I can’t wait to see this in stores. Congratulations, you really have a good thing going for you.

  93. I am just toooo excited!! Don’t forget your Canadian Fans and make this book only available in the USA or just in USA stores. That would just make me way to sad :( I would have to take a road trip with the mission of acquiring THE Bakerella Book…until then I will try to calm myself and wait :)

  94. I am so proud of you…you have been an inspiration to so many of us and you deserve this credit!!! I can’t wait to buy copies for myself, my daughters and my friends…

  95. I am so proud! You deserve this credit for sure. I can’t wait until it comes out and we can meet again at another book signing, but this time, for you! :)

  96. I have already pre-order your book from amazon. cant wait till it published

  97. that’a amazing!! Congratulations on your book! I can’t wait to buy it:)!

  98. Congrats on your book. Can’t wait to see it!

  99. Hooray! Can’t wait to see it!

  100. Wow! A book! Congratulations! I see a movie being made of you in the future! Mark my words! You would be the second blog to movie! All the best and I look so forward to getting a copy of your book! Will it ship to the Middle East?

  101. i can imagine your book will become the biggest hit with us bloggers – and all your hard work paid off :O)

  102. I’ve been following you for a few weeks, and honestly I can’t remember how I found your site, but I LOVE it. The things you make are amazing, and yet I can still see myself doing them too. I cannot wait to buy your book, and the whole reason I left a comment was to tell you that. :) Happy Publishing!

  103. oh my gosh! so exciting! I can’t even imagine how this book will fare on the cuteness scale.

  104. oh my! oh my! oh my! this is soooooo exciting. good for you (and us!). that’s awesome!!

  105. Bakerella Book – Yipeeee!!! I can’t wait :)

  106. Congratulations and best wishes! I love your blog and have shared it with so many friends. I can’t wait to buy your book!

  107. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so happy to hear that! I’ve been following your blog since you have started it. You deserve it!!!

  108. Can’t wait for the Book and a book signing! Definitely will buy at least 3!

  109. I will DEFINITELY be getting my hands on this book when it comes out. I made my first cake pops this past weekend and they were a hit – now I am hooked!!

  110. WOW!!!!! I am so excited for you! I hope I can get my frosting covered fingers on a copy! You should definitely include Boise, ID in your book tour if you do one! I would be first in line there! Most definitely!

  111. Congratulations!! Can’t wait until it comes out!

  112. Well then I look forward to your book coming out, I will definitely get it! Good luck!

  113. you are simply amazing, I can’t wait to own a copy of my very own. Thank you for keeping some surprises!! And congratulations!!

  114. Congrats!! i can’t wait to see it. You take some gorgeous pictures and create such beautiful things! My hubby is writing a book right now too, but I doubt it will be as tasty! ;-)

  115. Congrats bakerella. If you do a book tour which looks like you should as you have so many admirers… Please Please come to Adelaide south Australia. Hopefully fingers crossed that the book is published here in Australia.

  116. Fantastic news, you are such an inspiration. Make sure they are available in Australia. Can’t wait.

  117. I can’t believe there is going to be a book on the cake pops. I will certainly be one of the first to buy it. It will be for my daughter. She is crazy for those pops.

  118. I know exactly what its like to get a book published. I still help my professor with this and It really takes forever to get everything organized, especially if lots of people are involved. Its a lot of work but I think you’d have an awesome book and I’d definately buy it!!

  119. That is so exciting! Congratulations!

  120. Congrats Bakerella! I love you and your fabulous site and can’t wait to go buy your book for everyone on my Christmas list!

  121. How exciting, I can’t wait to see some of the cake pops that you’ve been keeping from us! Congratulations!

  122. I am so excited for you (and for us). I always thought you should put a book out because the things you make are amazing. I cannot wait for your book to come out!!!!! Congratulations!!

  123. Congrats! I’ll be asking my husband to get me a copy. I’m addicted to your site. I check it almost every day and recently made some minty oreo truffles (on a stick) for V-Day.

    Very wise of you to hold back some of your recipes and photos. I’ve been harassing scoochmaroo from the Instructables website for passing off your creations as her own. I guess she’s an admin for the site though – says you’ve received enough credit in the comments and leaves mine unposted.

    West coast book tour please! San Francisco or Santa Cruz would be just fine with me : )

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