Pop Star: Deborah in Ohio


“For these Easter pops I made the bunny bodies and attempted to make the lambs. Boy were they hard! Those stupid sugar pearls went EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t get the legs on, but I thought they turned out ok. I ran out of white pastel candies for the bunny ears and had leftover colored ones from my last cake pop production, so I used those. And the bunny butts were the cutest, mini marshmallows ripped in half.” – Deborah

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4 comments on “Pop Star: Deborah in Ohio”

  1. They look so cute. I think I will have to try the bunnies for easter. What did you use to make the bunny faces?

  2. I love the colored bunny ears…gives the bunnies a bit of personality lol

  3. How did you make the bunny faces?

  4. These look so cute! I think they all turned out great!

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