Pop Star: Claire in New York


“Hi Bakerella, I saw these mini bites somewhere and they are the same size as the cake pops and cake bites. They are my donut bites. I made these for my friends who gave me a beautiful piano and delivered it to our house as well. This was my gift to them. I make them cake pops all the time now…almost every week for friends and families. I would have not even heard of them until I saw your website. Thank you so much for posting and sharing :-) I can’t wait for you book that I pre-ordered.” – Claire

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8 comments on “Pop Star: Claire in New York”

  1. Oh sorry I did not see the link until now

  2. Those are so cool,how did you make them?

  3. OMG!! these are too adorable… thank you for posting on how to make them… I’ve been wanting to make something different since I’m also a stay at home mom… thanks!! I do have one question? Are you using Wilton’s Chocolate?

    Thanks, Evelyn

  4. Hi guys,
    Sorry it took me a while to get back. Hope you still check this.

    Here’s the link to my site on how to make the mini donuts

  5. I’m sorry…. i meant to say donut bites!….

  6. Yes, I too am very interested in knowing how to make cupcake bites! They sound interesting and like they would be fun to make. Do you mind sharing with us? ;-)

  7. Would you please tell me how to make these donut pops? Thx, Dolly

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