Pop Star: Ashley in Ohio


“These pops were for my mom’s birthday. In our family are three adorable Boston Terriers, so these pops were a must! My favorite part…..they were gluten free for my mom’s dietary needs and they tasted just as good as regular cake pops!” – Ashley

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8 comments on “Pop Star: Ashley in Ohio”

  1. Do you make/sell Boston Terrier cake pops? (Please say yes.)

  2. love these cute !!! Does anyone know how to make mini schnauzers? Or any other dog breeds? Thanks !

  3. My boyfriend and I were just brianstorming on how to make Boston Terrier cake pops (we have 3 of the little devils) and you have given us a visual to work from. Thank you SO much the are beautiful!!!!

  4. WOW! AMAZING! I have a boston, and i looovvveeeee her, these pops r amazin!

  5. I am such a dog lover.I love those cake pops! I love that they each have their own different look!

  6. i have a crazy boston terrier, so i LOVE these! very cute

  7. Hi, Ashley! Great to see your CUUUTE Boston Terriers and their matching stand as Pop Stars!! (And I’m tickled to share the latest PS posting with you, too!)

  8. Amazing! I have a Boston terrier. LOVE THESE!

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