Pop Star: Bekkah in California


“1st I want to say I LOVE your website! It gives me such inspiration… and you’re awesome! So my nephew had a Yo Gabba Gabba 2nd birthday and I decided to make some cake pops to go with his awesome birthday theme. So here they are. I had fun making them but I did have some trouble with the black eddible pen. It wasn’t writing as smoothly as I would’ve liked them to.” – Bekkah

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5 comments on “Pop Star: Bekkah in California”

  1. the pops came out great and I know you are the queen of all aunts to your nephew

  2. What did you use for Plex’s antennae?

  3. @ Jonie… thanks!

    @ Ashley… I used some floral wire and glued the little red balls on and just stuck them on.

  4. YES! My sister in law is THE BEST! and Diego was SOOOOOOOOOO happy with his YO GABBA GABBA cake pops, all the way to LA in tact from Oakland. Bekkah takes the cake everytime. xo

  5. Hi! Could you send me some instructions on how to make them. Thank You so Much!!


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