Pop Star: Cheyenne in Texas


“In November I found your website and I took my very first stab at your cake pops. I decided to make Turkey Pops to take to my families Thanksgiving which was about 90 miles from home. It was quite an undertaking considering I’d never made them before. They turned out incredibly cute and I took tons of pictures of them before we left. I drove ‘oh so carefully all the way to Aledo, opened up the back of the Jeep, and I’d become the “Cake-Pop Murderer’. Only 3 survived out of the 18 I had made. It was sad, but they were still yummy and everyone got to see the cute ones. Plus they were so fun to make!” – Cheyenne

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13 comments on “Pop Star: Cheyenne in Texas”

  1. Tip for transporting… I have made several different pops and I always wrap mine in the little clear bags and then lay each pop down on it’s side in a big box filled with cotton balls. Never even had a scratch or dent on any of them. Then I just arrange them when I get to the location for display in a floral foam cube.

  2. I would like to make these for Thanksgiving. How far ahead can I make them. The day before I have to make pies and such, so would like to make these a few days ahead of time.

  3. I made these for Thanksgiving last year and they were adorable! We’re not huge fans of candy corn though so I used fondant that I marbled with fall colors and cut with a leaf cookie cutter for the back feathers.

  4. haha – I made these too as my first stab at cake pops! I drove 2 minutes to my daughters school and broke half of them. Dummy me – I didn’t think to secure the styrofoam and it just tipped over! I was just too excited to show everybody!

  5. I made the tails out of colored fondant rolled real thin.

  6. I used almond slices for the tail! They’re super light-weight and easy to fan out along the back. They’re a little more fragile, but super easy to work with!

  7. How did you transport them? I just made some for halloween and lost quite a few to disaster as well. We tried it again and used several thick blocks of floral foam weighted in a deep container. That seemed to work really well. Any other tips for transporting would be greatly appreciated. These were such a hit I already have requests for more.

  8. yum cute!

  9. im alergic to candy corn do you think we could make the feathers out of something else?

  10. I have a suggestion instead of candy corn for the tail. Why not make a seperate tail out of candy melts and them attach it to the body. It seems like that would make it more stable and not as heavy as the candy corn. Or you could make a chocolate fan out of the candy melts and push candy corn into it, maybe cut the candy corn in half with a really sharp knife.

  11. Wow, you made turkey masterpieces!!! Great job!

  12. These are so cute!!! They also tasted wonderful.

  13. Wow! Yours turned out so much better than mine did. I thought it was really hard to get the candy corn to stick. But these look so good! And I agree, they are very fragile. I transported mine to my brother’s house, 20 minutes away, and so many broke on the way there. Very cute!

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